Introducing our newest Blogger Kristina Estlund.  Each week, Kristina and her happy pack of staffies will be reviewing products for simplifying a handler’s world, improving dog health & maintenance, dog safety, nutrition and playtime.   Relying on years of experience in the fancy, Kristina & her dog experts will pursue the question “is this really what it’s cracked up to be?”  You’ll want to follow her column as she will often have giveaways & contests from vendors. We hope you enjoy the added focus.  And, now Best In Show Daily puts the Spotlight on Kristina Estlund Krew Reviews.

The Bait Mate ($9.99)

Bait Mate Adjustable Bait Bag

The Bait Mate from Proud Views is one item that every exhibitor should have in their dog show bag/tack box. Featuring an elasticized, adjustable strap, they fit any arm…underneath the armband or even over a layer of clothes. They are made of water-resistant nylon taffeta with a vinyl backing, making it easy to keep clean. My Great Pyrenees friend, handler Karen Bruneau, first introduced me to them. Karen always keeps her Bait Mate’s lined up in her tack box and I asked to borrow one at a show. It was love at first use! Just remember to not have the bait too small as it will spill out creating chaos. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve lost a dog by leaning over, spilling bait, the exhibit then bait dives for it ruining the stack. However, the Velcro closure will save you from disaster if you remember to use it. Bait Mates come in a variety of colors and are so inexpensive. You can find these over at Davis Animal Products if you’re local to the Southern California shows, or go online.They also come in a bevy of colors and so inexpensive.

FidoRido ($109.00)

Fido Rido, Booster and Car seat

I came across the Fido Rido several years ago, and was disappointed THAT I HADN’T THOUGHT OF IT! It is such an obvious design, essentially a crate bottom, created for your small breeds to sit in safely while you commute. This pet car seat includes a booster seat and restraint system for dogs up to 30 lbs. The genius of the FidoRido is that the dogs are still safely inside of a container, yet free to look around and communicate. It can safely be used in the front seat, but the seat must be moved all the way back so the airbag is stopped before hitting the front wall of the container. To safely position the dog, the seatbelt runs through the side holes and latch and there are two small leads with snaps for a harness to keep the dogs safely in position.

The FidoRido resolved a serious battle with my French Bulldog’s car sickness. Crating her left her stuck with the mess; and she obviously couldn’t be on the seat in a harness. The FidoRido allows her to ride along side me safely contained, belted in and clean! The FidoRido has enough depth, that several layers of bedding can be layered in. I can see when she gets sick, but most importantly, I don’t have to clean a messy dog as soon as we arrive at the Show because the bitch pulls up her bedding and gets sick underneath and then covers it back up. Its brilliant, she’s brilliant…I can’t tell you how many dog shows I have arrived at, cleaned it out, let air dry while there, and reloaded the dog and bedding into a clean & comfortable FidoRido for the return journey. Easy peasy – I just love my FidoRido and you will too!

Camiwrap ($25-$50)

Cami Wrap Bait holder

I have always been fascinated with the female handlers who place bait and squeakies in their bras. The movement of pulling and replacing is effortless, but I always wonder “doesn’t that stain your undergarment?” What if it slides up and out when moving? This very cool product, the Camiwrap by Underwraps is perfect for our bra baiters. The Camiwrap is a stylish attachable bra pocket that has adjustable bands that easily attach to any bra. The hidden zipper in the back holds items safely and discreetly. Designed to hold phones, money and other small items, it was immediately obvious to me it’s usefulness for our sport and women exhibitors! Available in a variety of solid colors and pretty prints, ladies, you should check them out!

Squishy Face Studio: The Bow-Wow Flirt Pole ($39.98)

The Bow Wow Flirt Pole

Having bull breeds that are low to the ground I discourage athletic hijinks such as jumping in the air, or hanging high from an apparatus. Along comes The Bow-Wow Flirt Pole an interactive dog toy, that keep my bulls on the ground – closer to their lowered center of gravity – able to race and safely chase & capture toys..
The Bow-Wow flirt pole features a bungee cord to prevent whiplash, jerking, or pulling the pole out of your hand, etc. The dog’s stay on the ground, we can play and no one gets injured. Watch this cool video for a fun demostration: video.

I use the Bow-Wow Flirt Pole twice-a-week on average, for about ten minutes of intense chase. The bulls are very satisfied with our play for the day. Anyone living in an urban environment or limited in space, will also appreciate the Flirt Pole to exercise dogs willing to give chase!


Liquid Health K9 Ear Solutions (check online for prices, $8.48-$29.99)

K-9 Ear Solutions Ear Cleaner

Once a week.
No matter what the breed, type or size you must clean your dog’s ears. WEEKLY. Pick one day a week for dog maintenance. This is the day you’ll clean ears, do nails and brush the teeth. For ears, K9 Ear Solutions is key. Simply take your dog outside. Pour an appropriate amount into the ear, rub in, and let them shake it out. They will not like you and pout for a bit but this will ensure never having ear issues again. I guarantee this product. I am so confident in Liquid Health K9 Ear Solutions, I will even pay you back if it doesn’t work! Does your dog struggle with repeat and severe ear infections? Here’s an easy approach to follow:
Start out treating the ear as described above for two weeks, twice a day.
Then once-a-day for a week.
Then once-a-week for your dog’s life.
Life’s simpler and less expensive to practice good hygiene for $20 every few months, then a visit to the vet, go through all the tests, leave with a bunch of temporary-fix-antibiotics and ear goo with a huge vet bill to boot? A little bit of weekly maintenance will prevent painful ear infections and protect your budget.

I have been using Liquid Health K9 Ear Solutions for 7 years now and not one infection. Everyone that I have given it to has been as successful and is always surprised at the positive outcome. Be sure to price shop as pricing varies widely. Go online, search through whatever price comparison service you use, and purchase this way. It will save you $$$!!

K9 Puppy Gold (Check online for prices – $14.99 is the average base for 1 pound)


K9 Puppy Gold by Animal Naturals

If you just got a puppy, buy this product. Got a litter planned? Buy this product.
Just whelped a litter? Buy this product. Bottle raising pups? Buy this product.
I cannot say enough about Animal Naturals K9 Puppy Gold. Containing natural factors meant to help support our healthy puppy development and growth, while at the same time assisting mom’s normal reproductive function, supporting puppy growth and lactation. Puppy Gold is chock full of Total Milk Proteins, Colostrum, Amino Acids, Antioxidant, Vitamins & Minerals, Fatty Acids…What I can tell you is repeated experience of healthy, fat pups with uncompromised immune systems. For 4 generations straight now, I have invested in this product with success: vital pups and mothers that bounce back . My last dam never even looked like she whelped her litter when on K9 Puppy Gold! Purchase as soon as you breed your bitch and add to her diet when she hits the 30th day or starts to show.

While whelping I like to mix with evaporated milk and Pedialyte, sometimes added to a little raw beef and feed mom in between each pup. Once the pups are born, every meal mom gets a scoop. Once the pups are starting to wean, you can take mom off, but then a scoop must be added to each puppy’s meal. My sister likes to mix it with warm water creating her “soupie” as a meal during weaning too. I recommend that my pup owners continue a scoop in each meal till they reach 6 months of age. Planning a litter? Buy the 15lb or bigger. That way when you send the pups home you can start the new owners off with a starter scoop or two.

And….it also works wonders when you have a sick, ailing or terminal dog by mixing K9 Puppy Gold with Boost/Ensure (or the store brand) when they won’t or can’t eat their normal diet. There’s also an “extra calories” version for weight loss or just as a nutritional supplement.