Best In Show Daily is pleased to publish the next installment of Junior Handlers’ Edition, our newest publication dedicated exclusively to Juniors. JHE will publish weekly and highlight different Juniors from around the Country and the World. Each week, we’ll select six accomplished Juniors, letting them tell in their own words & own formats what makes them “tick”. Our next group of Juniors is another great group working hard to master their craft and making positive contributions to the Sport & their communities. We think you’ll enjoy their insights & perspectives. JHE is very special to us and we hope to you as well. Join us as we salute the future of our sport, the Juniors.

Samantha Niemeck

Hello, everyone! My name is Samantha Niemeck daughter of January and William Niemeck, and I have been showing dogs since the age of seven. Now, I am eighteen and have officially aged out of Juniors as of April! I have shown many breeds for many handlers, but my heart belongs to Belgian Sheepdogs. I received my first Belgian from Laura Patton who whelped a litter on December 25, 2004. It was a Christmas miracle when I got GCH. Laraless Xmas Nights Comet CGC (Comet). Comet was out of GCH.Liswyn Kosmopalitan (Brinker) and Ch.Laralees Heaven Sent (Angel) R.N.,P.T.,O.A.J.,N.F. I finished Comet around the time he turned sixteen months and have put many breeds and group placements on him as well as his Grand. I finished my first bitch Belgian, Ch. Mikas Fleur de Lis Marmyth (Lily), whom I’ve also trained on my own and have gotten many best juniors on! Also, I received three best juniors on Star Bayous Mad King Voodoo (Kingston) who was sired by Comet. Laralees Make Me Smartie Lena (Smartie) is Kingston’s mother. I won Best Junior Handler at our Nationals that were held in Maryland, Wisconsin, Texas, and Pennsylvania! I was ranked number One Belgian Sheepdog Junior Handler for five years in a row. I have qualified for Eukanuba and Westminster every year and made the cut at Westminster in 2009, but was unable to attend the other years due to conflicts.

Without Comet, I wouldn’t have been the Junior or the person I am today. Sadly, Comet was diagnosed with Cancer in 2013 and passed away on July 26. My Comet was gone so I figured the dog shows were to be gone as well. My mentors and friends on the other hand, disagreed.

A couple of weeks later and I was back to showing again. Boxers, Collies, Papillons, Boston Terriers, anything anyone could hand me. In August, I attended a show in Monroe, Louisiana where one of our Belgian Sheepdog Specialties had been held and was given the opportunity to show, GCH.Cibolas Brazos De Dios of Adagio, Brazos, with Melinda Andric of Cibolas Belgians. After attending more shows with Brazos, we finally clicked! Winning Best Juniors, Best of Breeds, and a group one in Pensacola, Florida! We qualified for Westminster 2014 in Juniors and breed and decided that was our next stop. With the support of our Belgian Sheepdog friends along with Mrs.Melinda, who I greatly appreciate and am thankful for letting me show such an amazing dog, we won Best of Breed at the Garden! Ranking Brazos as the number one Belgian Sheepdog! At seventeen, I never thought such a dream could come true in a short lifetime. After Westminster, I kept up with Brazos by traveling to many more shows and getting his bronze. I’m currently showing Smooth and Rough Collies for my dear friend, Lise Champlain of Moonwind Collies, and am glad to have finished her two dogs, Ch.Moonwind Mistaken Identity “Yummy” and Ch. Moonwind Mad About You “Maddox”. So many more puppies I’ll be looking forward to show for this amazing woman!

Since I am aged out and now working for professional handlers, I’d like to announce that I will be taking the time to get my Juniors Judging License. I’d love to watch our future generations grow more fond of the sport, as I have done myself, and will be fully committed to show our future handlers what it’s all about in the dog showing world!

I’d like to thank the following friends who I now call my family that have been there for me every step of the way: Melinda Andric of Cibolas Belgians, Lise Chaplain of Moonwind Collies, Lisa Leffingwell of Liswyn Belgians, Kathy Sutton of Mika Belgians, Marcy Spaulding of Marmyth Belgians, Laura Patton of Laralees Belgians, Pat Randall, Tina Starr of Ivylane Boxers and Boston Terriers, Sherry Hanley, Elly McCarthy, Betty Pat Goddard, Lisa Goddard, Dottie Lee, Brian Leonard, and so many other Belgian Sheepdog friends that have been supportive of my accomplishments. Thank you to all the Judges I’ve ever showed under in Juniors and thank you to everyone who has been friendly and amazingly helpful to me in this delightful environment with such beautiful dogs!

