Hey everyone! Welcome to Best in Show Daily, the new fresh outlook with instant updates and features for all you dog show lovers out there! I’m Kayla, and I will be bringing you regular reports on what’s going on in the lives of juniors, assistants & more! If you didn’t already know, DFR my friends (Dogs Freakin’ Rule)!

I started showing dogs when I was just 8 years old. I showed in my first Juniors class when I was 10 (back in the day when the age limit was 10, instead of 9). I remember being nervous the first few years showing in Juniors, but after showing multiple dogs with plenty of ups and downs, I was more than determined. I was lucky enough to show ‘Parker’, Ch Windkist A Walk In The Park (now GCH), and we went on to have many memories that will last a lifetime.

Through those years, I was learning about breeding & raising puppies from my mentor (who just happens to be my mom, Leah Bertagnolli.) My mom has been showing & breeding dogs since 1986 and has finished over 80 champions in three different breeds. I hope that one day I can live up to her accomplishments. Not only did I learn a lot from my mom, but I was lucky enough to assist two of the greatest handlers I know: Bruce & Tara Schultz. I assisted them off and on, partly while attending college for 4+ (and counting) years. Through assisting them, I learned not only about what dog shows are “really about”, but all about life too. My Mom, Bruce & Tara shared with me their love for dogs & for the sport. Through my life experiences, I hope to share with you some insight into not the good, the bad, and the great times too!

Some things for you to look forward to will include: Our monthly Spotlight of The Month, Seasonal (& gift) Guides to the hottest new trends in the doggy world and, on Fridays, five things that will let you know what the heck has happened throughout the week!

Keep an eye out for a special sneeeeek peeeek!