TRADITIONALLY, in this week’s issue I like to celebrate those of you, or your dogs, who were involved, as breeder, owner or handler, with more than one Crufts CC winner or the equivalent.

My apologies in advance if I haven’t mentioned any of you; please let me know so we can rectify this.

The Vizslas were littermates bred by Moray Armstrong (Bitcon) by Sh Ch B Wizard Of Oz ex Sh Ch B Merely Magic. John Thirlwell (Ferndel) bred both Welsh Springers and owns the BOB/G3.

Christine Mayhew (Arnac) bred both Chesapeakes and owns the BCC. Jill and Charles Holgate (Nadavin) did the double in Fields and bred the BOB – I was pleased to see that this was our top gundog brood bitch Sh Ch N Nobility.

Both Red and Whites were by Sh Ch Corranroo Connexion, both Golden Retrievers by Sh Ch/Lux Ch Zampanzar Say It Again Shardanell (quite a feat with such a huge entry and two judges)

Brenda Moss (Arany) bred and owns both German Longhaired Pointers, as did Nigel, Jenny and Ben Egginton (Valentisimo) in Spanish Water Dogs.

As well as winning the working group, Sue Ellis (Chayo) did the double in Malamutes, both by Int/Am/Dutch/Ger/Lux/Bel Ch Sno Quest’s Limited Edition.

Jay and Martin Horgan (Aritaur) bred the Dobermann DCC and bred and own the Pinscher BOS.

Rachel Bailey (Akna) owns the Canadian Eskimo BOB and bred and co-owns the BOS. Stuart Winterton and Nicola Singh (Sledog) own both Greenland Dogs and bred the BOS.

Tom Roozen and Ria Roozen-Smetsers from the Netherlands (Bruine Buck) bred both Groenendaels ex Dutch Ch Vega de BB. Peter Hermans (Shepherds Dogmate) from the same country co-owns and co-bred the Laekenois BOB and owns the BOS. Ch Bonvivant des Iles Fidji sired both Malinois.

Carol and Donna Wiltshire (Caleykiz) bred both Border Collies and own the BB, Sh Ch C Rhythm In Black, who is dam of the BOB. In Buhunds Debbie Penniston Fleming (Ailort) co-owns the BOB and bred the BCC.

Alison Grainger (Samhaven) owns and bred the Rough Collie BOB and co-owns the St Bernard BOB/G4.

The Finnish Lapphunds were littermates bred by Toni Jackson (Elbereth) by Int/Norw/Sw/Fin Dan Ch Lecibsin Macce ex E Kyky. Diane Mottram (Mybeards) bred both Polish Lowlands.

Andrea Kirkwood (Vandreem) bred both Samoyeds in the same litter by Ch Ulibka Final Edition ex V Imperial Savinya, and co-owns the BOB/G4.

Both Cardigans are by Ch Belroyd Pemcader Cymro.

Anna Albrigo (Selvaspina) as usual travelled from Italy and was rewarded with both top awards for homebred Maremmas.

In terriers Chris Foskett, Karen Tyrrell and Felicity Freer (Wilfnbell) bred the BOB and won the BCC; the latter was bred by Sue McCourt (Silhill) who co-owns the BOB!

Katrina and Hans Gruettner (Emsmuehle) from Germany did the double with homebred Irish Terriers, both ex Lux/Hung/Dan Ch Gabbana von der E. Ch Perrisblu Kings Ransome sired both Kerry Blues.

Good to see Judy Averis’ legacy continues unabated – Saredon won BOB with a homebred Lakeland, bred the Airedale BCC and bred the Miniature Schnauzer BOB/G2. How many breeds is that in which the kennel has now bred CC winners?

Warren Bradley (Aman) handled the Wire BOB/G2 and co-bred the Welsh BOB. The West Highlands were littermates bred in Germany by Bernhard, Luise and Tina Deipenbrock (Deipen Brook) by Int/Ger Ch Krisma Spitnpolish ex Ch/Int/Ger Ch Royal Diva vom DB. Tina co-owns the BOB.

Melanie Spavin (Dialynne) not only won both CCs with homebred (a fourth Crufts CC for the veteran male Ch D Maximus) but took BOB in Australian Shepherds too. The Bloodhounds were junior littermates bred by (and the BCC owned by) Tony and Margaret Higginbottom (Railside) by Ch Marskbury Ruin ex R Ola.

