The Luxembourg Kennel Club hosts two shows a year, so the editions follow each other quickly. The show on September 1 and 2, 2012, was the 85th edition in the city of the same name as the small country north of France.

Last year, the show had to be postponed due to the festivities around the centenary of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, and the result was amazingly good. This year saw a serious drop to 3,841 entries, still a good entry though. The committee was not unhappy, but I suppose its members had expected more dogs.

Maybe there were just too many big shows the same weekend, such as Macon in France, Palermo in Italy and Giessen in Germany, three countries that used to be well-represented in Luxembourg and belong to the best scoring countries in Europe.

Best in Show at Luxembourg, the Pug Kingpoint Catwalk. Photo by Karl Donvil.

For the LKC, from France there were 1,263 entries, Germany had 718 dogs here and Italy, 168. Belgium was well-represented//LINK “Belgium was well-represented” to: // with 695 dogs entered, as was Holland with 417 dogs. Russia entered 82 dogs; Denmark, 70; Spain, 66; and the United Kingdom, 30. One dog was from Ireland and five came from as far as Romania.

The weather was splendid, as often is the case, and that affected the number of visitors. Some stand holders were happy, others not so. I think this is the most normal situation.

As usual, the judges’ panel was full of surprises to stimulate the exhibitors to enter their dogs. Many of them are not as familiar with the exotic judges, so they count on a fair chance and a less predictable outcome. Showing dogs is a pretty expensive hobby, and not all exhibitors are breeders. So it is normal that they don’t want to waste their money to get a predictable verdict. Forty-three judges were invited, representing no fewer than 16 countries. In addition to one judge from Canada, the others were from different European countries, north, south, east and west from Luxembourg.

The main ring looked splendid as always with tasteful, well-chosen music and a table full of impressive cups. Any judge who comes to Luxembourg for the first time is always impressed with the show’s professionalism and the club’s hospitality.

No judge had more than 100 dogs per day in his ring, but 99 dogs are almost as good. That was the case for
Mrs. Elina Tan-Hietalahti from Finland on Saturday when she had 67 Labradors and 32 Flatcoats to judge, the highest number of the day.

Best in Show under Mrs. Marina Ostrovskaya of Russia was awarded to the Pug Kingpoint Catwalk, bred and owned by Mrs. Christine Sonberg of Belgium. Photo by Karl Donvil.

For the highest count of the weekend, she was beaten by Mrs. Sonia Pagani from Italy who had 75 dogs on Saturday and 76 on Sunday. Mrs. Tina Taulos was another successful bet, with 68 dogs on Saturday and 79 on Sunday. Heiko Wagner from Germany had a weekend total of 125; the high number of Shelties, 42, contributed to this success. Mrs. Martha Kips from Luxembourg had a very interesting total of 53 Border Collies, while Guido Schaefer from Germany had its cousin, the Australian Shepherd, good for 60 specimens. Along with an exceptional 41 Salukis, he finished his weekend with a total of 120 entries.

Rony Doedijns from Holland judged Spitz and Primitive breeds (Group Five) on Saturday, good for 94 dogs, and, together with the entries of Sunday, he ended in a nice overall total of 129 dogs. Mrs. Ruth Wagner ended the weekend with 135 dogs, mainly because she had a very good entry of 81 Wirehaired Dachshunds. Mr.Klaus Strack from Germany judged breeds from Group Five too and finished with a good score of 93 dogs. It was his only day to judge. Paul Jetgen from Luxembourg had a total score of 126. On Saturday he only judged Rhodesian Ridgebacks, with a good total of 50 entries.

The Beagles were also numerous with Mr. Ahrens from Austria judging them on Saturday, and he finished the weekend after having seen 125 dogs. Mrs. Christine Rossier from Switzerland was invited to judge Spaniels and waterdogs on Saturday, good for 78 specimens. On Sunday she had 58 dogs to judge.

A remarkable entry was made for Mr. Tony Howell-Thomas from the United Kingdom, as he was invited for one breed only, the English Cocker Spaniel. He had a record entry of 92 dogs. Another nice score was for the Golden Retrievers, 62 specimens for Mr. Victor Lobakin from Russia. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were also well-represented with no fewer than 85 specimens, all for Mrs. Maria Luisa Marchese from Italy. The Chihuahuas shared their popularity too, with the 64 entries reserved for Mr. Vanaken from Belgium. Forty-five male and 45 female French Bulldogs were subject to Mr. Victor Van Raamsdonck’s judging.

Eye-catching on Sunday was the entry of Dobermans, 61, judged by Mr. Rade Vesic from Serbia, the 91 Great Danes, divided over Mr. Heiko Wagner and Mrs. Resi Ruebelke from Germany, and the 49 Whippets for Mr. Vittorio Passerino from Italy.

Best in Show was awarded to the Pug Kingpoint Catwalk, bred and owned by Mrs. Christine Sonberg of Belgium. Second place BIS went to the Borzoi Russkiy Azart Olimp Imperium Civilitas, owned by Mrs. Maria Lazareva of Italy. Third place BIS was the Bullmastiff Ch. Social Giant Thunder, owned by A.C. Bolle of the Netherlands. Photo by Karl Donvil.

