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Anastasia Lobachova

Hello. My name is Anastasia Lobachova ,I’m 17 years and a JH from Latvia. My very first show was in Latvian city Daugavpils where I won 4th place in JH competition.

I started with miniature schnauzers, after came riesenschnauzers,schnauzers, german shepherds. Since 2004, I have been visited Lithuania, Latvian, Belorusse, Estonian, Russian shows. My next my show is WDS in Helsinki. In future I want to be a dog show judge and owner of schnauzer kennel. I wish to everyone good luck in your shows!

Lillie Ellis

Hello, my name is Lilly Ellis, I live in Santa Cruz California, and I am 11 years old. My first dog was a rescued Greyhound my parents adopted before I was born, and I lived with “Peekaboo” for the first 8 years of my life. I started going to dog shows when I was 7 years old to help our family friend, Robyn LaCourse. She helped me show my first Akita in Junior Showmanship at 7 at an International Dog Show, and the judge was Juliann Bitter. Juliann was very nice and helpful, and showed me what to do in the ring, and how to practice outside the ring. Juliann has continued to help me, and it is fun to see her at most of the AKC shows I go to.

When I was finally old enough to show at AKC dog shows, Robyn gave me an Akita puppy of my own to show. I named her Daisy, and I am the one who feeds her, and makes sure she has water, and we are best friends. One of my weekly chores is to clean the back door window and front window from Daisy’s nose prints! Once Daisy was tall enough, I started showing her in juniors and breed. We did OK the first year in Juniors, and in the second year we advanced to Open Junior class. We won first in our new class a few times with competition, and at one show we won Best Junior! Daisy has not won any majors in breed, but I am hoping she has some success in the future.

No one in my family is involved with dog shows, but I have made a lot of great friends along the way that help me out a lot. The people who have helped me over the past three years, and I really look up to are Brenda Shepard, Theresa Royer, Stacey Borrmann, and Laurie Jordan Fenner. The other juniors that I have become great friends with, and look forward to seeing at shows are Lillian Waynand, and Cathryn Campbell.

I try to make a new friend at each show. At the last show I went to in Carmel, I met a nice lady named Betty that let me show her Vizla. “Cody” was a previous Best in Show winner, and it was a lot of fun showing him. My goals are to someday finish my Akita, win the Best Junior Competition at the Cow Palace, and show enough dogs to one day handle one in every group! If you see me at a show, and will allow me to practice with your dog, just ask and I will!
When I am home, I like to ride my bike, text with my friends, read books, go to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and go on vacations. Thank you Mom and Dad!

Callie Caoua

My name is Callie Caoua; I’m 15 years old and have been showing dogs for 4 years. Unlike most junior handlers, I did not grow up into the sport of dogs. My parents bought a Bloodhound when I was 10 years old. That summer we went camping and met a man that suggested I join 4H with my dog. In the fall I took his advice and joined my local 4H dog club in Jefferson County, Colorado. I started to train my Bloodhound Bourbon through the 4H club and discovered how much I enjoyed working with and training dogs.

My Mom worked with a schoolteacher named Carol Henning that showed dogs in AKC. She was the one who introduced me to the AKC world of dog shows. She mentioned I should try AKC dog shows, I entering in juniors for more practice in preparation for the County and State Fair. As the fair approached I was feeling very prepared, because I had been doing so well in the AKC Juniors Competition. All of my so-called “practice” at AKC shows paid off at the County Fair as I qualified to go to the Colorado State Fair. That year at the State Fair I placed eighth with Bourbon, I was ecstatic. After that I was hooked and decided that along with going to college my goal is to make a career out of training, handling, and showing dogs.

After the Fair was over I continued to show in AKC and train with my 4H club. Not knowing at the time I was going to get into showing my parents had already neutered Bourbon which limited me to showing in AKC junior’s and 4H only but I wanted to show in the breed ring too. The hard part was that in Colorado there are not many AKC dog shows, and since I am still in school traveling was often not an option. I started to look for a breed that majors would be easier to find without having to travel much. A 4H leader from another county had an English Mastiff, and I knew I loved big dogs so I started to research the breed. In 2011 I bought a Mastiff with my money that I had saved over the years and named him Laughlin, “BOE DOG’S LAUGHLIN WINS BIG IN NEVADA CGC.” We got Laughlin when he was 4 months old I started training him at a local conformation class with help from Troy Cashman the owner of Mantayo Kennels; Laughlin was my new show dog. I also thank Mary Delisa from Divine Mastiffs for teaching and mentoring me about this breed. I soon learned that big slobbering dogs like a Bloodhound or Mastiff are not what a judge likes to see in the juniors ring.

In 2012 through Carol I met Dawn-Renee Mack she had said to Carol, “I wish a junior would fall out of the sky to show my Dachshund Ryan, GCH DELANY V RUGER THX 2 DOXIKOTA.” Ryan at the time was a champion and I was that junior who fell out of the sky to show Ryan in the breed and junior rings. Dawn would bring Ryan to meet me at Mantayo Kennel’s once a week for training. Ryan would stay the weekend with me during a show but other than that she lived with Dawn. Dawn became a huge mentor for me as she has taught me so much about different dog breeds and being part of the dog show world.

Within a year I put a Grand Championship title on Ryan and had the opportunity that spring to go to the 2013 Dachshund Club of American Nationals at Purina Farms in Missouri. I won my juniors class and was named the #10 Dachshund Junior Handler of 2012. This was a huge honor for me especially since this was the first national I had ever attended. Also Ryan was the first dog I have ever put a title on which made my mentors and me very proud.

