GCH CH Pleasant Hill Magnum Of Samara

GCH CH Pleasant Hill Magnum Of Samara

We have results in from 28 of the 29 all-breed shows this past weekend… The Coronado Kennel Club of New Mexico still has a show under way today in Albuquerque… and once again we have a handful of ranked dogs posting BIS wins and a healthy Group of first-timers as well. The entries this weekend were much smaller than during the last two weeks with Saturday’s New Mexico show being the only show to pay out more than a 1,000 points. Here are the wins that caught my eye.

The country’s Number Three Dog, the Miniature Pinscher, GCH CH Classic Red Glare, only recently broke the breed record for most BIS wins. This week she was in Perry GA and tossed off the hat trick, going three out of four, raising the record to 79 and her 2013 take to 25, the most by any dog this year. We will have to wait for the final numbers to come in before we can tell you if the three wins were good enough to put Classie back in the Number Two position.

Our Number One Dog, the Wire Fox Terrier, GCH CH AfterAll Painting the Sky, picked up a single BIS, but it was the biggest of the week, Saturday’s Rio Grande Kennel Club show. The Number Two Dog, the Portuguese Water Dog, GCH CH Claircreek Impression de Matisse, also picked up a BIS at the Chester Valley Kennel Club’s opener in Ludwig’s Corner PA, but will likely lose some ground since the New Mexico shows are about twice the size of the Pennsylvania shows.

 Last week I wrote about the breeds that are overdue a Best In Show. Among the breeds I mentioned was the Field Spaniel. I am delighted to report that the Field Spaniel, GCH CH Promenade Pay It Forward, collected his first big rosette yesterday at the Santa Cruz Kennel Club show in Woodland CA. Congratulations to breeder/owner Jane Kellar Schildman, co-breeder William Schildman, owners Jane Chopson & Nicki Kuhn, and handler Laurie Jordan-Fenner. 

I did not mention the Canaan Dog as overdue for a BIS in that post because the Canaan Dog, GCH CH Pleasant Hill Magnum Of Samara, did pick up all-breed Bests in 2011 & 2010. The 5-year-old added his career third on Sunday in Southern California at the Apple Valley Kennel Club show in Victorville. Mag is the only Canaan Dog to win a BIS in the last five seasons. Congratulations to breeder Donna Dodson, owner Pamela Stacey Rosman and handler Tara Schultz.

 Finally, I wrote earlier about the Ruby & King Charles English Toy Spaniel, GCH CH LTO Prosperity, who had gone three for four in Grove OK last month, a feat unheard of in the breed. Prosperity and handler Jeff Wright picked up their sixth big rosette for this year on Saturday in Topeka KS.

The year remains very competitive. Check back with us here on Best In Show Daily and on my site, Dog Show Poop for all the details on the show scene. And that’s today’s Back Story.