Sad news today for publication side of the dog world. Joining Dogs In Review, another publication covering the fancy & the sport of purebred dogs has ceased publication. Dog World, has stopped reporting due to the high costs of producing paper-based publications along with other expenses such as marketing; and digital’s influence on advertising revenues. Dog World, since the 1930s along with the older publication Our Dog, has dedicated their publications to the news of the dog world and events that impact the show life and the people involved in it. Our Dogs will still continue reporting for the United Kingdom, but the loss of Dog World will be felt.

Below is Dog World’s Message to its readers.

Most people are aware that trading conditions in recent years in business generally have been difficult to say the least. In many areas advertising revenues and sponsorship income are not what they used to be pre recession.

The printing and publishing industry is no exception and the added effect of digital media and social network has contributed to a loss of revenue on a number of fronts.

Most dog showing countries worldwide are lucky if they have one monthly magazine or newspaper covering shows, breeding and exhibiting. In the UK we have had the luxury of not one, but two weekly canine newspapers serving the needs of the dog showing community. OUR DOGS was launched in 1895 and DOG WORLD followed in its own right in the 1930’s. For some time it has become clear that there is only space in the market for one canine weekly to survive and therefore be around to continue to best serve the needs of dog people primarily in the UK, for the foreseeable future. It is therefore with regret that DOG WORLD recently went into administration and has now ceased trading.

To ensure the future of an independent canine press in the UK, OUR DOGS will continue to cover the world of pedigree dogs and will also look to enhance its coverage in all ways possible for the benefit of its existing readers and for previous followers of DOG WORLD. It will not be an easy task as both papers have developed their own followings based on great traditions in the world of dogs.

To that end we thank all existing readers, advertisers and staff from both papers. We extend a warm welcome to new readers of OUR DOGS and with everyone’s support we will strive to ensure shows and exhibitors will enjoy future editions of what must be one of the world’s oldest canine newspapers.