The weather this past weekend in Carmel, Calif., for the two Del Monte Kennel Club dog shows couldn’t have been more perfect. With highs in the mid-60s, lows in the mid-50s and no precipitation, it was perfect for a dog show. It also turned out to be a perfect weekend for two newcomers to the Best in Show winners circle.

On Saturday from an entry of 1,061, judge Anne Katona made Pointer GCh. Penpoint King Arthur her Best in Show winner. Handled by his owner, Kimberly Bakker, ‘King’ is bred and co-owned by Lee Ann Stagg. Her Crowley, La.-based breeding program has produced three dogs currently among the breed’s Top 20 through May. King’s sire ‘Arthur,’ GCh. Penpoint In Dress Blues, joins him in the rankings, along with GCh. Penpoint-Honor Abracadabra. Both Arthur and Abracadabra are sired by Ch. Calais of Solivia Becker Arizmendi, and both are multiple Group winners. Lee Ann is obviously doing something right, and owner-handler Kim Bakker is no doubt thrilled with this Best in Show win. King won the Group under Allan Pepper.

Multiple Group and Best in Show-winning Pointer GCh. Penpoint In Dress Blues is now the sire of an all-breed Best in Show winner, GCh. Penpoint King Arthur.

Reserve BIS went to Edd Bivin’s Non-Sporting Group winner, Keeshond GCh. Summerwind’s Rumor Has It. ‘Ru Ru’ is breeder/owner-handled by Jean Gauchat-Hargis, co-bred and co-owned by Joshua Hargis. He was Number 1 Kees 2011 and 2012, when he won multiple Groups and one Best in Show each year, and is maintaining his post as the breed leader through this year. His paternal grandsire, Ch. B-Mi Constant Comment, was a multiple Group and all-breed Best in Show winner 2000 through 2003, bred and owned by Irene and Betty Munson.

Jane Treiber’s Hound Group winner was Pharaoh Hound GCh. Farao Anubis Inferno. Bred at Maria Westman’s Farao Anubis kennel in Sweden, ‘Taufik’ is owned by Barth Clooten and Debbie Cooper, and handled by Laura Reeves. Maria also bred America’s 2003 Number 1 Pharaoh and Top 20 Hound, Ch. Farao Anubis Ramses, whom she co-owned with Dominic Carota and Stephen Sipperly. Handled by Stacy Snyder (now Threlfall), ‘Ramses’ was also a U.S. National Specialty winner and a three-time World Winner, in 1998, 2001 and 2002. Dominic, Stephen, Linda Witt and Nancy Sowerbutts bred Taufik’s mother, Swe. Fin. Ch. Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi, a Ramses daughter. Through May rankings, Taufik has won more Group Firsts than any other Pharaoh Hound this year.

In the Working Group, judge Robert Shreve chose Samoyed GCh. Glacier’s Goddess of Fire as his winner. Handled by Lisa Fennell for owner Deborah Medeiros, ‘Pele’ is bred by Yan and Novia Vincze of Texas. She’s already a multiple Best in Show winner this year. Her sire, Ch. Polar Mist All The Right Stuff, bred by Lynette Blue, earned champion titles not only in the U.S., but in Norway and Denmark as well.

And speaking of Scandinavia, the Terrier Group was judged by Britta Roos-Börjeson of Sweden, who has bred Westies, Scotties and Sealyham Terriers. Her winner was Lakeland Terrier GCh. Hi-Kel Terrydale Fortune In My Eyes, bred and owned by Alex Geremia, Felicia Cashin, Maripi Wooldridge and Jennifer Stevens, and handled by Jenny Wornall-Rangel. ‘Emma,’ a multiple Group winner in 2012 and 2013, is a daughter of the English import bitch Ch. Saredon For Your Eyes Only, a multiple Group and BIS winner also handled by team Wornall. Before coming to the U.S., ‘Ginger’ was Best in Show at National Terrier 2009 and a multiple Group and BIS winner in the U.K. with breeder/owner John Averis, owned by breeder Judy Averis with Dave Scawthorn.

And now, speaking of team Wornall, Woody and Chris Wornall are the breeders of Joe Gregory’s Toy Group winner, GCh. Crizwood’s Undeniable. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, better known as ‘Denny,’ is owned by Karen Ferrell and handled by Catrina Minnick. He was a multiple Group winner last year, and this was his second Group win for 2013.

Joe Gregory also judged the Herding Group, finding Australian Shepherd GCh. Woodstock’s Belle Starr as his winner. Handled by Megan Hof for breeder/owner Linda Buell, ‘Belle’ was Best of Winners at the 2011 National Specialty and was Best of Breed there this year. A multiple Group winner last year, Belle has climbed up the rankings to become the breed’s Number 1 bitch this year.

