A year has passed since this article originally appeared on Best In Show Daily. We thought it would be fun to look back at our revolutionary first year as we make plans to cover the dog sport for 2013.

This year marks a new beginning in communication for the dog show community. Best In Show Daily is the first truly online publication of its kind, delivering world-class content in a real multimedia format. We think it’s pretty revolutionary.

With a design that is fresh, lively and interactive, we pledge to bring you the news you’re looking for, at any time and wherever you may be. We’ve made access to dog show information simple to access through Facebook, Twitter feeds, custom apps, a daily newsletter and even our very own Blogosphere.

This sign welcomed exhibitors and handlers to the Best In Show Daily booth at the 2012 Kennel Club of Palm Springs dog shows. Photo by Dan Sayers.

Best In Show Daily plans to deliver the kind of well-researched journalism you deserve. We’ll cover the major marquee shows and provide you with coverage of your local favorites too. We’ll feature news on the legislative and veterinary fronts, as well as the kind of dog stories that warm the heart. We believe dogs make a difference in the world and we aim to represent all that is good about purebred dogs and the community that breeds, nurtures and shows them to perfection.

Best In Show Daily is the perfect platform for handlers and owners to showcase their dogs. Our Handler’s Series is without equal, providing unlimited capacity for photos and video of every dog being shown throughout the year. Judges and Kennel Clubs are featured too, with their very own directories that provide links to take viewers directly to their home pages. Constant contact has never been easier.

We’re looking forward to communicating with you too. Dan Sayers and Christi McDonald will be bringing you feature stories from the past and present, visiting the world’s most influential kennels and bringing you interviews with the dog people who are making a difference. Susan Chaney will cover performance events from agility to earthdog trials, and will be keeping you aware of the advances being made to improve canine health and welfare. Billy Wheeler will continue to bring you his very popular Dog Show Poop, but now he’s taking you behind the scenes with his latest blog, The Back Story, and DFR (Dogs Freakin’ Rule!) is Kayla Bertagnolli’s blog that will introduce you to some of the most important people in our sport, the Junior Handlers.

We want to thank you for visiting Best In Show Daily today. We look forward to getting to know you and we encourage you to share your thoughts with us too. After all, it is your community that we serve and we will do our very best to represent you.