Every four years the Summer Olympic Games leave us with new history-making moments, this year maybe more so than ever.

Not only did Team USA bring home a lot of gold and break a lot of records, we laid claim – once again – to the greatest Olympian of all time with 22 medals, 18 of them gold. Yes, I’m talking about Michael Phelps.

With an estimated global audience of four billion people, the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony was one of the must-see broadcasts of the year.

Along with the games comes a time for creative minds to go into overdrive and create Olympic-like moments in their own unique ways, whether it’s photography, painting or even cartoons.

© Off The Leash (Rupert Fawcett). All rights reserved.

Cartoonist and illustrator Rupert Fawcett took the opportunity to demonstrate the many things dogs and the Olympic Games have in common. I found it incredible how many of his cartoons kept popping up in my news feed on Facebook throughout the 17-day event. As they circulated through the dog show community, I realized that we, more than most people, can find these cartoons humorous, on a different level.

I could actually see my dogs doing some of these things, then acting as if they should get some sort of prize, or, in this case, a medal. Well, guess what? Just because you ran outside and pretended to go the bathroom, it doesn’t mean you get a gold medal – or a cookie!

Because we live the humor behind these cartoons everyday, we get a bigger laugh than anyone.

© Off The Leash (Rupert Fawcett). All rights reserved.

Oh, the beauty of social media! If not for Facebook, I might never have seen a single one of Rupert’s great cartoons. Once I’d seen one, of course I shared it. Then someone shared from me, and so on and so forth. Now the two shown here are only examples of his humorous take on dogs performing “amazing” feats. You can see more on his Facebook page, blog, and website.

I love how this artist brought two worlds together in such humorous harmony.

For now, the Olympic cauldron is extinguished, awaiting a new flame that will light off a whole new set of moments to be remembered, records to be broken, and, yes, more creative endeavors to make us smile, laugh or even cry. We shall wait and see!

Until next time… Dogs Freakin’ Rule!