The Krew is just as busy as Santa’s elves reviewing products that are must-haves for the year. Today’s column is their take on universal chargers that suit all platforms; washable dog beds for the incontinent dog; photo presentation perfect for presents; tear stain removers for the ultimate in simple tear stain prevention. And of course, they cannot forget holiday or anytime dog cookies that can be made in the microwave… Do you have a product you’d like reviewed by the Krew? Drop them a line – they’ll be happy to help.

IDAPT ($64.99)
Problem: you’re at a show and have friends, kids, handlers and clients in your setup and everyone has a different mobile device, needing to charge STAT! “My dog’s in the ring, I need to see groups” you know the drill. Cords tangled, people piled up and the one remaining outlet needed for the dryer is ummm, currently in use by a charger.

Solution: IDAPT Universal Charge i4. Instead of plugging each device into the extension cord one at a time, and having a queue of grumpy out-of-power people and wet dogs waiting, use the IDAPT Universal Charge i4 universal charging system. It handles 4 different devices at once – 3 on the base, 1 USB port on the side – with its unique interchangeable tip system. Well worth the investment, the unit comes with 6 tips that snap into the base. Compatible with 4500 devices according to their site, the tips cover pretty much all current personal electronics: iPhone’s, tablets, laptops, Samsung Galaxy’s, Nokia’s, PSP’s, camera’s, even a DC jack. It’s the perfect solution to accommodating all in a universal, compact system. Tidy, too since the units are placed directly onto the device, no more cords to trip over or untangle. I love this unit!

The IDAPTi4 innovative charging solution availalbe in a variety of colors

Check out there video here:

Gertie Gear ($24.99-$89.99)
Problem: Incontinence. My only “rescue” dog was a French Bulldog that I went to ID initially, and ended up adopting. Sabrina lived a wonderfully long 23 years and patiently raised many of my Stafford puppies. The last couple of years of her life, she was blind, deaf and incontinent; every day meant washing a complete dog bed.

Sabrina loved her comfy Gertie Gear bed

Solution: Gertie Gear. Confronted with a similar situation with her elderly beagle, entrepreneur Julie King developed Gertie Gear to provide the optimal solution for an incontinent dog. Ingenious in construction, the beds are supportive comfy air beds with washable, sturdy, zip-on covers. The air bed is an inflatable tube that fits inside the covers. The covers are made from sturdy dog-friendly fabrics that are made to withstand multiple washings, fading, and hot water temperatures and have an impressively strong, thick, long-lasting zipper. Available in multiple fabrics & design styles, you’ll have a ball choosing from nylon, fleece, flannel and corduroy in a variety of colors to suit every décor.

My covers have been washed at least a hundred times over the last 4 years with no fading of the color or break-down in material. Gertie Gear is the perfect gift to yourself and your elderly, geriatric, disabled, possibly arthritic, incontinent, greatly loved pet. I love it, you’ll love it, your pet will too!

Aluminyze ($18.95 and up)
Problem: you want a really cool display solution that turns digital win photos into art.

Solution: Aluminyze takes your high resolution image and infuses it directly onto a sheet of aluminum, creating a frameless, vibrant, life-like, colorful, durable print for displaying on your walls, counters, fridges, shelves, anywhere, inside or out. Amazing, versatile and so cool, Aluminyze never fades, breaks or warps. With their expansive shapes, letters, panoramas, and even ornaments, the possibilities are endless for creating beautiful displays of your favorite photos with easy personalization. I am having my bitch Marla’s finishing point photo put on an “M”. Mounting choices include stands, wall mounts or magnets.

Perfect for candids and gift giving, Aluminyze upright display on stand

Aluminyze is perfect for awesome gifts with a personal touch, like specialty win awards or to provide a unique way of displaying your wins without glass or frames. Psst! Insider tip, print your win shots with the white glossy or matte selection, not the silver.

PetCakes ($10.00)
Problem: multi-dog home & multiple birthdays. I like to celebrate my dogs’ birthdays with special, healthful cakes. It used to mean a special two-day trip to the doggie bakery, one day one day for ordering and, the next for picking up.  With so many dogs’ birthdays, it was a lot of trips and a lot of time. The doggie bakeries in my town are in the middle of a big mall with paid parking or fighting for the precious street parking space – especially contentious at holiday time. And then the cost, twenty-four dollars on average for a cake for my dogs! Multiply this out over the Krew and the it really adds up.

Solution: Lucky Paws’ PetCakes. I was sent Lucky Paws’ PetCakes, three years ago. I was immediately intrigued, curious, skeptical & knew what had to be done… Bake some! First-ever microwavable, wheat, soy and preservative free, organic home-made dog treats? Yep, love them. But more importantly, the Krew loves them!

Birthday Party Anticipation – inset shows Lucky Paws’ Pet Cakes dog bone mold & cake mix

The initial cost-effective kit includes 1 re-usable, microwavable pupcake bone-shaped pan with choice of 1 or 3 bones, and 2 bags of organic mix. The first flavor in production was carob, but the line has now expanded to include Pizza and 3-Cheese. I add water and peanut butter or applesauce and after only 2 1/2 minutes in the microwave, voila! One of The Krew has a puppy birthday cake. Frosting is available and there is a cat version with a fish-shaped plate. Psst! Insider tip: top them with yogurt and peanut butter, or baby food. Add the required celebratory candle and it’s a birthday par-tee! I no longer feel bad about forgetting a birthday – it happens –because now The Krew can have a puppy party complete with healthful cake in five minutes.

Eye Envy (EE Starter Kit, $20.00)
Problem: tear staining on fair faces – a common problem for many of us with white or partially white dogs.

Solution: Eye Envy Starter Kit. The Krew includes a clear pied, or solid white Frenchie with a half hood, half her face is black, with a cute little black spot right on her tail nub. She tear stains on the solid white side of her mug, which of course is her show side. Once she was ready to step in the ring, it was time to take action on that stain.

I went to an expert, my twin.

She suggested the Eye Envy Starter Kit with strict, easy-to-follow instructions on its use: “remove hair, use product, be diligent 2X/day.”  So, I followed her instructions, it worked. It will work for you too. Eye Envy is available in two forms, liquid and powder. Psst! Insider tip: you’ll need both, buy both.

Eye Envy stain remover. Compact jar fits perfectly in tack boxes

All righty, let’s get into the details on using Eye Envy. First, the stained hair around the eye had to be shaved. Small, battery operated “Personal Hair Removers” are perfect for this task. Then, a light, non-irritating cleanser was applied. We’re now ready for the real work of removing that stain. Starting with a Q-Tip dipped in the liquid apply it gently into the stain spot and between skin folds, saturating the area. Although not harmful, be careful not to get it into the eye. The powder, applied with an 8” eye shadow makeup brush, is then worked into the fold. This routine should be done twice a day until the stain is gone and new stain-free hair grows in. Preventative maintenance is simple: I now treat the eye with the powder only a couple of times a week. After two years of use, she has never tear stained again.

The liquid must be refrigerated and will expire within a few weeks. It’s easy to know when to toss it, the formula develops a red tinge and starts to solidify. The ingredients are not disclosed beyond offering that the product includes: a cleanser, an astringent, an anti-bacterial and an herbal antibiotic and that Eye Envy does not contain bleach, peroxide, steroids or any other harmful agents. While it would be great to know more of the product details, none of my dogs have had a reaction to it.

I would like to suggest this low-cost solution especially to the pied Frenchie Breeders/Owners/Exhibitors as they do tend to tear stain. This is basic care, easily worked into a grooming routine. The Krew says “it works!”