The Luevense Hondenvereniging is one of the younger Belgian clubs that organizes dog shows in Belgium. For a few years now, it has awarded CACIBs – Certificates of Aptitude for International Champion of Beauty – and has grown a lot since. The number of shows in Belgium has decreased, especially in Wallonia where only two shows remain, Liège and Mouscron. However, Charleroi had again a one-day CAC – Certificates of Aptitude for National Champion of Beauty – show, and there are plans to restart Namur too. That is not, however, the case for La Louvière. In Flanders, Oostende has lost its hall, and this year Wieze did not figure on the show schedule. Other shows took advantage of this, like the Ambiorix Trophy, Lommel and the Lovanium Trophy.

Best in Show under Mr. August De Wilde of Belgium was awarded to the Bearded Collie Beardie Connections Kenji, bred by Ingrid Hectors and owned by Otto Rinus of the Netherlands. Photographs by Karl Donvil.

A total entry of 1,571 is very good in this period of international crisis. It looks sometimes that dog shows that do take place are invulnerable. I think that people are willing to sacrifice a lot before they will cut the budget for their hobby. More than likely, it is our hobby that keeps us from giving up and getting depressed. And certainly in the canine world the joy and pleasure we get from our pets is encouraging us not to give up taking care of them.

The number of toys and amount of food in all shapes and varieties, clothing and fancy stuff found at dog shows is amazing. We dive into a fantasy world to forget the daily problems we face due to the economic crisis. Dog shows are pretty expensive, but the number of entries doesn’t seem to drop drastically, and exhibitors don’t mind traveling thousands of kilometers, notwithstanding the high fuel prices.

Here in Leuven, where the Lovanium Trophy was held, no fewer than 13 different countries were represented, the vast majority of entries being from Belgium, as expected, with 993. But besides good interest from the neighboring countries like France, Holland and Germany, I counted four Russian, five Danish, five Spanish, two Swiss, four Italian and two Austrian dogs, and no fewer than 26 from the United Kingdom. Maybe the reputation of this club is partly responsible for this success as it is the only show where the winners not only go home with a nice cup, but also with a gift, an Ikea chandelier. Even those who did not win went home with a gift. The Brabanthal facility offers plenty of parking, located next to Belgium’s most important highway, but the halls are not spacious enough to have an extra ring for demonstrations and entertainment. But nobody complains, as the atmosphere is friendly and cozy.

Second place BIS was awarded to the Leonberger multi-Champion Hakuna C. Bora Z Miloticek, bred by Jaroslava Smrhova and owned by Carine Bauwens-Roobrouck of Belgium.

Only 12 judges were invited, and that resulted in very busy days for them; only four had a single day of judging. Most busy was Mr. Dirk Spruyt from Belgium. He had the overall day record with 111 dogs to judge. No wonder, as he had two popular breeds, 47 Chihuahuas and 40 French Bulldogs. He did not judge on Sunday. Mrs. Willemine Van Deylcame very close and was also invited to judge on Saturday only. She had no less than 37 Border Collies that brought her total to 104 dogs. Mr. Rune Fagerström had 104 dogs on Saturday; 26 Swiss White Shepherds and 39 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels contributed this success. On Sunday, he had 70 dogs. Best-scoring judges for both days were Mrs. Melchior from Luxembourg with 181 dogs to judge, 96 on Saturday and 85 on Sunday, and another judge whom she shared this honor with. Mr. Robert Blümel had 92 on Saturday and 89 on Sunday, including 41 Great Danes and 24 Whippets. Mrs. Jelena Kruus finished with 138 dogs in total, a good score, but to attract 26 Dalmatians and 36 Rhodesian Ridgebacks for a show of this kind is certainly worth mentioning. That applies to Leonbergers too. Although popular in our area, 28 is a very nice number. Mr. Peter Machetanz is responsible for this result. He finished with 160 dogs in total and that is worth mentioning too. Mrs. Viviane Boesmans judged three breeds only, but she scored well with 30 Goldens, 36 Labradors and six Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.

Third place BIS went to the Pug Tangetoppen’s Ballroom Blitz, bred by Mr. Olson in Norway and owned by Inge Wilmsen of Belgium.

The Best in Show judge was our famous all-rounder judge, Mr. August De Wilde. He finished his job after 158 dogs in his ring. Twenty-six Chinese Cresteds on Saturday and 28 Bernese Mountain Dogs was a very nice turnout. But that was not enough. We wanted his opinion on the 10 Group winners, and were very curious whom he would make his BIS for this edition for the Lovanium Trophy.

His third place went to the Pug with a famous kennel name and top ancestors, Tangetoppen’s Ballroom Blitz. This little male was entered in the Junior class and was not even a year old. Bred by Mr. Olson from Norway, he is owned by Inge Wilmsen from Belgium. The least we can say is that he made an amazing start of his show career. He had 11 competitors and was judged by Mr. De Wilde himself. The Group judge was Mr. Dirk Spruyt.

