As you probably know, I’ve written several blogs lately about my little baby Beagle munchkins and the cute things they do. Well, now that they’re getting older, you may be wondering, “What happens when the time comes to let some of them go?”

This is a question I consistently am asked by future owners, friends and outsiders to the dog world. The answer is always the same. I am happy to see them go to families that will love the puppies unconditionally and spoil them rotten. In some cases though, it’s definitely harder than in others.

My mother and I tend to agree on which pups we would like to see grow up for potential show dogs, but not always. Sometimes she lets me see on my own how I feel about keeping certain ones, but usually she wins because she is more experienced with evaluating the litters.

The decision to let a particular puppy go can be hard to make. But like my mom always says, “We can’t keep them all.” Of course this is true, but wouldn’t it be great if we could?

I remember when I was little how hard it was to let go of my favorite puppies. As a young child, I wasn’t thinking about dog shows or the breeding side of it. I was just thinking, “puppies!!!!!” As a young girl, of course, I loved them all.

After being asked so many times, “Aren’t you sad to see them leave?” it finally hit me. I am sad, but I’m used to it, and I know letting them go is the right thing to do.

Thinking back on it, not every kid gets to have puppies coming in and out of their life like I did. Heck, most kids are lucky if they even have a dog.

We had some puppies playing in our front yard just the other day, when our neighbor’s kids asked if they could come over and meet them. Of course we said yes. Most Beagle puppies are up for any kind of challenge, and it’s good for the pups to get used to some small hands.

During the visit, the puppies jumped right in with the little kids, and they all had a good time, except for one little boy who said he was “scared of dogs.” Initially, I couldn’t understand why. I’d never met a little kid who was honestly afraid of dogs, especially itty-bitty puppies.

His mom and dad said they didn’t know why either, except that they don’t have a dog, and their son doesn’t see dogs on a regular basis.

So yeah, I can see how my life as a kid – with puppies coming and going – was not like other kids’.

I’m glad to say that by the end of our meet-and-greet, this little boy let go of his fear, petted the puppies, and even held one of them. Who knows? Maybe this one good experience will change the way he feels about dogs…forever.

Letting go of fears, and letting go of special things in your life – like a favorite puppy – is hard. That’s the bottom line.

Even now, for me, though not a little kid anymore, I look at those puppies and say, “Awwww, I don’t want you to go.” I mean, who would?

Letting go may be difficult, but it’s something we all have to do, right?

No matter where they go, Dogs Freakin’ Rule.