While last year Genk broke its own record in a very spectacular way with 2133 entries, this year they lost more than 10 %, but still, 1900 entries can hardly be called a poor show.

The LKV has a good reputation. The 18 different nationalities prove this. 1023 Dogs came from Belgium, 391 from Holland, 187 from France and 197 from Germany. Besides that there were entries from Spain, Finland, Ireland, Russia and even from Mexico. Also her England has a nice entry with 33 dogs, presented by 23 exhibitors. It is clear that Belgium is top-favorite for UK exhibitors who want to win an overseas title. France is known for its chauvinistic policy towards judges and that makes it less popular for British exhibitors while Holland is much further away. And we have a reputation to give a fair chance for any good dog, no matter what country he comes from. And we have always a very international judges panel on offer and that was no different on this show. This International CACIB show had judges 21 judges from 10 different countries, only 10 of them came from Belgium, several of them to fill the gaps for certain breeds.

Mrs. Hectors Ingrid from Belgium had a nice entry on Saturday with 69 dogs. On Sunday she judged the Great Danes, 45 in total. Mr.Gerard Cox was invited from Ireland. He had 130 in total including 44 Chinese Cresteds and 24 Cairns. His partner Mrs.Laura Cox came with him. She had 112 dogs over the weekend. Her 21 Yorkshires are a good score. Mrs. Myriam Vermeire had 70 dogs on Saturday and 42 on Sunday. She had 32 Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Italy borrowed us Massimo Inzoli, good for 130 entries. On Sunday Mr Inzoli had 32 Staffordshires and 26 Bernese mountain dogs and a total of 93 dogs, the highest one day score of the show. Mrs. and Mr. Veiga came from Portugal, Gabriela judged the Poodles on Saturday along with 12 Piccolo Levriero Italiano, 69 dogs in total. Viktor judged both days and attracted 131 dogs to his ring. On Sunday he judged Hunting dogs from groups 7&8 including 24 Flat Coated Retrievers. Mr. Ruth Wagner from Luxemburg judged the Dachshunds on Sunday , a total of 66. On Saturday she had only 37 dogs to judge. 37 Border Collies and 36 Australian Shepherds and a few other breeds contributed to the nice final score of 73 entries for Mrs. Britt Siegstadt who came from as far as Denmark. Mrs.Linda Volarikova from Slovakia had 81 entries including a nice number of 53 Golden Retrievers. Czech Republic judge Mrs. Gabriela Ridarcikova had the best weekend score with 155 entries. On Saturday she had 82 dogs to judge, including 20 Shelties, 20 White Shepherd dogs and 26 Beardies. On Sunday she had 73 entries . She then had 33 Bulldogs and 24 Bullmastiffs. Mrs.Monique Van Brempt judged Shepherd and Companion breeds on Saturday and Guard dogs and a few Waterdogs on Sunday. As she had a lot of breeds as an allrounder she had a nice overall score of 126 dogs over the weekend.

Mr. Jos De Cuyper from Belgium was the Best In Show judge. He had 65 dogs on Saturday and 72 on Sunday, including 27 Westies. His 3rd place went to the whippet “Nelson of Gentle Mind” another dog from Mr.Delabelle from Belgium. Nelson was entered in open class, a two year old male bred in Germany. Twelve were entered for Mrs.Myriam Vermeire. Mrs.Gabriela Veiga was the Group judge. Nelson was the BIS of Gent earlier this year. The Lhasa Apso “Close to Perfection Next to You” from Mrs. Marion Radstok took the ResBIS cup back to Holland. Mrs. Ingrid Hectors gave the ticket for the main ring where Mr.Dirk Spruyt placed the dog first. This Dutch bred, 4 year old male, was entered in Champion Class and had 10 competitors to defeat before he could go the main ring. The Best In Show title went to the Bearded Collie “Beardie Connections Kenji” that we know from winning BIS in Brussels and Hoogstraten. No need to present him again. Mrs. Ridarcikova was the judge for the breed , while Mrs.Myriam Vermeire judged his group. All 3 winners were Saturday winners and had to come back for the finals.

