The 2012 GRCA National Specialty – St. Louis, MO


The Golden Retriever Club of Greater St. Louis presents:

Golden Retriever National 2012:


Reserve Winners Dog
Oak Lane’s Gimme Some Lovin’ At Goldenstar


Winners' Dog
Rush Hill's Drama'Geddon


Best Jr. Handler
Megan Honari
GCH Valor's Jack Of All Trades At Tristar CD RE JH WCX Retriever


Puppy Dog Sweeps: 9-12 Months
1st Place: Starfire's Hoosier Daddy
2nd Place: Nautilus Keystone
3rd Place: Emery's The Verdict Is In
4th Place: Heritage Congfetti Caribbean Beach Party


Puppy Dog Sweeps: 15-18 Months
1st Place: Rush Hill's Klasique Patriot Games
2nd Place: Sweetgold Mr Wonderful
3rd Place: Toasty's Treasure Cove
4th Place: Forum's Chairman Of The Bordeaux


Puppy Dog Sweeps: 12-15 Months
1st Place: Sandpiper's Let Feedom Ring
2nd Place: Docmar's Ewe 'Da Man
3rd Place: Rio D'oro Three Spirit
4th Place: Verdoro's Seize The Day


Puppy Dog Sweeps: 6-9 Months
1st Place: Tempo-Razzel-Wyndehill Solo Home Run
2nd Place: Chatham's Four Star General
3rd Place: Creeksdefrm's Game Of Thornes
4th Place: Heartland Mardi Gras Gumbo


Puppy Bitch Sweeps: 12-18 Months
1st Place: Sandpiper's Rock Star
2nd Place: Docmar's Just Don't Give A D'Amn
3rd Place: Docmar Just Comes Natural At Riodoro
4th Place: Katmar's Royal Ride


Puppy Bitch Sweeps: 12-15 Months
1st Place: Brio Skye Good Gracious It's Hot
2nd Place: Ridgeview 'N Snobird Dreams Take Flight
3rd Place: Hytree Working 9-5
4th Place: Heartland South Pacific


Puppy Bitch Sweeps: 9-12 Months
1st Place: Friday's Better Than Ex
2nd Place: Emery's The Perfect Ten
3rd Place: Golden Clover's I Wanna Dream Of Sweet Angel Kisses
4th Place: Wylwind Until Saturday


Puppy Bitch Sweeps: 6-9 Months
1st Place: Creeksidefrm's Quenn Of Hearts
2nd Place: My Buddy's on Fire 'N Ice
3rd Place: Faera Confetti Hytree A Family Affair
4th Place: Tamarack Call Me Buttercup


Photos by Kayla Bertagnolli