Best In Show Daily is pleased to publish the next installment of Junior Handlers’ Edition, our newest publication dedicated exclusively to Juniors. JHE will publish weekly and highlight different Juniors from around the Country and the World. Each week, we’ll select accomplished Juniors, letting them tell in their own words & own formats what makes them “tick”. Our next group of Juniors is another great group working hard to master their craft and making positive contributions to the Sport & their communities. We think you’ll enjoy their insights & perspectives. JHE is very special to us and we hope to you as well. Join us as we salute the future of our sport, the Juniors.

Cheyenne Wohlschlegel

Hi! My name’s Cheyenne Wohlschlegel and I’m from Shelley, ID. I am 16 years old and have been involved in dogs my whole life. Since my mom was a teenager my grandma has been breeding and showing dogs. She originally started in American Cocker Spaniels but has since changed to Beagles, a breed I’ve been in love with for as long as I can remember.

My grandma has been mentoring me to show Beagles since I was 8 years old and not long after I turned 9, I competed in my first show as a Junior with my mom’s 7 year old retired male, CH Windkist Drops Of Jupiter, “Comet”. Since then I’ve had four long-lasting Juniors’ dogs. My most recent and longest lasting is the dog I’ve achived almost all my winning with, CH Wilderness Flight Of Fancy, “Cricket”. She is turning eight this year but you wouldn’t be able to tell by her attitude. She loves the show ring and together we’ve won five Best Juniors. It took a while to get us that far but thanks to the help of my grandma, Diana Cazier, and all of our friends in the Eagle Rock Kennel Club we’ve improved greatly.

Outside of showing dogs I have a very busy life. I play the clarinet in our high school marching/pep/concert band, participate on the debate team, and also judge horses in FFA. I spend a lot of time doing homework for my increasingly difficult classes that I’m taking in hopes to one day become a vet. I also do a lot of reading outside of class and am in love with The River of Time Series.

I’m not really a huge fan of movies but my favorite recent movie is The Fault in Our Stars. I regularly listen to country music and whatever I’m playing in band. But despite all the extras, my life is mainly focused on my dogs. I love to show and to be at shows and be with my dogs. Even though I don’t win often and it can sometimes be stressful, dog shows are my getaway, my vacation, without them I would have lost my sanity long ago.
Thanks for reading my story!

Madeline Martin

Hi, my name is Madeline Martin, I am 15 years old and from Carver Mass.

I have been involved in the sport of dogs since before I was born. By the time I was 8, I had finished my first champion. I couldn’t wait to start Juniors because my brother had been showing in Juniors for a few years and it seemed like FUN! I went from Novice Jr to Open Jr in 4 shows with my Tibetan spaniel “Derby”. I was still 9 the first time I qualified for Westminster and so excited! I qualified for the Garden 3 years in a row before I took 2 years off to concentrate on school and other sports.

I started showing again a little over a year ago. I showed a Brittany and an Irish Setter while I decided what breed I wanted. In the summer of 2013, I fell in love with an Aussie puppy named Colby (Headstrong’s Honest Sinner) and that fall I also fell in love with the German Shepherd Patrick (Kysarah’s Pot Of Gold) both Colby’s breeder Laura Liebenow and Patrick’s breeder Frank DeBem offered me the dogs!!! I spent the fall showing a Toller owned by Shelly Kurth and me, an Irish setter owned by Becky Collins and me,and a French bulldog that I co-own with Kerry Boyd. While I worked with my puppies. I didn’t really have a Juniors’ goal until May of this year. I really just wanted to have fun and play in the ring with my puppies. After traveling to France and Spain in April I came home determined to qualify for Westminster 2015. I wasn’t sure I could do it since I wanted to show my puppies and it was really late to start. Laura helped me with presentation of the Aussies and Philip Moore worked with me and Patrick.  Since I decided to qualify I have gotten seven BJH’s for a total of eight since January, three with Colby and five with Patrick.

I really love all aspects of showing dogs. I am currently an assistant to an all-breed hander and even though it is very hard work, I love it.

In my spare time, I read, listen to music and sometimes go the movies. I love John Green books as well as the Hunger Games series. My favorite musicians include Taylor Swift and Lana DelRay. The Fault In The Stars is my movie of choice right now :). I am enjoying working for a handler right now and hope to become an AKC apprentice when I turn 18. After I graduate high school I want to go to college and major in early childhood education, with the goal of being a teacher.

