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KC Members Defy Their Committee – Again

SIMON Luxmoore’s first annual meeting as Kennel Club chairman may not have gone exactly as he would have liked. The special resolution put to members – seated in the auditorium in London’s Curzon Cinema – was rejected by a close shave, and the General Committee faced some feisty questioning from there on in.   And… read more


Social Media Spoilt by Nastiness

The power of the internet can be a force for good. Many of us have made new friends from all around the world through social media sites. We can share pedigrees and even dogs far more easily than we could previously. News of births – and deaths – can be passed on. Show results are… read more


Black and Floppy Eared Samoyeds

Once again this weekend saw us on our usual ‘house-hunting’ expedition along the south coast ofDevon. For lunch we stopped into the dog friendly Visto Lounge and ordered their Thai green curry. As the weather was unusually clement we decided to sit outside and soon a couple (accompanied by a gorgeous Samoyed) claimed the next… read more


Russian Kennel Club Appoints Acting Chairman for World Show – Observations by Bo Bengtson & Ekaterina Domogatskaya

THE RUSSIAN Kennel Federation (RKF) has appointed Leonid Tyagachev as acting chairman of its World Dog Show organising committee. Mr Tyagachev’s credentials include being honorary president of the Russian Olympic Committee, member of the organising committee’s supervisory board for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, a senator and an experienced professional in managing big events…. read more


The Alsatian Wolfdog

I’m sure many of us have been following what is currently happening within the German Shepherd dog fraternity with keen interest. Both sides certainly have some powerful arguments and views to put forward and there is no doubt that everyone involved loves their dogs… that is beyond question. The whole subject is of course contentious… read more


FCI to consult with Russia on World Show

THE FÉDÉRATION Cynologique Internationale (FCI) has appointed a ‘consultancy committee’ to help the Russian kennel club run the World Show. In a statement, FCI president Rafael de Santiago said that ‘to ensure a proper, efficient and successful World Dog Show 2016 in Moscow, the FCI General Committee has appointed an official consultancy committee to assist… read more


Judges’ Reciprocal Agreement with FCI ‘Unfair’, Claims Exhibitor’s AGM Proposal

THE KENNEL Club should withdraw from the ‘unwanted, unneeded and patently unfair’ judges’ reciprocal agreement it ‘ill-advisedly’ entered into with the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).   This is the view of Staffordshire Bull Terrier exhibitor Alan Hedges who will make his feelings known at the KC’s annual meeting on May 17.   He is making… read more


Welks Dog Show 2016 – Best in Show

The final decision at West of England Kennel Society championship dog show was Val Foss’ choice for Best in Show in Malvern. From the seven group winners her winner was the Whippet who is on some superb form. In the last couple of months winning her first group followed by RBIS at Crufts. Another group… read more


The Little Skipper

Unusually for me, I’ve never had any personal experience with the Schipperke; no friends or family have ever owned one but their understated but smart looks always manage to catch my eye at shows. It has become de rigueur for the ‘pedigree haters’ to put up grainy shots of individuals in various breeds and whine… read more


World Show in Jeopardy? FCI Asked for Help to Avert Russian kennel club ‘Catastrophe’

TROUBLE within the Russian kennel club might be putting this year’s World Dog Show under threat, it is feared.   There has been turmoil within the Russian Kynological Federation (RKF) for some time and this has led to criminal convictions, the temporary resignation of its president and the views of its most experienced members being… read more

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