Happy New Year Everyone from The Krew. This week’s column will have suggestions for staying tidy through heat cycles, keeping food & supplements organized, and since all New Year’s have resolutions for better health, special supplements for your pooch and a topic, we cannot say enough about poop bags. We obsess, but then, we are good Canine Citizens. Be sure to read to the end for an exciting offer from Best In Show Daily.

Roving Woolens ($166.00)
problem: one of the girls is in season, but isolation/crating all-day isn’t an option.

The Krew is majority female save for the lone worshipped male, and, the intact bitches (down to 2!) come into season like clockwork every six months. Then days of inconsolable males and the bitches are either finicky drama queens or don’t skip a beat. And, then there’s the mess. The Krew is always underfoot and we like it that way. But, how to keep everything clean?

Roving Woolens are hand-dyed, 100% wool pet blankets

Solution: Roving Woolens. A little on the pricey side for a throw, but it’s one of the few 100% guaranteed ways I have found that offers good “leak” protection for furniture & super-simple to clean. It’s washable, traps dirt, protects against nicks and scratches, non-moving. The Krew – busy as they are! – jump off and on, at all different angles and and it remains in place, protecting the furniture.

Cleverly vintage styled, Roving Woolens are hand-dyed, 100% wool pet blankets for home, car, or travel measuring approximately 31½ × 58 inches. A wide a variety of colors and patterns coordinate with many décors. Each throw individually hand-dyed, making each unique. Hand-wash, cold water, lay flat to dry, and as long as there is sun, it will dry.

SurfCity BitchWear ($15-$37.00)
problem: what to wear while in season and out on the town?
Solution: BitchWear
Founded by fellow show fanciers & Santa Ana Valley Kennel Club Members Dean and Felicia Langwiser – who have Champion Weimaraner’s – SurfCity BitchWear is what my girls wear. These are made-to-measure to ensure a good fit & no leaks, or slipping.
Felicia started the company with the philosophy “I care what my bitches wear.”

SurfCity Bitch Wear

These are made-to-order custom garments. If you’re local to SurfCity, they will measure your dogs, or you can use their easy-to-follow instructions. SurfCity has many sizes, colors, fabrics and designs to choose from for both males and females, tails and tailless, and snug for various lengths depending on space between the hips and ribs, as well as hip width. SurfCity will even chase down special patterns, like our Miami Dolphins set. All three have stood the test of time, and they fit all my girls. I wash normally, and hang out to dry.

Petprojekt, a Division of Otomik Products, Inc ($14-$18.00)
problem: lots of mouths to feed and with different nutritional needs.
The Krew eats a lot o’kibble and with the different servings, additions and supplements based on age, diet and health, it can be challenging unless the bowls are clearly marked.

Solution: PetProjekt’s fanciful, modern, translucent colored feeding bowls. Offered in two sizes large & small and six colors. Non-messy, easy to clean, and stackable. Dogbol’s are made from FDA Approved Food Grade Materials!

PetProjekt’s fanciful, modern, translucent colored feeding bowls

•100% polycarbonate dog bowl
•extremely durable
•resistant to retaining odors
•resistant to staining
•rubber feet to prevent sliding
•dishwasher safe
•Phthalate Free
•DEHP Free
•Won’t Rust or Oxidize

Their feeding line includes a two-sided Dogmat that prevents food & water spills, is non-slip floor gripping, durable, dishwasher safe and Phthalate & BPA free. Their Bloat Blocker that suctions to the bottom of all standard bowls, helps prevent bloat, made of food grade materials and Dishwasher safe.

They also offer a complete line of toys, fragrances, leashes and throws . Check it out!

BiologicVET ($25.99 on average)
Problem: supplements for dogs with a variety of needs
Solution: Canada’s BiologicVET has a complete line of supplements targeting 7 different aspects of your dog’s health: BioFAT, BioVITES, BioSENIOR, BioSPORT, BioSLIM, BioJOINT and BioSKIN&COAT. The Krew uses BioFATS, BioVITES & BioJOINT.

BiologicVET Products

The Krew loves oils. We used to give olive oil & bacon grease to develop sleek coats, nice but a little messy & not always easily stored. Now, we use BioFATS, an Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acid Supplement. Targeting your dogs healthy skin, coat, heart and aging this is a great addition to any dogs diet. Easy to use with a simple pump.

The BioVITES are a multi-faceted supplement, featuring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for normalized digestion, absorption and metabolism that are important for immune function and general health. Having an active breed with lots of bone and muscle, support for joint mobility, function and connective tissue gets noticed at the Kompound. Each scoop provides 200 mg of glucosamine, 200 mgs of MSM, 80 mgs of chondroitin (80 mg), Vitamin C and Grapeseed.

The line is a science based design of carefully combined vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, immune fuels, digestive enzymes that provide gastrointestinal lining support with specific attention to canine metabolic needs. AND features no artificial flavors/colors, preservatives or binders. You can order them online or look at your local Mom & Pop pet stores.

Port-a-poo’s dog waste carrier products.

Port-A-Poo ($9.95)
problem: how to easily pick-up poop & not have to carry it around?
Solution: Port-a-poo’s dog waste carrier products.

The civilians are so innovative! They make cute dog stuff. Take Port-A-Poo’s designers, foster failures with seven rescue Beagles and one Lab! Instead of continuing to adopt dogs, the owners wanted to raise funds for all rescues with a “necessary” product. They developed a unique dog waste carrier product. Hands free and a sanitary solution to carrying your dog’s results while on a walk. You simply connect it to your leash, flip open the latch and lay the collected poop bag across the teeth and snap it shut. No more holding your dogs waste while on a walk! A fabulous array of colors (red, pink, blue, black and purple) in two sizes, this is a cute way to avoid searching around for a disposal with you dogs last meal in your hand.

Have a Happy New Year!

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