I want to thank everyone I mentioned for their support. I also want to say thank you to everyone who has allowed me to co-own dogs and helped me learn how to present them correctly.

Emma Black
Emma is a 12-year old junior from Highland, Maryland who has been involved in raising, training, breeding or showing Vizslas nearly her entire life. Born into a Vizsla family, Emma first started handling in fun matches at around 3 years old and started juniors the day she turned 9 in 2010. Though she generally does not show more than a couple weekends a month, Emma loves her time in the ring with her 4-year old Vizsla, Talli (BISS Am. (Bronze) GCH/Int’l CH Sassafras Play’N For Keeps CGC).

Emma was the No. 1 ranked Vizsla Junior Handler in the country through April 30, 2014. Emma had three Best Junior wins in April and May — at Mason & Dixon KC on April 13, 2014 under Judge Walter Sommerfelt, at Penn Treaty KC on April 27, 2014 under Judge Beverly Drake, and at Mattaponi KC on May 17, 2014 under judge Barbara Pepper — all from the Open Intermediate class.

When not showing, Emma loves training her 7-year old former Juniors Vizsla, Maddox, for obedience, and playing soccer and lacrosse. She is a Sixth Grader at Sandy Spring Friends School in Sandy Spring, MD.

Morgan Miller.

Morgan has been active in Junior Showmanship since she turned nine, and she is now approaching her
end of her junior career and is from New Bloomfield, PA.

She began her career with a Samoyed and in 2007 was the #1 Samoyed Jr. Handler and the #3 Open Jr.
She continued to be ranked as the #1 Samoyed Jr. and a Top 20 Working Group until she
started showing a Bedlington Terrier in 2009 when she was ranked #20 Working and #8 Terrier.
She decided to go with a Bedlington Terrier because she wanted to learn a difficult groom.

Since 2009, she was the #1 Terrier in 2010 and 2013 and the #1 Bedlington Terrier through present

She has apprenticed/assisted Andrew Green for the last 8 years
learning animal care and grooming.

She became active in FFA and won a National Gold Medal for her Dog Showing Project in Small Animal

She has finished numerous Samoyeds including her own from the Bred-by class and next week will be debuting her first bred-by
Bedlingtons in the show ring.

As she ends her career in August, she is alternating between showing the Bedlington and Samoyed in juniors. In the
fall, she will be attending Shippensburg University majoring in biology
with the aspirations of working in the canine genetic field.

Mentors: Amy and Andrew Green (PHA handler…she has worked as his assistant for 7 years) Bedlington Terrier mentor- Laurie Zembrzuski and Gaby Gilbeau, Samoyed mentor- mother and Amy Green

First junior dog BISS CH Winter Magic’s Ever After (she put the BISS on her at the age of 9)
Started showing at age of 5 with CH Winter Magic’s Northern Light

With her Junior career ending & her college life about to begin, Morgan wants to thank everyone that has mentored her both in dogs and in her school life. She is especially grateful to her parents.

Rebecca Grinsell

Hi, I’m Rebecca Grinsell and I’m 15 years old competing in Open Senior. I live in Florida with my parents. Currently, I am the Number One Junior Handler for Belgian Tervuren as of April 30th, winning Best Junior at the 2014 American Belgian Tervuren Club National. I compete with GCH Bilgay’s Eye of the Hurricane CD RN OA OAJ NF “Kane”, GCH Bilgay’s Eye of the Storm HSAds “Tori”, Bilgay’s Party on the Waterfront “River, and Bilgay’s The One and Only “Lisa”. We compete in Conformation, Agility, Obedience and Rally.Kane, my Belgian Tervuren is my first show dog. I had never been involved in dog showing before he came into my life. I have now also shown Belgian Malinois, Belgian Sheepdog and a Briard.

My future plans are to attain Kane’s Bronze GCH and finish my girls River and Lisa, then I want to special them. I plan to continue to train and show in agility, obedience and rally. I have started working my dogs in herding and hope to compete in that venue once we have completed our training. I am currently a Sophomore at my high school and my goal is to become a veterinarian, I would like to continue showing my Belgians and plan to stay active in this breed by learning more about health and breeding.

The Tervuren community has been very welcoming and helpful and I can’t imagine my life without a Tervuren in it.

I want to thank my mentor Lynne Wetherell of Bilgay Kennels for her advice, guidance & providing me with beautiful dogs for competition.

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