The second place was awarded to a Leonberger, the male Hakuna C. Bora Z Miloticek, a multi champion, bred by Jaroslava Smrhova and owned by Carine Bauwens-Roobrouck from Belgium. This dog is used to standing on a podium. He was, of course, entered in the Champion class and won the Group under Mr. Inzoli from Italy.

Best In Show was a Belgian-bred dog that is now living in the Netherlands, the Bearded Collie Beardie Connections Kenji. The breeder of this dog is Mrs. Ingrid Hectors, and the owner is Otto Rinus. This male was entered in the Intermediate class under Willemine Van Deyl from Belgium. He won the title from four competitors, but topped Group I, Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, one of the largest groups in the FCI, judged by Mr. Melchior.

A nice panel of three lovely dogs, I’d say! Next year you can participate and maybe finish on that podium too. But then you need to book this show now and pay attention, as it will be a summer show again, held on August 3 and 4, 2013. Don’t forget.

A complete listing of Group winners appears below and at

Karl Donvil lives in Belgium, where he is a freelance photographer and reporter specializing in dogs. He founded the World Dog Press Association in 2001 and is the current CEO. He is a member of the editorial board of the FCI newsletter and covers shows throughout Europe, including Crufts and the World Dog Show.

Main Ring Results – Lovanium Trophy 2012

Group 1 – Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, except Swiss Cattle Dogs
Judge W.M. van Deijl, Belgium
1st: Bearded Collie Beardie Connections Kenji, owned by Otto Rinus
2nd: Briard Goose Des Nez Mouilles, owned by Marc Tits
3rd: Schipperke Anakinn De Rhynatsy, owned by Lionel Lefevre

Group 2 – Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoids and Swiss Mountain Dogs
Judge M. Inzoli, Italy
1st: Leonberger Hakuna C. Bora Z Miloticek, owned by Carine Bauwens-Roobrouck
2nd:Bullmastiff Leatherneck N’rodels Road Warrior, owned by Whalea Bus
3rd: Dogue de Bordeaux Tanakajd Szepe Madox, owned by Joanna Roberts

Group 3 – Terrier
Judge P. Manchetanz, Germany
1st: Australian Silky Terrier Curiosity His Appearance, owned by Lucie Pironneau
2nd: Cairn Terrier Kelwyn Of Highlands Origin, owned by Jos. and Jeanine Andries-Vandoren
3rd: American Staffordshire Terrier Royanna, owned by Max Van Slijpe

Group 4 – Dachshunds
Judge R. Fagerström, Finland
1st: Miniature Smooth Dachshund Beretta Big Shot Iz Mishkinogo Doma, owned by Artur Lewantowitsch
2nd: Standard Smooth Dachshund Tolentino’s Baron, owned by Lotte De Muynck
3rd: Rabbit Smooth Dachshund Benjamin Blumhen Iz Mishkinogo Doma, owned by Artur Lewantowitsch

Group 5 – Spitz and Primitive Types
Judge W.M. van Deijl, Belgium
1st: Pomeranian Yarburg Chingiz Han, owned by Margareta Brzek
2nd: Akita Regalia’s Stonewashed, owned by Huls Marcel-Lene
3rd: Basenji C-Quest Joduba Dandy Shandy, owned by Noel Baaser

Group 6 – Scenthounds
Judge J. Kruus, Eestonia
1st: Bloodhound Hector Of Lufon Royal Pride, owned by Alfons De Vadder-Van Buggenhout
2nd: Dalmatian Solbo’s Kayo, owned by Chantal Hultink
3rd: Rhodesian Ridgeback Paerdecroon Baron Borg, owned by Henk Salm

Group 7 – Pointers and Setters
Judge W. Wellens, Netherlands
1st: Irish Red Setter Trawricka High Jinks, owned by Frances Mckimm
2nd: English Setter Mariglen Nina Valentina, owned by Eddy Deville
3rd: German Shorthaired Pointer Brandon Beloved From Rhona’s Home, owned by A. Weterings

Group 8 – Retrievers, Flushing Dogs and Water Dogs
Judge W. Wellens, Netherlands
1st: English Cocker Spaniel Joaldy Mandolin Wind, owned by J. J. Pretty and P. Carpenter
2nd: Golden Retriever Thornywait Aceymac, owned by Stephane De Ridder
3rd: Clumber Spaniel Kamiel Van De Hompele Pomp, owned by Ingrid Vandeborg and Johan Vanormelingen Johan

Group 9 – Companion and Toy Dogs
Judge D. Spruyt, Belgium
1st: Pug Tangetoppen’s Ballroom Blitz, owned by Inge Wilmsen
2nd: French BulldogTina D`Magamurc, owned by Leyre Uriarte
3rd: Bichon Frise Charmandelan Ivan Icicle Of Sulyka, owned by Sue Dunger

Group 10 – Sighthounds
Judge R. Blümel, Austria
1st: Afghan Hound Agha Dyari’s Burlesque, owned by Stephan Boieck and Jacqueline Tortolani-Gilles
2nd: Whippet Hello World , owned by Jan Willem Van Der Schaaf and Kris Akerboom
3rd: Greyhound Artefakt Demigod At Resch Wind, owned by Cordelia Schmidt Uwe