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KC is Adapting to Meet Expectations, Says Chairman

KEEPING the Kennel Club adaptable and flexible, the acquisition of show sites, vetchecks, dog health and the mutual recognition of judges was all touched upon by chairman SimonLuxmoore during the traditional ‘state of the nation’ speech at the Welsh Kennel Club championship show dinner.   The last year had made the KC realise that it… read more


What’s the Point in Showing?

Why do we show dogs? Yes I know the arguments – that it is a means of ensuring that standards are maintained; that breeders have an opportunity to compare the results of their breeding program with that of others; that the progeny of a particular stud dog can be evaluated…. But let us be honest…. read more


Pedigree Walk Will Defy Negative Press

‘It’s Good News Week, someone’s dropped a bomb somewhere contaminating atmosphere and blackening the sky’ – these are the opening lines from the biggest hit of British band Hedgehoppers Anonymous back in 1965.   The song takes a satirical swipe at the media’s all-consuming obsession with bad news and the lyrics couldn’t be more apt… read more


Bullying a Major Problem in the Show World, Reveals Canine Alliance Exhibitor Survey

A SURVEY of exhibitors, judges and breeders has shown that 68 per cent would like a champions’ class to be introduced. In a follow up to its SOS – Save our Shows’ – initiative, the Canine Alliance’s survey also revealed what prompts exhibitors to enter a show and what puts them off, and the fact… read more

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Thinking Out of the Box

IN MY PREVIOUS blog I wrote about that much-missed lover and protector of the Bullmastiff breed, Douglas B Oliff, someone who (as described by Christofer Habig) was particularly good at ‘thinking out of the box.’   “Thinking out of the box can stimulate new paths and bring thing effectively forward – particularly in our world… read more


Meet the Breed Note Writer: Ellen Minto – Canaan Dogs

In this month’s ‘meet the breed note writer’ DOG WOLRD’s Danni Medhurst talks to Canaan Dog writer Ellen Minto (Anacan). Breeding and exhibiting is no easy task. It takes considerable time, expense and concern aiming to produce a healthy litter of dogs that meet the Standard and are fit for function, and promote the breed… read more

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Bulldog Study: Outcrossing Needed to Restore Health, Claim Scientists

OUTCROSSING the Bulldog with another breed would be the best way to make it healthier and ensure its survival, according to a new study. American scientists say that due to centuries of selective breeding for physical traits, the Bulldog has become so inbred it cannot be returned to health unless new blood is involved. The… read more


KC Reveals Tough Plan to Tackle GSD Problems

THE KENNEL Club has clamped down hard on German Shepherd exhibitors and judges.   In its latest move to tackle what it believes are serious problems with the breed it has changed the Standard, suspended judging contracts and tackled double handling head on.    And it has introduced handling changes, with GSDs to be shown… read more

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GSDs Can No Longer be Stacked, says KC

GERMAN Shepherds must no longer be stacked in the ring and instead shown free standing on a loose lead only. This is one of the new set of rules imposed by the Kennel Club for the showing and judging of the breed. Yesterday it announced that it was taking strong moves to tackle the issues… read more


Around the Dog World – Scottish Kennel Club, Agility & Obedience

Watch the FULL Around the Dog World from Scottish Kennel Club 2016 here. At the biggest dog show in Scotland the Around the Dog World team were very busy indeed! As a representative show Scottish Kennel Club schedules classes for all recognised breeds in the UK, and play host to championship Obedience and Agility competitions…. read more

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