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Dog World-UK Survey: What would make you exhibit more often?

Back in July Dog World launched a survey of its readers.   We asked them a simple question “what would make you exhibit more often?” The decision to run the survey was an easy one, every weekend our team is out at shows and every weekend we hear the frustrations of exhibitors who believe no one has… read more

UK Dog Advisory Council Envisions Orwellian Future

A truly Orwellian vision of dog breeding in the U.K. in the 21st century has just been outlined by the Dog Advisory Council. Last week it issued its latest recommendations to the government and suggests that anyone who breeds a dog should be registered with their local authority, be given a registration number and give… read more

The Guisachan Gathering 2013

A sea of 222 Golden Retrievers, their owners and enthusiasts descended on a derelict old building in a remote part of the Highlands of Scotland. But it was not just any old building, it is the remains of Guisachan House, the iconic birthplace of the breed. The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland (GRCS) hosted a… read more

Crufts Best In Show and Top Dog Philippe Dies

One of Britain’s greatest and most popular show dogs of the ’00s, the Giant Schnauzer Ch Jafrak Philippe Olivier, has died at the age of 12. His wins made history for the breed and his final total of 14 all-breeds best in show wins, climaxing with top spot at Crufts, has been exceeded by only… read more

Sleepwalking into a ‘Dog Welfare and Consumer Crisis’

The issue of how you go about buying a puppy and where you should buy it from is a contentious one. Those of us who are part of the world of dogs – often described as dogdom here in the U.K. – know the correct steps to follow; research your chosen breed, speak to reputable… read more

On Registering ‘Doodles in the U.K.

For some years now the U.K. Kennel Club has been running a series of “question times” for which senior members and officers of the KC tour the country meeting the grassroots exhibitors and breeders, answering their questions and addressing their concerns – or that’s the general idea. Recently the idea that the KC could start… read more

Whippet Safe After Quarry Fall During U.K. Welsh Kennel Club

A Whippet is recovering at home after escaping from a caravan at Welsh Kennel Club Ch show and falling into a 90ft deep quarry filled with water and silt. Clive and Barbara Pugh’s Rearsbylea Starlite at Ishkamun (Mab) managed to get out of a partly-open but fastened window and run into the showground where attempts to catch… read more

United Kingdom KC Chair Gives Annual ‘State of Nation’ Address

Every year at the Welsh Kennel Club championship show in August, the chairman of the United Kingdom Kennel Club  gives what is styled as a “state of the nation” address. At a dinner on the Friday night of the show weekend, the KC chairman addresses the issues at hand and sums up how the KC sees… read more

Dog World U.K. Provides British ‘Flavour’

Hello, my name is Stuart Baillie, and I am the managing director of Dog World, the U.K.’s leading weekly canine newspaper. In the coming weeks we hope to bring you a flavour of the dog show scene in the U.K. You’ll hear not just from me, but also from a range of staff and freelance… read more

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