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Eukanuba/Dog World Pup of the Year Final 2015 – Video

It was a new look for the long established and prestigious competition, for the first time it was being run under the sponsorship of both Eukanuba and Dog World. Jean Lanning, the UK’s longest serving judge having first awarded CCs around 60 years ago, was the judge in 2015. Her winner was an extremely popular… read more

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Mrs H. Handley – Spicer of the Famous Copthorne Griffons

There are a whole host of great names and personalities in the history of pedigree dogs that I would have loved to have met. From James Hinks of Bull Terrier fame, Mr Rawdon B Lee (writer and exhibitor), Captain G A Graham (who resuscitated the Irish Wolfhound) through to Madam Rikovsky (Smooth Dachshund breeder after… read more


KC Considering ‘Unique’ Register for Crossbreeds

IF THE Government and the public are to find the Kennel Club credible it must consider the increase in the popularity of crossbred dogs. The issue can no longer be ignored, members were told at the SGM, so the club is to consider opening a unique register for crossbreeds. But it does not want to… read more


Six Kennel Clubs Join Together with Proposals to Reform FCI

SIX KENNEL clubs have joined forces to demand changes from the FCI.   The Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish clubs want to see reform and have come up with a list of propositions they hope will bring it about quickly.   Together, the six countries account for half the FCI’s revenue – making… read more


Memories of Kim

Last week’s blog was about the Phu Quoc (Thai Ridgeback) an undoubtedly striking and beautiful breed but in my opinion the most stunning ‘ridgeback’ still has to be the Rhodesian. My personal experience of this breed came as a teenager back in the mid 1990s. My girlfriend’s father quite unexpectedly (and at a shockingly young… read more

Phu Quoc

It’s All Been Done Before!

Caught an interesting segment on This Morning yesterday – and it’s not often one can say that! It was a feature on the country’s most expensive puppies and it saw the programme’s resident pup, Clover, joined by four Phu Quoc Ridgebacks. Catherine Lane, their breeder claimed that she was the first European to breed the… read more

Jack Russell Terrier Club Opposed to KC Registration

MORE information will be released soon explaining the registration process for Jack Russell. The KC said this week that an announcement would be made ‘in due course’. As DOG WORLD reported last week, the breed is to be recognised by the KC next year, with an interim breed Standard published on April 1. It is… read more


Belfast Dog Show 2015 – Utility group

The Utility group across the Irish Sea for Belfast championship dog show was Dave Killilea who awarded his top prize in the Utility group to a dog who a week earlier collected his first Best in Show. The Bulldog Ch Sealaville He’s Tyler.

A Romantic Myth

It was my birthday last Tuesday and one of the presents I received was a hard to find book on the Boston Terrier, Boston Terriers – The Early Years. Now, I love collecting rare/specialist dog books so I was interested to read in Simon Parsons column about a relatively new book on the Golden Retriever… read more

Top Dog 2015 – Three Quarter Leaders

HERE IS the three-quarter stage update for the leaders in the Dog World/Arden Grange Top Dog competition 2015, taking into account results up to and including Belfast weekend.   Current leader is the Papillon Shootin Starmaker, a BIS and twice RBIS winner who has also taken five groups up until this point in the year…. read more

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