IN THIS week’s DOG WORLD, Mike Gadsby vents his feelings about the Kennel Club after receiving his prize money for winning Crufts with his Standard Poodle, Ch/Am Ch Afterglow Maverick Sabre (Ricky).

The envelope with the cheque in included no letter or compliment slip, Mr Gadsby said, and he was left to assume it was his prize money.

He said he had expected at least a note of explanation or even congratulation.

He went on to write on our Letters page that neither had the KC acknowledged his role in the $5,000 donation awarded to the KC Charitable Trust by Eukanuba as a result of Ricky’s winning the World Challenge in Orlando. Suggesting it was ‘bad manners and sadly par for the course’ on the KC’s part, he said he felt he should have received a phone call or email of thanks.

His outspoken views have stirred up feelings on the part of many, and on social media have prompted comments suggesting the KC had shown a lack of respect, with one questioning what message this sent about the world of showing, and that it was ‘no wonder’ entries were falling .

One wrote: “It’s sad that the dog-showing fraternity, who put money into the KC, is treated with ‘little short of contempt’.

Today KC secretary Caroline Kisko explained what had happened.

“The KC is proud of Crufts and those who compete and take part, and it always ensures that our warmest congratulations are extended to our Crufts winners,” she said. “In addition to senior personnel congratulating Michael Gadsby and Jason Lynn in person at Crufts, and again during the winners’ presentation at the end of Crufts, the KC then sent a cheque, with an accompanying letter, to Mr Gadsby two weeks after the show.

“We have since been liaising with Mr Gadsby after he informed us that he had regrettably not received the cheque and letter in the post. As soon as we were made aware of this and had confirmation of the correct postal address we sent the cheque again but on the second occasion, in our haste to ensure that he received the payment promptly, it was simply sent with a compliments slip. We had mistakenly thought in view of the recent communication with him about the matter he would be aware of what the cheque related to, but regret that this was not confirmed on the compliments slip.

“We would also like to take this opportunity to restate the KC Educational Trust’s gratitude for the $5,000 cheque that was presented to it, by Eukanuba, as a result of Ricky’s win at the World Challenge. Thanks was duly expressed by Gerald King to Jason Lynn and Michael Gadsby, in Orlando, and a presentation was arranged with Eukanuba VIPs at Crufts to thank them for their generous contribution.”

Read Mr Gadsby’s letter here:

Missing letter speaks a thousand words

THIS WEEK we received an envelope from the Kennel Club, addressed to my partner Jason Lynn. Inside there was no letter or compliment slip, simply a cheque for £200 signed by Caroline Kisko. After some guesswork we assumed that the cheque must be the prize money for Ricky’s best in show win at Crufts!

If that’s the case, it is difficult to comprehend that no-one from the KC could be bothered to insert a simple note of explanation, with perhaps a ‘well done on winning our dog show, included somewhere! 

Interestingly, albeit unsurprisingly in light of this latest development, the KC has yet to acknowledge our role in the $5,000 donation awarded to the Charitable Trust by Eukanuba as a result of Ricky’s win in Orlando at the World Challenge. The dog paper ran a photo of the grinning Gerald King accepting the cheque at Crufts, but we have never received a phone call, note or email to say ‘Thanks for that!’. 

It was the first time a British dog has won the Eukanuba event, and perhaps we were a bit naive to think that the KC would view the win as a positive moment for UK breeders and exhibitors in the eyes of the world. We were truly humbled by the hundreds of messages that poured in from fellow exhibitors and colleagues from around the globe, and yet our own KC here at home seemed oblivious; this despite the huge amounts of our time, money and energy that enabled it to receive that hefty sum. 

One wonders whether this was yet another unprofessional oversight or an outright snub. Either way it’s just bad manners and sadly par for the course.

In 2011 at the WKC dinner KC chairman Steve Dean during his speech stated: “It would be good to hear people referring to ‘our Kennel Club’ not ‘the Kennel Club’”.

For the rest of us to refer to the KC as ‘ours’ surely we need to feel in some way included. It’s not as though we personally need the KC’s endorsement, it’s just ironic in this instance where we genuinely represented ‘our’ KC in a positive way there is a complete lack of interest and zero acknowledgement to boot!

The phrase ‘respect earns respect’ rings true. Only when the KC, and of course what I really mean are its chairman and senior staff, begin to demonstrate some common courtesy and respect towards those they represent, will those feelings become mutual.


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