This week, the Krew has resourced handy items that are great for gifting others in the fancy or pet friends. They’ve found back-saving carriers, handy water bowls for thirsty dogs in the car, healing creams, economical probiotic formulas & more snuggly beds because every dog should have a comfy, snuggly, washable bed. Just ask them! The Krew also wants to remind everyone to remember to write Santa telling him you’ve been a good dog or human and send to Macy’s. They’re making a donation for every letter to Make-A-Wish. The Krew believes in Santa and in every child with cancer having a chance to live their dream.

ZÜCA ($147.50 and up)
Problem: carrying supplies to dog shows. The Krew may be wash-n-wear breeds, but they still require a selection of items to cart to every show – a lot of them.

ZÜCA making Dog Travel easier

Solution: The ZÜCA! Designed by Nick and Laura Udall as a solution for their daughter having to lug heavy school books, the ZÜCA is a backpack on wheels. It has universal uses: a children’s backpack on wheels; a TSA approved travel bag, a makeup artists container, sports gear bag and for the Krew, the perfect dog show container.

Light, easy to maneuver, endless storage space, the Krew’s is packed to bursting the seams, but there is a second cover that contains it all easily and effortlessly. The Pro Travel Black has a telescoping handle, an aluminum alloy anodized frame that is designed to sit on, able to support up to 300 pounds! Easy to clean, water resistant, featuring self-repairing zippers, polyurethane wheels for easy navigation, open space in the frame center portion for stuffing and creatively designed zip pockets and sleeves on the door for personal items. Each ZÜCA includes TSA approved packing pouches. Our preference is the clear ones for quickly locating items. The bags easily contain our kit: leashes, baits, squeakies, toys, hardware, grooming items, cool coats, personal toiletries and an emergency kit.

The ZÜCA stows easily under a grooming table, or pops it into a crate. Amazingly versatile, it can be used ringside for sitting, as a small table, hold all of The Krews’ products, my products…The cover can also be personalized. The exterior material is interchangeable, easily removed and replaced in case you have to clean it. In four years of use, The Krew has not had one issue with it, not one nick, scratch, tear, or stain. Extremely durable and highly recommended!

Flydog ($29.99)
Problem: keeping fresh water available to the Krew while on long treks to shows. The Krew cruises in a minivan and are harnessed. For the long treks to out-of-state shows, good water bowls are a must. We admit it, we’re messy. Bowls have dumped, rolled around and made our ride a sloppy wet mess.

Flydog – The Spill-Proof Pet Travel bowl

Solution: The Spill-Proof Pet Travel bowl. This FDA approved, dishwasher safe and heat-resistant dog water bowl is genius! A suspended travel bowl that can hang anywhere, it features a specially designed wave lip that prevents water from sloshing out. Psst! Insider tip: remove the lip lid when changing the water. The unique hands-free, extendable frame hangs from the back seat providing harnessed hounds with accessible water. The headrest arm pictured is here, and now they are shipping straps for the solid headrest.

HEALx Soother Plus Cream ($18.95)
Problem: cuts, scrapes, mastitis, pain relief that is non-toxic. We admit it, we’re a wild bunch. As puppies, we didn’t always know our place, sometimes we play hard and sometimes we’ve had health problems post-whelp.

HEALx Soother Plus Cream

Solution: HEALx. HEALx is a nontoxic, topical, antimicrobial cream providing immediate anti-inflammatory and anti­pruritic relief for use on all animals. The ingredients are a patented quaternary ammonium product suspended in aloe vera distillate for topical pain relief with the addition of a patented monoglyceride C12 fatty acid for nontoxic antimicrobial activity.

For the Krew, HEALx provides a nontoxic alternative to topical antibiotics. Easy to apply, our regimen is gently massaging a thin layer onto the affected area until absorbed. Psst! Insider Tip: rinse the affected area with warm water every 7-10 days to avoid product buildup. Anytime there has non-threatening cut, scratch or scrape, The Krew reaches for HEALx.

HEALx Soother Plus Cream has been a staple in our medical kit for a few years now. It works for skin disorders, wound healing, abscesses, inflammation, burns, lesion infections, dermatitis. Psst! Insider tip: it’s perfect for dry, cracked hands from all the abuse of show preparations: constant washing, blowing, grooming all weekend does take a toll. We love it!

Nature’s Farmacy (prices range)
Problem: 5 years ago, one of the Krew’s Stafford bitches was diagnosed with a terminal kidney disease. Losing proteins and high globulins, there was nothing to prevent or fix it. Our vet prescribed Enalapril. Her disease and the medication meant months of rechecks, and blood panels to verify efficacy of the medication. Six weeks of weekly tests, a new prescription that was supposed to lower the protein loss and still she was declining.

Solution: Nature’s Farmacy. Often at dog shows, the Krew called them to discuss our Staffie’s health issues. They suggested that Maxine go on their Kidney Support product. We were also told that at some point her disease will affect the liver, and Liver Support was also recommended. Psst! Insider Tip, when confronted with organ diseases, ask your vet if additional organs may also be or become involved. DOGZYMES and Mega Omega were added as well for Maxine and the whole Krew.

Maxine lived three years longer because of Nature’s Farmacy

Using Nature’s Farmacy significantly lowered costs for the probiotics and omegas. Veterinary hospitals charge between $45 and $25 a bottle per month while Nature’s Pharmacy is less than half the cost with triple the product. The Mega Omega is 1 pound container costs $18.95 and has 600 servings.

After a month on Kidney Support, Maxine went back for a recheck. The vet was floored, her system had stabilized, and the loss of protein was lower by a couple of points. For the next three years, the supplements supported Maxine’s fragile kidneys. She lived an additional three years thanks to Nature’s Farmacy.
Psst! Another Insider Tip: once dogs reach 7, add Phyto-Flex to their preventative care. Supplementing dogs is good stewardship, ensuring better health, and well-being.

Nature’s Farmacy’s, customer care truly cares about each of The Krew and will take great care of your dogs, too, tailoring their recommendations to specific needs. They understand the Fancy’s needs because they’re a company that show dogs and loves dog as much as we do. They have the broadest range of supplements available on the market. Visit Nature’s Farmacy’s website and then stop by their trailer at your next show. We love them

Molly Mutt ($30.00-55.00)

Problem: living your values for ecosensitivity. A first time dog owner wanted to create a company that produces dog beds that reduce waste, are comfortable and ecosustainable

Molly Mutt – Dog Duvet

Solution: Molly Mutt is a company that creates zippered duvets in a wide range of shapes, colors and designs in 100% Cotton Canvas for upcycling. The Duvets come with a stuff sack, and a netted zippered large pouch. Here’s the cool part for all of us waste-reducing enviro-types, upcycle. Take all the old dog towels, beds, old shirts, sheets, you name it, and stuff into the stuff sack. Then, zip it up and into the duvet it goes. Voila! You now have an eco-friendly, 100% washable, upcycled dog bed, that uses your old items in a new way! Molly Mutts also has outside duvets that are water resistant and also offer armour, a water resistant liner fitting inside your Molly Mutt duvet. This is also part of the puppy kit because umm, you know.
The Krew loves their tag line: Molly Mutt Delivers Love At First Sniff. Psst! Insider Tip: for those dogs that have special needs, hint, hint,, you can place your personal items that have your scent inside to calm them while away.