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Midland Cos 2016

Midland Counties Championship Show

Peter Piper steals the show – WITH A crispy autumn morning over the 70-acre Staffordshire Showground it was time for one of the year’s final shows to take place. Midland Counties was founded in 1968 and has been using the New Bingley Hall as the venue since 1976. Over the years the show and venue society… read more


Major Breakthrough Made on Mitral Valve Disease

THERE has been a major breakthrough in the management of the most common form of canine heart disease, mitral valve (MVD) which has the potential to extend dogs’ lives. A global study has found that treatment with the drug pimobendan delays the onset of heart failure secondary to MVD, Research results showed that treating dogs… read more


Double Handling? Double Standards!

I can’t help but think the Kennel Club is taking a hefty sledgehammer to crack a nut in its ‘concern’ for the German Shepherd Dog in the UK. Among the items deserving of special attention by the General Committee is the practice of double handling. I am sure the GSD fraternity is thrilled that the… read more


Double Handling – Not Just a GSD Problem

DOUBLE handling is prohibited, the Kennel Club is reminding exhibitors following ‘recent incidents at shows’.   Most exhibitors are not guilty of attracting a dog from outside the ring – which can take many forms, including using toys and food to attract attention or calling a dog’s name – but those who do are being… read more

Earthdog Workshop

Terriers Tap into Their Hunting Abilities at First UK Earthdog Workshop

THE FIRST UK Earthdog Workshop took place at the Kennel Club’s building at Stoneleigh on Friday of last week, writes Sheila Atter. Four Border Terriers, three Parson Russell Terriers, two Plummers and a Cesky Terrier along with six handlers were present at what is hoped will become a regular event.   Earthdog is a concept… read more

Shih tzu poses on a white background

Topknot Bow Deterrent in New Shih Tzu Standard

THE SHIH Tzu Standard is to change to include a deterrent to showing dogs with bows in their topknots.   From November 1 the wording will state, ‘It is strongly recommended that the hair on head is tied up without adornment’.   It is understood the Kennel Club included the clause on the breed clubs’… read more


Scottish Docking Ban Exemption Welcomed and Condemned

THE KENNEL Club and Scottish Kennel Club have welcomed the news that the outright ban on docking tails has been overturned in Scotland. Under new legislation announced yesterday and to be brought before Holyrood next year, vets will be able to shorten by a third the tails of spaniels and hunt, point and retrieve breeds… read more

greater swiss mountain dog4

Club Celebrates Breed Name Change for Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

BREED enthusiasts are celebrating after hearing that the Kennel Club is to change the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog’s name.   From January 1 it will become the Great Swiss Mountain Dog, something breeders, owners, exhibitors and clubs have wanted for some time.   The breed was first recognised by the KC in 2008 and called… read more


Thousands of Owners Forget to Update Microchip Details When They Move

Thousands of owners forget to update microchip details when they move, survey reveals ONE in eight stray dogs unclaimed in local authority kennels facing destruction have microchips bearing incorrect details.   New research has shown that after moving house owners give priority to sorting out their digital TV before they consider updating their dog’s chip… read more


Three FCI Judges Suspended

THREE international judges are to be suspended temporarily by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). They are Igor Vyguzov, Yolanda Nagler and Franki Leung.   Based on a request from the Russian Kynological Federation (RKF) Mr Vyguzov will no longer be on the Montenegro Kennel Club’s judges list, and invitations to judge at FCI events must… read more

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