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Show Name Show Date
Southern New Jersey German Shepherd Dog Club 06/03/2011
Northlake KC of Greater Covington 06/02/2011
Fargo-Moorehead Kennel Club 06/01/2011
Coeur D'Alene DF 05/31/2011
Tanana Valley KC 05/30/2011
KC Of The California Sierra 05/30/2011
Antelope Valley KC 05/30/2011
Coeur D'Alene DF 05/30/2011
Corn Belt KC 05/30/2011
Greater Muskegon KC 05/30/2011
Union County KC 05/30/2011
Mid-Continent KC of Tulsa 05/30/2011
New Castle KC 05/30/2011
Gloucester KC of VA 05/30/2011
Larmie KC 05/30/2011
Cincinnati KC 05/30/2011
Tanana Valley KC 05/29/2011
Hangtown KC of Placerville CA 05/29/2011
Los Encinos KC 05/29/2011
Illinois Valley KC of Peoria Inc 05/29/2011