So, today I thought I would present you with one of the dog show world’s lighter topics. That’s right, we’re going to talk about hair. Your hair!

Our dogs are not the only one’s in the ring with hair, you know. In fact, some people say that our very own hair, if “groomed” the wrong way, can be distracting and cause us to lose focus on our dogs. This is not much of a problem for the guys, but the ladies definitely have more hair to work with!

A question that I hear coming up constantly in conversation is, “Does your hair style affect the way you are judged?” Everybody’s answer is usually, “Yes.” but some people say, “No, it has absolutely no effect.” So which is it? Yes, or no…?

Juniors and Hair

The group most commonly asking this question is the Junior Showmanship and younger crowd. If one of the purposes of Junior Showmanship is to better your knowledge in the dog show world and to learn skillful presentation, does this include learning how to do your own hair correctly, especially at a younger age? If your hair is all over the place, you’re probably more likely to be messing around with it instead of paying attention to your dog. From my own experiences in juniors – and from talking to a few people currently competing – I’ve gathered that, overall, the best thing to do (for girls anyway, sorry guys) is to keep it simple, clean and, most importantly, out of your face!

Hair styles that I’ve seen and agree with are: the classic tight pony tail; the French braid;,and the double ponytail. Another style to play around with is the front-French-braid. It’s probably one of the fastest ways to get your hair out of your face. Plus it’s cute!

Remember, you don’t need a flashy hairstyle to impress the judge. You need to handle and care about your dog in order to catch the judge’s attention!

Meeting In The Middle

Obviously, we all do our hair so that it’s comfortable for us, but sometimes we have to make a few tweaks here and there for the show ring. So what’s the difference between our everyday hairstyle and our “show style?”

Personally, I like to wear my hair down almost every day. Through my experiences in the ring, however, I’ve learned that at shows, my best option is to get over the fact that I hate wearing my hair up and just do it! Not only to look more professional, but for my “hair-safety” as well. The last thing I want is for my hair to get caught on something crazy, like a dremel!

Meeting in the middle – between my desired hair style and one that works best when I’m working – is something I’m willing to do.

For The Guys

Okay, lets face it. In general, guys have it so easy when it comes to their hair! I mean, what does it take, 5-10 minutes to do your hair?

There’s just one thing I would suggest: the cleaner your hair, the better, This goes for your facial hair as well, unless you’re sporting a mustache for Mustache March.  Other than that, if you guys have any input on the subject, I wanna hear it!

Grooming is important, for you and for your dogs. Just remember that through the good hair days and the bad, our dogs should be the main focus in and out of the ring.

I want to know everyone’s thoughts on this, so leave me a comment below! Let me know your favorite hair style for showing, what’s worked for you and what hasn’t!

Don’t forget… Dogs Freakin’ Rule, and our hair can too!!!