Celebrating birthdays on the road definitely has its ups and downs. When it’s your turn to blow out the candles and you’re far away from home, you can bet that your dog show family will be there with you. Just remember that no matter how much you might want to skip the celebration altogether, the show must go on – literally.

Happy Birthday to You! Photo by Annette Shaff/Dreamstime.com.

The Ups

Thanks to the social media networks at your fingertips, most of your friends and acquaintances know it’s your birthday. What this means is that while you’re at a show on your big day, everyone you know who’s not there can celebrate with you through text messages and Twitter.

Though it may sound weird to have more people than usual know it’s your birthday, it’s always great to have a smiling face wish you, “Happy Birthday!” Not only does this give you a warm feeling, but the well wishes might just bring you some good luck too. A big win would definitely make your special day that much better!

The Downs

Of course, spending your birthday traveling might not be so much fun. Who wants to be stuck in a van as they turn twenty-one? Bad weather can ruin your party too, along with the possibility of losing that day. Of course, losing is never fun, but it does happen from time to time, though hopefully not on your birthday. These are not the kinds of memories you’ll want to treasure, that’s for sure!

If it does happen, just remember to stay positive!

Travel days don’t necessarily have to be bad. You could be driving through somewhere beautiful, and have some time to stop and take in the scenery. You might even plan an extra day on the road to make a memorable pit stop and celebrate with your traveling companions!

The Funnies

It’s always fun when your friend, family member or even your boss is having a birthday while on the road or at a show. When this happens, it’s your turn to plan to do all the fun surprises that everyone gets embarrassed about.

For some reason, nobody likes to have people sing “Happy Birthday” to them. When this is done in a large crowd or over a loudspeaker, it makes it a bit more embarrassing for the birthday boy or girl.

Then there are always those funny badges, balloons and other assorted goodies that will make everyone aware that someone you care about is celebrating a birthday. Talk about payback right? Just don’t forget it’s all for fun!

If someone you know hasn’t had a dog show birthday yet, get prepared. When the big day arrives, embrace it and enjoy the moment together. Make it a day for everyone to remember!

Go blow out your candles, make a wish and don’t forget… Dogs Freakin’ Rule!!!!!