Eukanuba Performance Games, in Wilmington Ohio, hosted six events over the weekend with Friday’s focus on Dock Diving, with Finals on Sunday. Dock diving, if you’ve never seen it,  requires the dogs to run across a dock and jump after a toy thrown by their handler.  The game is not based upon catching the toy, it’s all about how far the dog jumps measured from where the connection of the tail and the body of the dog land. This year many breeds were represented, some were terriers, some labs, whippets, and some mixed breeds.  All the dogs there were all ready for one thing, to jump further than any other and have fun!
There were definitely some fan favorites, as Liam the Malinois, Gunner the Lab, and Wilson, the little terrier with might springs, jumping about 15′, no slouch considering her size. Liam & Gunner will be attempting to break the record of 30’9″.

If you’d like more information on Dock Diving, visit North American Diving Dock Dogs

Here are some of the many images from yesterday’s great perfromance.