Australian Shepherd GCh. Woodstock’s Belle Starr is now an all-breed Best in Show winner, handled by Megan Hof.

Indeed, after the Sunday show in beautiful Carmel, Belle’s standing as Number 1 bitch may be secure for the year, as she was Best in Show, her first, from an entry of 1,162 under judge Allan Pepper. Only two dogs, Belle and Keeshond Ru Ru, had repeat Group wins on Sunday, Belle under Robert Shreve and the Keeshond under Anne Katona. Ru Ru was then selected Reserve BIS by Mr. Pepper.

Edd Bivin judged the Sporting Group, and his winner was English Springer Spaniel Ch. Segre’s Brown Derby, handled by Kelly Shane for breeder/owner Donna Larson and owner Jeannette Bruce. Fancy That first featured the Springer back on June 24 when he won the Group in Oregon. Besides his pedigree, which I covered in part last month, the interesting thing about this dog is that he’s not only a multiple Group winner, he also has Rally Advanced, Open Agility and Open Agility Jumpers titles and a Beginner Novice obedience title. Dogs with this kind of versatility give the dog sport a good name.

In the Hound Group, Joe Gregory’s first place choice was Ibizan Hound GCh. Harehill’s Ace In The Hole. Last time I covered ‘Jackie’ was when she won a big Hound Group on day four in Louisville back in March. Handled by Linda Mattson for owners Kiki and David Gindler, and Wendy Anderson, she was bred by Wendy and Kurt Anderson, and was Number 1 Ibizan Hound from 2009 through 2012. Jackie’s grandmother, Ch. Luxor’s Playmate of the Year, is probably the best remembered Ibizan of all time, a Number 1 Hound and Number 3 among all breeds in 2003 and winner of back-to-back Groups at the Garden, handled by Clint Livingston for owners Wendy Anderson and Caroline Woods and breeder/owners Glen Brand and Leslie Lucas.

Ibizan Hound ‘Bunny,’ Ch. Luxor’s Playmate of the Year, was unforgettable for nearly everyone who saw her. The 2003 Number 1 Hound and Number 3 among all breeds was handled by Clint Livingston for owners Wendy Anderson and Caroline Woods and breeder/owners Glen Brand and Leslie Lucas. Photo by John Ashbey.

Sunday’s Working Group winner, Akita GCh. Ruthdale’s Candy From a Baby, was introduced to Fancy That readers in mid-June when she won in Idaho and has been featured a time or two since. ‘Candy’ is handled by Laurie Fenner for owners Dick and Linda Stark. Before coming to the U.S., she was the youngest champion in breed history in the U.K., where she was bred by Matthew Bostock and Janet Armstrong, and Best of Breed and Group Third at Crufts in 2011. She’s currently the Number 1 Akita bitch in the U.S.

Scott Kellogg judged the Terrier Group. First place went to Colored Bull Terrier GCh. Soquel Millenium Seafarer, bred and owned by Gail Harlamoff and Naomi Waynee. His sire, Ch. Rhydaman Frosty, is a white dog bred in the Netherlands by Dennis and Nathalie Roelvink, and has spent some time in the U.S., and reportedly has sired champion offspring in several countries around the world. The brindle-and-white Seafarer, just 2 years old at the end of June, is a Specialty Best in Show winner (and records show that he earned many of his championship points with specialty wins), but this appears to be his first Group win. Perhaps we’ll see more of him in the future.

Brussels Griffon Ch. Starbeck Silken Starshine was the Number 1 Toy in the U.S. in 1988, handled by Michael Kemp.

In the Toy Group, judge Britta Roos-Börjeson’s winner was, like Saturday’s Terrier Group winner, owned by Felicia Cashin. Handled by Christian Rangel and Jenny Wornall-Rangel, Brussels Griffon Ch. Paragons Sharp Dressed Man at Greengates is co-owned by Mary Gale and his breeder, Kathy Fleener. ‘Sharpie,’ a red smooth Griffon, has had at least a half-dozen Best in Specialty Show wins this year, not to mention multiple Group Firsts. His sire, Ch. Homestead Archibald of Paragons, is a great-grandson of the unforgettable little English import Ch. Starbeck Silken Starshine. Griffon maven Marjorie Simon imported ‘Little Richard’ from England, and in 1988 he was America’s Number 1 Toy, handled by Michael Kemp and co-owned with Marjorie by Henry Odum. Then along came his son, the equally beautiful Ch. Treyacres Zorro, who, handled first by Michael and later by Scott Sommer for owners Steve and Jackie Fein and breeder Jacque Jones, became one of the top Toys of 1991. ‘Tom Tom’ lived out a long and happy life as Scott’s beloved house pet.

Ch. Treyacres Zorro, a son of Ch. Starbeck Silken Starshine bred by Jacque Jones, was among the nation’s top Toys in 1991. Photo by Missy Yuhl.

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