President Mrs. Viviane Boesmans is worried for next year when she has to content herself with a CAC title only, while next year LKV celebrates it’s 35th edition of this show, and that is weird. The CACIB title is given next year to the Ambiorix trophy. But this anniversary is an excellent opportunity not to miss. I am very confident that there will be hardly a significant difference except for the title itself. We can expect interesting judges and a well organized show. Don’t miss it as it is very early in the year on 10 and 11 of January.


category: Best in show
judge: Mr. Jos De Cuyper (Belgium)

1. Bearded Collie

“Beardie Connections Kenji” Otto Rinus Netherlands
2. Lhasa Apso

“Close to Perfection Next to you Marion Radstok Netherlands
3. Whippet

“Nelson of Gentle Mind Dominique Delabelle Belgium

category: Couples Saturday
judge: Mevr. Ruth Wagner (Luxembourg)
1. Bouvier des Flandres “Belordeal Louwik & Belordeal Leonore – Patrick Buysse & Peter Aerts Belgium
2. Bichon Frise Royal Frise jack Fendi & Charharra Made N Oz foNadina Marga Bax Netherlands
3. Chinese Crested Dog Powder Puff veil coat Eagle eyed angels Master of Puppets &More than a Feeling Arlette Loyens Belgium

category: Couples Sunday
judge: Mevr. Ingrid Hectors (Belgium)
1. Scottish Terrier Verascott Highland king Christine Hovagimyan France
2. Great Dane black Kopain van de Waterwinning & Ma Belle Matisse Wendy Relik – Van Rompaey Belgium
3. Tibetan Mastiff Nandari’s Hridayesh & Amaruq-chimo Dhangadi Petra & Andreas Beierle – Dubiel Germany

category: Group I
judge: Mevr. Myriam Vermeire (Belgium)
1. Bearded Collie

Beardie Connections Kenji Otto Rinus Netherlands
2. Bouvier des Flandres Belordeal Louwik Peter Aerts Belgium
3. Bobtail Kokochanel aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal Chris Van Beirendonck – Lembrechts Belgium
category: Group II
judge: Mevr. Myriam Vermeire (Belgium)
1. Bordeaux dog

“Emberez the Big I am Nik & Bart Burnikkel – De Croo Belgium
2. Great Dane harlequin Brisseida Enid Von Haus Das Freud Roger & Josiane Vanstraelen – Leenen
3. Shar Pei Jade East First we take Manhattan – Esmee Anders – Nijholt – Minne Netherlands

category: Group III
judge: Mr. Gerard Cox (Ireland)
1. Welsh Terrier

Kate of the Southern Point Mat Smeets Netherlands
2. Border Terrier “Meadowlake in Vino Veritas W. L. M. Bijnen – Guns ( Netherlands
3. Bull Terrier “Black Domina Identity” Patrick Zbukariw Belgium

category: Group IV
judge: Mrs. Ruth Wagner (Luxembourg)
1. Teckel Standard smooth-haired

Lorelei van de Hereheide Silke Theunis Belgium
2. Teckel Standard wire-haired Goldfee Clemens Doornenbal Netherlands
3. Teckel miniature smooth-haired “Desperate Dan Vom Brendelstein FCI Artur Lewantowitsch Germany

category: Group IX
ge: Mr. Dirk Spruyt (Belgium)
1. Lhasa Apso

Close to Perfection Next to you Marion Radstok Netherlands
2. Medium size Poodle white-black-brown “Sim-Son’s Dahab Magdalena Novakova ( Czech Republic
3. Tibetan Terrier Nomechan Farhan-Lamleh Sylvain Cuvillier & Lequain France

category: Group V
judge: Mevr. Liliane De Ridder – Onghena (Belgium)
1. Finnish Spitz

Kunniakas Look No further for Whittimere R. Greaves United Kingdom
2. Akita Melodor Heart of Gold Chris Mclean United Kingdom
3. Pharaoh Hound Vaskurs Will turner Qonjacson Julia Sieger Germany

category: Group VI
judge: Mrs. Sviatlana Radziuk
1. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Ringerike African Safari Girl Elisabeth Dusbaba Netherlands
2. Bloodhound Hector of Lufon Royal Pride Alfons De Vadder – Van Buggenhoout (n Belgium
3. Dalmatian Anmadeke’s All over the World Christel Beeres – Kwast Netherlands

category: Group VII
judge: Mr. Viktor Veiga (Portugal)
1. English Pointer

Seasyde she sells seashells by the weimpoint Shore” Edwin & Kristina Lenaerts Belgium
2. Gordon Setter “King of the Beautiful Darkness” Manuela Weber Germany
3. Irish Red Setter “Flannan’s Amore” Jean & Hermine Smits – Van Riel Belgium

category: Group VIII
judge: Mrs. Linda Volarikova (Slovakia)
1. Clumber Spaniel

“Korneel van de Hompele pomp” Johan & Ingrid Vandeborg – Vanormelingen Belgium
2. Spanish Waterdog “Valentisimo’s Triana” Cindy & Natalie Lambregts – Van Der Wolf Belgium
3. English Cocker Spaniel other colours Cockergold Dance to the Music” – Laura Loeve Netherlands
category: Group X
judge: Mrs. Gabriela Veiga (Portugal)
1. Whippet

