“Guilty as charged….” Aren’t we all? As dog fanciers, we seem to be on the road constantly, moving in and out of our so-called “normal lives.” Unfortunately, as we travel around we seem to get into this habit of snacking and munching on all sorts of goodies. Wait, did I say “unfortunately?”… Ha ha! Well, after even a few trips, improper eating habits start to take a negative toll on the body.

Obviously, we already know this, but I’m hoping we can take a moment to look deeper into the importance of eating properly. Let me give you some fast and easy ideas!

Typically, our main source of “nutrition” while on the road is fast food. Well let’s be honest, how nutritional is fast food? Most fast food is filled with unhealthy fats, lots of calories, and not much valuable nutrition. Plus, eating junk food for a couple of days can leave you feeling fatigued, cranky, and even gives you a stomachache. By choosing your snacks wisely, what may seem like an everlasting drive to the next show can make you feel not only more alert, but happy and healthy too!

Luckily for us dog show travelers, we generally keep a cooler somewhere in our vehicle. Let’s keep in mind to use this not only for our doggy goods, but also for some goodies for us as well! Top choices include: fresh cut fruit, cheese (for daily calcium), yogurt, hard-boiled eggs and, of course, WATER! Other on-the-go snacks that are quick, easy and good for you (that may also last more then one weekend) are nuts (or a tasty trail mix), pretzels and nutrition bars.

I think we all know how it is when we go to a show. Around lunchtime we realize, “Hmmm, what am I going to eat?” Then we head over to the vendor area where our options include things such as sugar-filled drinks and funnel cakes, etc. (tempting…) Now, I’m not going to lie. Sometimes you just need to fulfill that craving, but after a few weekends this can get old! So with a little willpower and pre-packed goodies, these tempting not so healthy foods will not seem so appealing.

For anyone involved in your local kennel club, you can make your show extra special, healthy and fun. Something we have been seeing more and more from different kennel clubs is a healthy variety of refreshments during Group time. Nothing could be better than going to Groups to find a fresh fruit table or some hot soup!

So if you find it hard to keep track of your diet/healthy eating plan while you’re traveling, just remember these quick and easy tips whenever hunger strikes!

Don’t forget, most importantly DFR (Dogs Freakin’ Rule), my friends!!!!