Wildfires continue to rage through an estimated 5,200 acres near Colorado Springs, Colo., for the fourth straight day today. More than 32,000 people have been forced to leave their homes, many with their companion animals in tow.

As evacuation continues, at least one dog family decided to open its kennel doors to take in small animals displaced by the Waldo Canyon fire.

The Johnson family, well-known breeders and exhibitors of Bugaboo Old English Sheepdogs and Rocheuses Bouvier des Flandres, operate the Sunrise Kennels and the Woodmen Kennels in Colorado Springs. Doug, Michaelanne, Colton and Heather Johnson are taking in dogs, cats and birds at both locations. Large animals are being taken to equine centers.

As of 10 a.m. Tuesday, more than 50 animals had been welcomed, with more expected. Evacuation of thousands of homes continues as more than 800 firefighters battle temperatures in the high 90s and 15 mph winds with 65 mph gusts, as they work to contain the fire.

The Johnsons are not charging the owners of evacuated animals, so efforts to stockpile dog food and arrange for donations have begun to help offset the feeding costs.

To show your support for the Johnsons’ efforts to care for displaced animals, you can drop off food at the following locations:

Woodmen Kennels, 6440 N. Vincent Dr., Colorado Springs, Colo. (If you need more information, call 719-598-4154.)

Sunrise Kennels, 6580 N. Vincent Dr., Colorado Springs, Colo. (For further information, call 719-598-8220.)

You can also purchase dog food to be delivered to either location by going to Petflow.com and using the coupon code BSTNSHOW. You will get $10 off your order of $59 or more, and the dog food will be shipped directly to the Johnsons’ kennels.

For those living out of state, donations are also being accepted through PayPal. To do so:

Click on “Send Money,” put in an amount, then choose “Friends and Family.” When PayPal asks for the email address of the recipient, put in dogtrn@msn.com.

You can donate with your PayPal or bank account without any PayPal service charge, or by credit or debit card for a 59-cent charge.

Once again, dog people are coming together to show their support for those in need. Please consider helping the Johnsons as they assist families threatened with losing their beloved companions, as well as their homes.