Nelson of Gentle Mind Dominique Delabelle Belgium
2. Borzoi Chyerdak Kashmir Deborah Soete Belgium
3. Irish Wolfhound Kilmara of First Avenue Janssens Gary Belgium

category: Groups Saturday
judge: Mevr. Laura Cox (Ireland)
1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jacques Arnold
2. medium size Spitz brown or black Bazin Deckmyn Maryse France
3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

category: Groups Sunday
judge: Mevr. Ingrid Hectors (Belgium)
1. Newfoundland Michael & Sandra Moeraert – De Fre Belgium
2. Scottish Terrier – Christine Hovagimyan France
3. Border Terrier Darren Lockley United Kingdom

category: Junior Handling Saturday
judge: Mr. Roger Dictus (Belgium)
1. Janssens Evelien
2. Kathleen De Herdt
3. Jolien Van Houtven

category: Junior Handling Zondag
judge: Mr. Dirk Spruyt (Belgium)
1. Jolien Van Houtven
2. Katinka Stotijn
3. Kathleen De Herdt

category: Junior Saturday
judge: Mrs. Britt Siegstadt (Denmark)
1. Afghan Hound Niji Kahani a Dose of Ligth Renate Soegaard Denmark
2. Standard Poodle white-black-brown “Bar-None Lock and Load” Guido & Gonda Goukens – Moons Belgium
3. Lhasa Apso Chic Choix Panthera Corbetti Jessica Geraerts Belgium

category: Junior Sunday
judge: Mevr. Liliane De Ridder – Onghena (Belgium)
1. Newfoundland New Angels Magic Girl – Didier Haeck – Dhyne Belgium
2. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever “Duckinson Iliade” Julie Pieron Belgium
3. Scottish Terrier Gaterin Let’s Rhumba Maureen & Didier Tyzack – Heuze France

category: Miscellaneous Class Babies Saturday
judge: Mr. Dimitri Van Raamsdonk (Belgium)
1. Akita American Triumph Naked Gun Nancy Daponte Belgium
2. Alaskan Malamute “Kinuk’s Nirvana Senay Usta Belgium
3. Australian Shepherd “Some Kind of Magic’s Night Train to Memphis” Debby & Natascha Michielsen – Wagenaar Belgium

category: Miscellaneous Class Babies Sunday
judge: Mrs. Gabriela Ridarcikova (Slovakia)
1. English Pointer Weimpoint No Angel Paula & Alexandra Park
2. American Staffordshire Terrier Daddy’s Big Boys Neymar Da Silva Priscilla Traets Belgium
3. Golden Retriever “New Wave ter Rode Poort Martine Van Huele – Depuydt Belgium

category: Puppies Saturday
judge: Mr. Massimo Inzoli (Italy)
1. Miniature Poodle white-black-brown “Airy Arabeska Spicer” Sebastian Witters Belgium
2. Siberian Husky “Full Monty of Siberian Lady” Sebastien & Cindy Garcia France
3. Akita “Melodor Obsession” Nancy Daponte Belgium

category: Puppies Sunday
judge: Mr. Joël Vanlerberghe (Belgium)
1. Cairn Terrier Noega from Amazing Twister A. G. Savelkoul – Peters Netherlands
2. Bernese Mountain Dog Kinelarty Benvenuto Bjorn Sally & Philipp Murphy
3. Shar Pei Jade East Another Suitcase in Another Hall Esmee Anders – Nijholt – Minne Netherlands

category: Veterans Saturday
judge: Mevr. Mariette Vanherle – Stevens (Belgium)
1. Shih Tzu “Aga’s A Dream Come True” Dorien Van Slycken Belgium
2. Samoyed “Dutch Prince of Yoshi and us” Stana Hruskova Netherlands
3. Schapendoes “M. Ch. Casar van Dolle Doezenpret” Norbert Stevens Belgium

category: Veterans Sunday
judge: Mevr. Mariette Vanherle – Stevens (Belgium)
1. German Wire-haired Pointing Dog “Brax van Bernardo” Toorré – Boen Daisy Belgium
2. Zwergschnauzer pepper and salt Jerry-Lee Vom Plenzenbusch – Ute Hester Germany
3. Labrador Retriever “Penara American Rebel” – E.M. Van Nimwegen Netherlands