Welcome everyone to our inaugural edition of Best In Show Daily Magazine. For the last four years, Best In Show Daily has grown from a community in single digits to now the largest multi-channel, multimedia, online-only publication covering the world of purebred dogs with in-depth coverage of shows, performance events, health, politics, and essays from much loved writers, like Laura Reeves & Rhoda Springer.

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This month’s debut includes several exciting articles, starting with interviews with Jennifer Kofron and Amanda & Vito Ciaravino. Jennifer Kofron, known for her Sun Devil Curlies, shares her interests, mentors and guiding principles for breeding dogs that can hit all the marks whether in a show ring, performance events, hunting or as a much loved pet. Amanda and Vito share one of their career highlights. If you love to keep up on health topics, have a Newfoundland and worry about the PICALM gene or own a breed that’s susceptible to SAS, you’ll want to read this month’s health article to learn about the current competing research studies that are creating some controversy. Finally, one of our community’s most loved editors, Rhoda Springer, writes up with great warmth and passion why we go to the Nationals.

Best In Show Daily Magazine will publish monthly, joining the other Best In Show Daily products, BISDfresh, Best In Show Daily Newsletters, our lively social media channels, and our website. However you want to keep informed, we have the online solution for you.

I’ll be here championing the cause of purebred dogs as I have for most of my career. If we haven’t met, I’ll share a bit of my background: I have over 70 champions in beagles, foxhounds, and cocker spaniels. I have only beagles now and my home is full of laughter with adult kids,dogs and parrots. I hope you find our articles engaging, enjoy our selection of beautiful dogs for this month. Drop us a note, we’d love to hear from you.

Leah Bertagnolli
Editor in Chief