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The Badger of Hyde Park

  AS MANY of us, who love our pedigree dogs know, there is an awful lot of nonsense written about them in the press and on social media. One of the recurring arguments that regularly pops up is that breeding for the show ring dulls the dogs’ ‘senses and hunting abilities’. It’s an accusation that… read more


Around the Dog World Wraps Up 2015

IN THE four years that Around the Dog World has been on your screens, this annual episode has become a firm favourite – a look back at the most successful dogs of the previous year, with their winning form analysed by two of the sport’s experts. It certainly sounds like a winning formula. Around the… read more


Pioneering Genetic Research Needs Breeders’ Help

Dr Sally Ricketts, Dr Cathryn Mellersh and Chris Jenkins of the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the Animal Health Trust. With them are, L to R, Large Munsterlander Murphy, Papillon Olé​ and Maisie a Hungarian Vizsla. BREEDERS are being urged to support a new initiative which would create the UK’s largest canine genome bank.   Give a… read more


The Wire Fox Terrier

Miss Hatfeild’s Morden Bombardment, Morden Blusterer, Ch Dusky Siren, Ch Morden Bullseye. MY LAST blog dealt with Mr Robert Vicary and his famous kennel of Smooth Fox terriers so in the balance of fairness it only seems right that this week I cover his whiskered brother. In the early days it was said that the… read more


Manchester Championship Dog Show 2016 – Best in Show

Carla Molinari from Portugal was the judge of the final seven dogs at Manchester dog show 2016, some of last years big winners and some new group winners made for an exciting finale. Her Best in Show winner was last year’s Dog World/Arden Grange Top Utility and fifith Top Dog all breeds Tyler the Bulldog… read more


Show Regulations Amended to Prevent Tail and Lead Lifts

HANDLERS who use the tail and lead to lift their bests of breed or group winners at Crufts will not be allowed to take part in the group or best in show and will have to be replaced. Judges and stewards have been asked to monitor lifting methods and if necessary report people to group… read more


Around the Dog World – Champions and Puppies

2015 WAS unique in that two Pup of the Year competitions were held in the same calendar year. And with news of a new sponsor and the combining of the event with the Eukanuba Champion Stakes Final, the day was hotly anticipated. On a single day, arguably the country’s best puppies and champions were to… read more


Line Breeding Myths and Italian Greyhounds

As anyone who has researched their symptoms of an illness online would tell you the internet isn’t always the best place to obtain information! And the same is true when it comes to pedigree dogs; the net is a veritable minefield of inaccuracies and misinformation (as the writer of a recent article concerning Pugs in… read more

DW51 Connor pic 3

Daily Mail Expose – A Ladies Dog Show 1897

I’m sure we all remember the journalist from the Daily Mail who went ‘undercover’ to expose the show scene several months ago. Well, she wasn’t the first (and I doubt she’ll be the last) as the following superbly written (and evocative) article demonstrates. Interestingly many of the customs, characters, people and dogs observed and described… read more


Division in the Sheltie Camp

I’M SURE many of us having been following what has been going on within the Shetland Sheepdog camp with interest. Although I can fully understand that lovers of this beautiful breed have genuine concerns about exaggeration and the evolving of an ‘American’ type, surely splitting the breed in two would be a retrograde step when… read more

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