The Doggie Kennel Club will begin offering new titles at DKC conformation events. These new titles, “Best Taxidermied” and “Best Freeze Dried,” will be available to DKC Passed On Dogs of Record, giving the opportunity for owners of passed-on dogs to return to the show ring and further showcase the quality of their breeding stock, hopefully with frozen semen still available.

Competition in this new class will begin at DKC all-breed, group and specialty shows today, April 1, 2013.

“DKC conformation is meant to be an evaluation and showcase for breeding stock. Many champions are deceased after earning their titles, and this creates a dilemma for breeders,” said Carl Akeley, DKC Vice President of Dearly Departed Dog Operations. “We are excited to offer the ‘Passed On’ class as a way to encourage these quality dogs – in whatever form – to return to the ring.

“DKC companion and performance events offer multiple titles to celebrate achievement in competition at various levels of each sport. It is only natural to offer titles to conformation exhibitors for Best Taxidermied and Best Freeze Dried so that they too can compete and excel at a whole new level.”

Akeley continued: “We all know people who are not ready to stop campaigning a dog. These new titles allow for that, and they provide a unique source of new revenue for the DKC.”

The ribbon awarded will be a black rosette with gold piping.
Competition for these new titles will be judged during the Best of Breed/Variety competition at all-breed, group and specialty shows. All Passed On Dogs of Record either freeze-dried or taxidermied entered in the Best of Breed/Variety competition will be eligible to compete for Passed On points. There is no additional entry fee. “Passed On” points are awarded, at the judge’s discretion, to the following placements: Best of Breed/Variety Taxidermied, Best of Opposite Sex Taxidermied, Select Dog Taxidermied, Select Bitch Taxidermied, Best of Breed/Variety Freeze Dried, Best of Opposite Sex Freeze Dried, Select Dog Freeze Dried and Select Bitch FreezeDried.

Passed On points for “Best Taxidermied” and “Best Freeze Dried” are calculated using the same DKC point schedule as is used for living-dog points. (Dogs entered in non-regular classes are not counted in the computation of Passed On points.) Although Winners Dog or Winners Bitch can win Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex, in no case will they be eligible for Best Passed On competition as they are disqualified for still breathing air.

Judges have been instructed on evaluating Best Freeze Dried and Best Taxidermied based on the following criteria:

  • How lifelike the dog appears despite its taxidermied or freeze-dried state;
  • How closely it meets the breed standard;
  • How well its marble eyes match the standard; and
  • How easily the dog moves on its wheels. (All entered dogs must be able to move freely around the ring under the handler’s power.)

Completion of the title requires all of the following:

  • The dog must be “departed” to compete in this new class.
  • Twenty-five Passed On points.
  •  Three majors (three or more points earned at a single show) won under three different judges.
  •  At least one or more of these points won under a fourth judge.
  • Must have defeated at least one other DKC Passed On Dog of Record at three shows. Starting in 2014, dogs who earn their Passed On titles will receive an invitation to the DKC/Afterlife Food Company National Championship.

For more information about the DKC Passed On class for taxidermied and freeze-dried dogs, please see the DKC Passed On Rules for Dog Shows. Submit questions and comments to