The summer of 2013 my family moved to Hilliard, Ohio from Denver, Colorado. This meant I would have to find a new dog for juniors because Ryan needed to stay with Dawn. But this time rather than getting a retired show dog from someone else, I wanted to experience the challenges of training my own Juniors dog from the bottom up. I wanted to have a dog to call my own, a dog to be proud of knowing that I trained all myself. I knew I wanted to get a Toy Manchester Terrier as my new juniors dog. I was very familiar with the breed since we have a retired Manchester named Bounce at home that my sister Carlie trained as her 4H dog. With help from Jerri Hobbs another mentor; I was able to purchase a Toy Manchester. In the fall, soon after I moved to Ohio, I picked up Dalilah “BURMACK’S FIELDS OF DALILAH FLOWERS,” when she was 8 weeks old. I started conformation classes at Safari Handling and Training in Columbus. I thank Joe T. Caton and Kathy Elier for their mentorship and encouragement while training a small dog.

This past April at the Fort St. Clair Kennel Club Dog Show in Eaton, Ohio I won Best Junior Handler for the first time ever with my Manchester Dalilah. After 4 years of showing and training I finally reached this point. I was filled with a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that I had trained Dalilah from the bottom up with the help from so many mentors. This has taught me a life lesson that sometimes the best things come to those who are patient and work hard for them. Thank you Carol and Jerri for introducing me to this amazing breed and always being there when I need advice.

I started as a freshman at Hilliard Davidson High School and joined the Wildcat Marching Band. I also joined the K-9 Wonderdogs 4H club in Franklin County with my Mastiff Laughlin, this has kept me busy preparing for County and State Fair this July. As part of my 4h project with Laughlin I also do therapy work called PetPals. With my 4h club we go into assisted living and nursing home facilities to visit the patients. Laughlin is great for therapy work because of his size. It is very easy for the patients who might be in wheelchairs or in beds to visit with him. I really enjoy doing therapy work with Laughlin and hope to get his CGCA and TDI titles so that I can further my therapy work. With so many AKC dog shows in Ohio it is often hard to attend them because of the other activity’s I’m a part of.

With so many AKC dog shows in Ohio it is often hard to attend them because of the other activity’s I’m a part of.

Thank you to my family for always supporting me, my Father for paying the entry fees, and my Mother for taking me to the shows. With their support and my can-do attitude I am going to continue showing dogs and love every minute whether I win or lose.
Chanel Lefever

I am Chanel Lefever, and I am from Saxonburg, PA. I am 15 years old and I participate in dog shows with my sister, Brigette, and my mom, Laura. Our original breed is vizslas, but we now breed both beagles and vizslas. Hence our kennel name (Glade Mill Sporting & Hound)

We acquired our first beagle whenever I was about 5 years old. My love for beagles began from the moment I began to talk, and I begged my mom for a beagle for years. Eventually my wish came true with a 15″ beagle bitch named Sierra (Ch. Merry Music Poet In My Heart).

My pride-and-joy is my bred-by Bronze GCH Glade Mill Singin’ Merry Music Blues “Nelo”. Nelo is my first bred-by champion and he and I have together made it to the top 20 in breed standings and the number 5 beagle junior. Nelo is also the 2nd blue beagle to ever get his grand championship, with me behind the lead at all times.

Most recently I have been showing my pointer, Puck, in juniors. Together Puck and I have captured #1 pointer junior (Canine Chronicle January 1-June 16, 2014) and #2 pointer junior (through June 30th) and we are extremely close to qualifying for both Eukanuba and WKC.

Out of dog shows, I do not have any other hobbies, and devote most of my time to caring and conditioning my dogs. Though, I love to draw and try various art projects. I cannot wait to continue my handling career and continue showing my dogs, whom make me happier than anything else in the world. With the help of my friends, family, and wonderful mentors, whom are true geniuses in the sport, I really hope to go far.

Taylor Scott

My name is Taylor Scott and I am 15 years old. I live in Edmond, Oklahoma and am about to enter my sophomore year of high school. I have been in dogs all of my life. My mother has raised Cavaliers since before I was born. My first time to ever step in the ring was when I was 4 years old with a Cavalier bitch named Pickles. It has been hard to pull me out of the show ring since. Even though I helped my mother in the breed ring and went to every fun match I could, I started in juniors as soon as I could. After quickly gaining my wins to get out of novice junior with a Cavalier I changed breeds to a Bloodhound that would better my handling skills and knowledge of showing dogs.

I showed a Bloodhound for 6 years and was very successful. My Bloodhound Ranger and I won the Central Region Best Junior competition in 2013. When I aged into open senior I knew it was time for another breed change that could give me even more experiences. I now show a Pointer and enjoy her very much. We have been very successful in the ring and out. She has helped me improve my handling skills even further allowing me to move forward with my goal of becoming a professional handler.

I am currently working for handler Tiffany Knox and am enjoying it very much. I appreciate the experience and knowledge I get from her inside and outside of the ring. Tiffany has been a great mentor to follow. Other great mentors to me have been my mother Andi Scott for teaching me the basics of dog shows, and my Pointer’s breeders, Megan Lane and Jane Johnston for helping me work on the polish of showing my dog.

Even though dog shows can be stressful I can’t imagine my life without, and sincerely appreciate everyone in my life that makes dog shows possible for me!


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