A family double in Min Smooths for the Stargang/Shardagang team with Heather Blackburn-Bennett taking BOB and parents Joanne and John the DCC. And in Wires Kim and Duncan McCalmont (Silvae) bred and owned both CC winners, Ch S Zealot beating his daughter for BOB, carrying on the affix’s tradition of Crufts CCs which goes right back to the first post-war show.

Jane Moore (Hadranensis) bred or co-bred both the Cirnechi who won in the import classes, one born in Italy and one bred in the UK. The bitch who was best import is owned by Michele Farleigh (Kinabula) who therefore not only did a lap of hour before the group was judged, but then appeared in the group itself with her homebred Ridgeback and took G4.

Nick Gourley and Andy Leonard (Witchstone) bred both English Toy Terriers and Andy is a co-owner on both. Tony Allcock (Sleepyhollow) did the double in Japanese Chin, the BOB being homebred.

Has anyone before taken Crufts BOB in both Cavaliers and Charlies in the same year? Markus Kirschbaum and Klaus Vorderstrasse (Bonitos Campaneros) from Germany are co-owners of both and Markus bred the Cavalier.

Both Smooth Chihuahuas are by Ch Veejim Delta Force at Taradona.

Both Bostons are by Ch Andridz Wicked Wynele; the dog is bred and co-owned by Ann Kennedy whose husband Peter Clifton bred and owns the Cardigan BOB. Both Mittel Spitz are by Ch Runfold Full Frottle with Spellcast.

Ellen Minto (Anacan) did the double with homebred Canaans from different litters by Am Ch Ha’aretz Hayyim for A ex A Glory Bea.

Both Japanese Akita Inu were bred by Silvia Esposito from Spain (Shun’You Kensha), the bitch an import and the BOB owned by her. Both are by Sp/Mon Ch Eitetsu Go Awa Matsushigesou.

Liz Dunhill (Vormund) bred and owns the Shiba BOB and co-owns with her daughter the Pharaoh BOB.

Åge Gjetnes from Norway bred and co-owns the Miniature Poodle who won the group while partner Espen Engh co-bred, with his mother, the Greyhound BOB. I see Åge is among those who (like the BIS judge when he was breeding his own dogs) chooses not to use an affix. How could one resist a dog named after Montserrat Caballe?

Lotte Sandell (Huffish) from Sweden bred the Standard Poodle BOB and owns and co-bred the BCC. The BOB is owned by Brett Hamilton (Kjavu) from Australia and Camilla Tell-Collinge (Tells) from Sweden and they too had a memorable Crufts as they are co-owners of the Puli BOB.

Lee Cox and Tom Isherwood (Vanitonia) bred the Toy Poodle BOB of which Tom is a co-owner and Lee the handler, and they bred and own the Clumber BCC.

A double for Lenka Fajkusová (Alarm Beskyd) from the Czech Republic with homebred Schnauzers. Both Jindos from the import classes were bred by Morningcalm.

If I have missed anyone, let me know!

I usually outline how Britain’s group leaders of the previous year got on – this year Crufts returned to its earlier status as somewhere where the previous year’s top winners tend to fall by the wayside, with the number one Wire Fox Terrier third in his class, the Bullmastiff second, the Saluki third and the Longcoat Chihuahua second, while the Spanish Water Dog was absent. That’s dog showing for you!

The Klein Spitz was BOB and the Sheltie BOB and group shortlisted.

I also normally give credit to the breed judges who sent through the group winners. Geoff Corish has quite a record, having judged in some capacity the BIS and/or RBIS for the past four years! This year he judged Scotties, having sent on the RBIS Samoyed last year. In 2013 it was he who chose BIS and in ’12 he did the utility group and sent on the Lhasa who was BIS.

Flatcoat dogs this year were judged by Jenny Donnelly and BOB was decided by referee who later gave the dog the group. Keith Thornton sent on the Saluki, Dorothy Dixon the Min Poodle, Chris John the Malamute, Joy Crowther the Beardie (another who won BOB under the referee/group judge) and Sarah Jackson the Maltese.

A rough count suggests that no fewer than 62 BOB winners were owned outside the UK, plus 42 other CC winners or the equivalent. Another 18 BOBs were imports, as were 13 other CC winners.

The country outside the UK involved with most best of sex winners was I think the Netherlands with 18, then Sweden and Italy with 17 and Germany with 15. Russia and the US were connected to ten each, the BIS winner of course involved with both of them!

In terms of group placers, the UK owned or bred 16, Sweden four, Italy three, Finland two and Australia, France, Germany, the US, Russia, Belgium, Brazil, Ireland and Norway one each.