Matthew Fox

Hello, I am Matthew Fox, I am 14 years old and have been showing for about a 1 1/2 now, I have Shetland Sheepdogs and Irish Setters, I currently show Irish Setters, and have wins in breed and Juniors with my current setter, Quailfield’s Irish Roustabout (pointed) “Rowdy”. I co-own him with his breeder and one of my mentors Patricia Nagel of Quailfield Irish Setters, I would not be whereI am today with showing dogs without her. My Juniors career began with Carol Hopkins of Stardancer Shelties. I fell in love with dogs when I met her and was given my first sheltie Stardancer’s Twist and Shout CGC “Magic” (only needs one more leg for his BN). I currently have a new puppy that I bred thatI am keeping for a show/performance hopeful FoxTrail’s Buddy Baby Beluga in Deep White Snow “Buddy”, from our “Snow” litter.

I plan to continue show both breeds, and breed both, I hope to come a professional handler one day. I also have my 5 class wins for Eukanuba! I want to thank my family, friends, Judges and all the people that have helped me along the way and continue to help me.


Mitchell Fox

Hello, I am Mitchell Fox, I show Shelties and Irish Setters, I am 14 years old and have been showing for 1 1/2, I do it along with my brother, Matthew and mom. My mentors are Patricia Nagel, Quailfield Irish Setters and Carol Hopkins, Stardancer Shetland Sheepdogs. I have been showing CH RedRidge’s Secret Agent of Justice “Disco” in breed and Juniors, so far having 17 Grand Champion points, and only needing one more class win for Eukanuba.


I co-own Disco with Pat Nagel, and I plan breeding my sheltie bitch early next year. I plan to become a professional handler one day, and continue with my two favorite breeds. I want to thank everyone that has supported me in the Juniors and Breed Rings, my family, my brother, Patricia Nagel, Carol Hopkins and my friend.

Shanaea Vanderpol

Hi, I am Shanaea Vanderpol and I just won Best Junior at the Weimaraner National! I have been Showing dogs my whole life when I started out with Siberians. About a year ago I got my first Weimaraner, Cheyenne’s What Goes Around, Comes
Around, when he was four months old. His first show was in August and he finished his Championship in five shows and then went on to do the same with his Grand. The experience has been a blessing. Dog showing in General has giving me numerous experience around the country, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Thank you to all my friends and family for supporting me for all these years.

I have so many wonderful mentors, but my first and best is my grandma, Pam Dunn. Besides being the perfect Grandma, she has been my mentor in dogs since I was a kid. She has taken me to so many shows, and really has created the person I am today. She started me with Siberians. In the Weim world, Christine Trujillo is my mentor. She bred my boy Jett and gave me the experience of a lifetime by taking me to California.

First Dog: I’ve owned several Siberians that I could call all my firsts. But I would say that my Golden Retriever Buddy, would be my true first dog, my heart dog. I got him when I was nine and he has taught me things no human ever could. He is also my certified service dog as I am a diabetic.

My future plans are forming, I do plan to go to college of course, but I am not too sure what to major in yet. I will always stay in the sport of dogs though. Favorites besides my Grandmother and dogs: my favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s or maybe Best in Show;)) ; favorite book: Merle’s door; my music runs wide: I literally can listen to and love just about everything… I have a very large variety:)

I work very hard to be able to fund my trips to dog shows. I also am on my five time state champion dance team at school:)

I challenge myself everyday to persevere and try to better myself in everything I do.
My favorite moments would include being named the Number 1 Siberian handler, the Number Nine Golden retriever handler, as well as the day my Golden got his first point. Yet another would be when my Weim took BISS at 16 months old:)

Oh I am 16 and show in Open Senior.

Allison Berenbrock

My name is Allison Berenbrock. I am 10 years old. I love to show in classes and Junior Handling. My dad inspired me to start showing Bulldogs and now it is my life! I started showing Stormy less than a year ago and I put a Grand Championship on her in June. We won Best Junior at the Bulldog Club of America Nationals in November, 2013. My family and friends are very proud of Stormy and I! I am very excited to go to Eukanuba this coming December.

This weekend, I’m at the Milwaukee Specialty Show. I go to Appleview Elementary in Sparta Michigan and will be going into 5th Grade. I love to watch other handlers. My two biggest mentors are my dad and Dennis O’Connor.

Allison’s dream is to become a professional handler like Dennis when I grow up. Mom says I talk about it all the time! I love Christian music. My favorite book has to be the Bulldogger!! I have am very excited when it comes in the mail. Other than that book – I enjoy hanging out with friends and family. I like to stay busy! I don’t like to sit still!! Not long enough to read big books! I Love shows on the Disney Channel when I finally sit down.

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