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Bull Terrier Puppy Dies From Rabies in France

A BULL Terrier puppy has died of rabies in France after biting a family member and a neighbour’s dog. The seven-month-old dog died during the night of May 18 while under quarantine at a veterinary practice. Tests at the Pasteur Institute confirmed rabies infection. The puppy lived in Chambon-Feugerolles, close to Saint-Etienne in the Loire… read more

GSD Standard Changed to Incorporate Longcoats

THE GERMAN Shepherd Dog Standard has been altered to create two separate varieties of coat. The KC’s General Committee has approved the addition of words covering long-coated dogs, which are underlined here: ‘Outer coat consisting of straight, hard, close-lying hair as dense as possible; thick undercoat. Hair on head, ears, front of legs, paws and… read more


KC Announces Change to Qualifications for Crufts

The Kennel Club has announced that breeds which have challenge certificate status will also be able to qualify for Crufts 2016 through class placings at shows where they are scheduled without CCs on offer. Previously, only the best of breed and best puppy from these classes qualified, but now this has been extended to first,… read more


What Makes a Breed Specialist?

It has long been regarded as one of the positives of the British show system that we give so much weight to the opinions of our breed specialist judges. Not for us the generic show dog that is almost universal in the US and becoming the norm in other parts of the world also. No,… read more


The Daisy Dog – a Mongrel With a Pedigree

Have you got some bunting gathering dust at the back of your cupboard? Well get ready to dust it off and hang it out in the streets. Why? Well haven’t you heard? There’s some great news. The Daisy dog has finally reached these shores. Hurrah! Yes, the very first litter of “Kennel Certificate registered Daisy… read more


Two New DNA Testing Schemes For Beagles Approved

The Kennel Club has approved two new official DNA testing schemes for Factor VII deficiency (FVIID) and Imerslund-Grasbeck syndrome (IGS) in Beagles, following consultation with the Beagle Health Coordinator on behalf of the breed clubs. A list of laboratories the Kennel Club is able to record results from can be found on the worldwide DNA… read more

Breeders and Puppy Sellers to be Registered Under New EU Law

ALL BREEDERS and puppy sellers would have to be registered from 2020 under a new European animal health law to be voted on in the autumn. The Eurogroup for Animals put forward the proposal in a bid to tackle back-street breeding, and it has won support from MEPs, the European Commission and member states.  … read more

Embracing Change with Social Media

In his column in the May edition of the Kennel Club Journal, chairman Steve Dean comments on some of the proposals that will be discussed at the forthcoming AGM. He writes:   “A proposal is made for another working party to discuss the KC’s approach to communication. This may be considered timely given the rising… read more

WELKS 2015 Gundog WSS

WELKS 2015 – Gundog Group

Janet Richards was the West of England Ladies Kennel Society judge of the Gundog group in 2015 and her winner was a new face to top honours, the Welsh Springer Ferndel Justin Time. Second was the German SHorthaired Pointer Vulgar Odette, third Melverly Desert Strike over Acregate the English Springer and fourth was the only… read more

WELKS Championship Show: Western Ladies say 'Thank you Sheila'

AT THE START of the week the forecast was not too promising, but they do say that the sun shines on the righteous, so the ladies of the West of England Ladies’ Kennel Society committee must be a very well behaved bunch, as the weather gods were certainly smiling on this year’s show.   The… read more

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