The Hound Group

Polly Smith is judging the hound group. Her Husband, Dr. Bob Smith, will judge the herding group later this evening.

The Smiths are famous for their American Foxhounds, having shown the #1 dog in their breed for multiple years running since they began with the breed in the early ‘60s.

I think the favorites have to be the Borzoi and the Norwegian Elkhound. Lucy, the Borzoi, GCHS CH Belisarius Jp My Sassy Girl, handled by Valerie Nunes-Atkinson, was Reserve BIS here last year. Duffy, the Elkhound, GCH CH Vin-Melca’s Daggarwood Delight with owner/handler Pat Trotter is certainly a sentimental favorite.

Trotter has won the group 10 times with multiple dogs since 1970 without ever going BIS. Otterhound GCHS CH Aberdeen’s Ultimate Addiction with Jason McIlwaine gets amazing crowd support. Saluki, Snapple, GCHP CH Starlite’s Made Of The Best Stuff On Earth JC RN BN with the iconic fashion plate and retiring handler Erin Roberts is another crowd favorite.

Dark horse contenders include the Afghan, Basset, Greyhound, American Foxhound and Whippet. Mrs. Smith takes the American Foxhound, Basset, Borzoi, Wire Dachshund, English Foxhound, greyhound, elkhound and whippet in her cut. And first to the Norwegian Elkhound, followed by the Basset, American Foxhound and Borzoi. Pat Trotter, at over 80 years young, wins her 11th WKC hound group. Never give up on your dreams!

The Toy Group

Charlotte Patterson, a pug breeder and noted toy dog enthusiast from Florida tackles a toy group deep in quality.

Certainly, among the heavy weight contenders are Brussels Griffon and the Shih Tzu. Brussels GCHS CH Somerset Wynzall Hashtag with Susie Kipp, won the group in Orlando at the AKC National Championship in December. Shih Tzu Panda, GCH CH Wenrick’s Don’T Stop Believing with Kathy Bilicich Garcia won the group here last year.

I think the pug GCH CH Hill Country’s Let’s Get Ready To Rumble is a very strong potential for an upset. The Pekingese, with David Fitzpatrick — who won BIS here in 2012 with Malachy — is another one who will offer strong competetion.

Other dogs we’re watching include the Smooth Chihuhua, the English Toy Spaniel (King Charles & Ruby), the Toy Manchester, the Papillion Mrs Patterson brings out the Affenpinscher, Brussels, Smooth Chihuahua, the Blenheim English Toy Spaniel, the Pekeingese, Pomeranian and the pug. First in the toy group to David and the Peke, followed by the pug, Chihuahua and Affenpinscher.

The Non-Sporting Group

Our judge for the group this evening, Mrs. Ann Savory Bolus, a native of England and resident of Tennessee, is an Irish Setter breeder of some note. Mrs. Bolus is charming and kind judge who takes her job quite seriously.

This group definitely had some major upsets at the breed level with a number of top dogs not coming through the breed judging. Easily the top two contestants are Flynn the Bichon Frise, GCH CH Belle Creek’s All I Care About Is Love, with Bill McFadden. Flynn was Reserve BIS at the AKC National Championship in Orlando in December and is off to a blazing start this year as the #1 dog of all breeds.

Vinny, the Boston Terrier, GCH CH Sabe’s Simply Invincible, with Jorge Olivera, was a top 10 dog all breeds at the end of 2016 Other dogs we’re watching include the Chow, National Specialty Winning Miniature Poodle Aftin, GCHB CH Danfour Avalon As If, with Danny Chavez, the Standard Poodle from England, Schipperke, Shiba Inu and Tibetan Spaniel.

Mrs. Bolus brings her cut out with the Bichon, Boston, SharPei, Coton, Frenchie, Miniature Poodle, Tibetan Spaniel and Tibetan Terrier. In an impressive upset, Mrs. Bolus chooses Aftin the Miniature Poodle first, followed by the Boston, Bichon and Frenchie. Daniel Chavez was one of our Top 30 under 30 features last summer. I’d say he’s living up to his billing!

The Herding group

Laura’s predictions for Herding: GSD, Puli, Pembroke in a 3-way tie!  Goodnight Laura!!!