It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads my blog, Dog Show Poop, that I spend a lot of my time online. After spending two hours on the phone this morning with my new online pharmacy, I began to realize just how dependent I am on cyberspace. In addition to ordering all my medications online, I pay all my bills online, and do most of my shopping online. I did most of my Christmas shopping online this season, purchasing just three items at the mall. I bought all the fish and plants in my 60-gallon aquarium online. I have even purchased a car online.

I recently created a spreadsheet to keep track of all my critical online accounts. I stopped adding user names & passwords to the file after I tabulated some 40 online personas. I mean, Sally Field only had 13 personalities in “Sybil.” I’m not sure if this abnormal. It certainly is confusing. Probably the strangest result of my online presence is the dizzying array of products that are pitched to me by online retailers hoping to get a share of my disposable income. I bought a really neat, collapsible hand cart for the shows, and then I started getting ads for gym lockers, maybe because they were both aluminum? Probably the strangest offer was an underwater Christmas tree from my aquarium plant supplier, not exactly the element I was needing to complete my Amazon River biotope.

Most of us in the dog world have migrated to online support for all things doggy. I registered all five of my dogs online, bought my dog crates, grooming tables, and grooming tools online, and will only enter shows that offer online entries. I am a frequent visitor to the AKC’s online store to purchase a variety of reports and, of course, avail myself of every online site that reports show results..

All of this has left me with a paranoia about protecting my data. I have multiple backups of my personal accounts and doggy accounts scattered all over my and my mother’s homes. I have CDs, flash drives, cloud storage & redundant hard drives. I don’t think I will feel completely safe until I figure out Horcruxes.

Happily, from time to time, I get out to the shows for some interaction with flesh and blood creatures. Just don’t ask me to leave my smart phone at home. And that’s today’s Back Story.