It’s down to the wire. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift or are a procastinating shopper –we prefer to say “discriminating,hence the delay”, here are a few last minute gift selections for dog friends of all sizes and species. The Krew tests all products recommended and is not compensated for their reviews.

Give the gift of fostering or rescue. The Krew handles Rescue for our breed club nationwide; there’s nothing more rewarding than restoring a dog back to health. Every breed club has a rescue or could use help, especially over the holidays with fostering. Donating is easy just write a check or paypal a donation. Honor your friends by donating in their name. Give the gift of time, foster a dog in need. Our current rescue, Trooper, is a tongue-less Stafford. He was emaciated, and his teeth are mostly all gone, but he is 100% healthy, young and loves to play. (More on this below.)

A Cheerful Pet ($4.49 and up)
Cheerful Pet products are one of two must-haves for the Krew’s Kompound. These charming toys are designed in America but handcrafted by artisans in Nepal. Each toy is a a work of art, individually handmade, and 100% all natural New Zealand wool. Soft, weightless, with a bunch of sizes to accommodate the smallest of toys or the largest of working dogs.

Psst! Insider Tip: these are a little delicate. Perfect for small pups beginning to teethe and wonderful for older dogs who are no longer zealous chewers, they should be used under supervision for dogs that really like to tussle with their toys. I recently purchased bunches of them – a couple of Tugzees, a couple of Woolzees, a Fuzzee, some Animalz. I tossed all of them down and within half an hour, all but 4 of the toys were left. The Krew tore them up. Duh. They are bulls after all!

Cheerful Pet products are one of two must-haves for the Krew’s Kompound

Saving what was left, they are now toss and play toys only under supervision. My youngest cries every night to play with her Tugzee. Harasses me. I have to go outside toss it for her, let her tug and hang, and after twenty minutes she is satisfied. (video: I had been saving them for our special play and then came into a situation where I found their perfect fit, which takes us back to Trooper.

While it’s rare to have a tongue-less dog, these toys are perfect if you’re ever in this situation. They have special needs: one, they drool, yup, yup yup, lots of drool; two without a tongue, toys need to be lightweight; three toys need to be soft without edges to prevent any further injury; four, they drool (oh, I may have already mentioned that), toys must be washable. Our recent foster, “Trooper”, loves these toys. They’re perfect for him, lightweight, no hard edges to prevent further injury to his mouth and drool-proof. A Cheerful Pet toys are amazing for our little Trooper or any dog with tender mouths or drool-y! He can hold the soft wool toy his mouth, it doesn’t hurt or weigh down his gums. The toy does absorb all the drool! Super easy to clean, dunk them in soapy water, rinse, air dry. I just ordered another set of A Cheerful Pets. Some Tugz for the Krew of course, and more toys for this little guy whose will to survive deserves the best.

Popware for Pets ($3.37-$18.99)
Durable, collapsible, dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant silicone bowls are a must-have for fanciers on the go. The Double Elevated Feeder from Dexas International’s Popware for Pets platform pet feeder. The Popware for Pets collapsible bowls were love at first sight. Hardworking, multi-tasking, they fit into the platform feeder, collapse flat when taken out, snap onto backpacks, or belt loops for a walk, slip into purses, or the back sleeve of your car’s seat. For the dog on the go!

Durable, collapsible, dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant silicone bowls

Popware for Pets expanded the line into “accessories” and now offers an attachable Kennel Bowl for crates, the kewl Klipscoop; canned food lids; Pooch Pouch; Grippmat and a collapsible Companion Cup. They are so innovative!

Found My Animal ($54.00+)
The Krew is walked one dog at a time, on leisurely strolls through the Venice canals. For our “pet walks” I use FoundMyAnimal leash. This is a very cool find: 7 foot long leash, three-strand, hand-spliced whipped, marine-grade rope that is adjustable. The leash features adjustable solid o-rings and clips, both of marine grade hardware. The solid o-ring is what you use to shorten the leash. Sometimes I use it to walk two dogs at a show. The center solid o-ring can snap to a 4 foot lead and still allow for control of both dogs. They have several designs, but the Adjustable Leashes are my favorite. I’ve used it as a leash, snapping onto the dog and the other onto the ring, leaving a loop; or around my waist, or even across my torso. The length works great for dogs of various heights.
FoundMyAnimal has super cool colors for the adjustable leashes, along with collars and other cute dog accessories, a water bowl, treat pouch, charms…

What to do for the busy show exhibitor – handler, junior handler, owner handler, supportive owners? Definitely gift cards. If you’re a handler, junior, breeder, fancier traveling to shows, you just can’t have enough gift cards. Easy to purchase, can be sent by email in any denomination and greatly appreciated by the recipient. The possibilities are endless: coffee shops, restaurants, hardware stores, gas cards – you name it, a card exists for it.

Gift Cards, The perfect Gift!


Local show vendors have gift certificates for any value. Anyone who trims and grooms weekly wouldn appreciate a gift certificate for a Tool Sharpening Service like Southern California’s Shear Delight (

Amazon’s Audible ( would be perfect with all the road trips and most handler’s love Audio Books for the long road trips. It downloads to all devices; they simply download and hit play. You can gift a membership of:.


    • • 3 months $45
    • • 6 months $90
    • • 12 months $150
    • • And this includes:
    • • Concierge Setup
    • • Our staff is ready 24/7 to help gift members start listening in minutes
    • • 1 Credit Per Month
    • • 30% off every title every dayYou can purchase an Amazon Gift Card if they have a membership.

Put together a clever dog show hardware kit. Pack it full of goodies like individually packaged rain slickers, snack bars, batteries, candles, flashlights, little hammers that you unscrew the end and out pops screwdrivers, wirecutters, duct tape, bungee cords, snaps, binders clips, you get the picture….and deliver it in a small, sturdy, toolbox.

A car emergency kit, A thoughtful gift for anyone

Or a dog emergency kit. A Handler I knew received a dog emergency kit from a client who worked at a veterinary office. It was amazing – Betadyne, cotton balls, long q-tips, alcohol swabs, antibiotics, blood stop, hot/cold packs, cleansing wipes, flagyl, pedialyte pouches, neo-pred powder, various gauzes, tapes and skin glue, etc…. pack it all up in a handled plastic storage bin.

Folding Chairs. I never go to a show without my blue Renetto. ( The Original Canopied Chair is a must-have on the show scene and are now only $59.95. Have them embroidered to for that extra personal touch!

For Juniors, definitely gift cards and personalized ringside bags are just the thing. If it’s not already in their possession, every Junior should have a copy of my favorite book, (I re-read it every January), THE JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP HANDBOOK, by Marsha Hall Brown & Bethany Hall Mason. Originally published in 1971, it is as relevant today as when first written. An easy read, great diagrams, detailing etiquette and dress. I love this book, and the photo here is of my actual copy. Every person that steps into the ring should read this cover to cover.

THE JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP HANDBOOK, by Marsha Hall Brown & Bethany Hall Mason