Mrs. Marina Ostrovskaya from Russia was granted the great honor to judge Best in Show. Her Number 3 went to a Bullmastiff from the Netherlands, Ch. Social Giant Thunder, owned by A.C. Bolle. Entered in Champion class males and 2½ years old, under judge Mr. Roger Vanhoenacker from Belgium, he defeated 21 competitors and won the Group judged by Mr. Peter Harsanyi from Hungary.

Left from the BIS was the Borzoi, Russkiy Azart Olimp Imperium Civilitas, from Mrs. Maria Lazareva of Italy. She is a frequent podium winner in Luxembourg, and it was the case again this time. The 28 Borzois were judged by Mrs. Ostrovskaya herself, and the Group was judged by Mr. Passerino. Olimp was entered in Champion class and is almost 4 years old.

Was the outcome a surprise or not? The Best in Show winner was the bitch Kingpoint Catwalk from Mrs. Christine Sonberg of Belgium, owner and breeder of many winning Pugs. Mr. Laurent Heinesche judged them on Saturday and picked her out from 43 competitors. The dog was entered in Champion class and is almost 3 years old. Mr. Katalin Radvanszky from Hungary delivered the ticket for the finals. This little Pug was born in Finland, bred by Veerho Tuija.

Let us hope that the Luxembourg show only had a little dip and will soon recover again. It still is a mystery to me why the autumn version is always less popular than the spring version. The titles to win are the same, the judges are well-chosen as always, the layout and degree of professionalism are the very same. Is it only because a long time ago there used to be only one show a year…in spring? Is that a valid reason?

A complete listing of Group winners appears below.

Karl Donvil lives in Belgium, where he is a freelance photographer and reporter specializing in dogs. He founded the World Dog Press Association in 2001 and is the current CEO. He is a member of the editorial board of the FCI newsletter and covers shows throughout Europe, including Crufts and the World Dog Show.

Main Ring Results – Luxembourg 2012

Group 1 – Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, except Swiss Cattle Dogs
Judge Roger Vanhoenacker, Belgium
1st: Australian Shepherd Fabulous Fiston Des Dolmens D’An Arvor, owned by Anne-Emilie Tilly
2nd: Border Collie Lucky For You Gregorian, owned by Kristof Benyi
3rd: Welsh Cardigan Corgi Gowerston Jazzsinger For Pemcader, owned by Christine Sonberg

Group 2 – Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoids and Swiss Mountain Dogs
Judge P. Harsany, Hungary
1st: Bullmastiff Social Giant Thunder, owned by A.C. Bolle
2nd Newfoundland New Angels Kisstheboy, owned by Didier Haeck
3rd: Bulldog Sebyan Wilson Ocobo, owned by Jerome Véronique and Norman Davis

Group 3 – Terrier
Judge J. S. Pagani, Italy
1st: Scottish Terrier Filisite Brash Koh-I-Noor, owned by Valentina Popova
2nd: Welsh Terrier Fritz Von Der Hohen Flur, owned by Jürgen Göthel and Jac. Houben
3rd: Yorkshire Terrier Foreign-Affair Du Domaine De Monderlay, owned by Marc Mansuet

Group 4 – Dachshunds
Judge F. Naassens, Belgium
1st: Standard Smooth Dachshund Maxim Vom Driland, owned by Anja Brunstering
2nd: Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund Alpheratz Just Do It, owned by Enrique Boza and Lucia Terruzzi
3rd: Standard Longhaired Dachshund Notorius, owned by Antonello Rostagno

Group 5 – Spitz and Primitive Types
Judge R. Doedijns, Belgium
1st: Karelian Bear Dog Karelian Fairline Windsor, owned by A.C.N.M. van der Sterren
2nd: German Mittelspitz Suga Babe From Blagowans Glory, owned by John J. W. H. Cawley
3rd: Siberian Husky Buen Baby Burn Of Nikolatsika, owned by Anja Brinkhoff

Group 6 – Scenthounds
Judge H. Ahrens, Austria
1st: Dalmatian Orion’s Belt Vom Forst Eichenhorst, owned by Joanna Schulz
2nd: Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Around No Problems, owned by Iva Raic and Annicka Lofgren
3rd: Basset Hound Easy Going V. Hollandheim, owned by J. Muller

Group 7 – Pointers and Setters
Judge H. Ahrens, Austria
1st: Weimaraner multi-Ch. Grey Classics Ipanema Girl, owned by Edwin and Kristina Lenaerts
2nd: English Setter Famous Fred On Fire Von Der Guldegg, owned by Stephan Goetz and Michaela Götz
3rd: Irish Setter Jrobbedoes Of The Travlin Star, owned by August Hendrix and Rikki van Hal

Group 8 – Retrievers, Flushing Dogs and Water Dogs
Judge C. Rossier, Switzerland
1st: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Gowan Of Great Pleasure, owned by Edwin and Christina Lenaerts
2nd: Golden Retriever Xanthous Montrose Magpies, owned by Inge De Wit
3rd: Small Dutch Waterfowl Dog Wies, owned by Suzanne Ensel and David Johnson

Group 9 – Companion and Toy Dogs
Judge K. Radvanszky, Hungary
1st: Pug Kingpoint Catwalk, owned by Christine Sonberg
2nd: Brussels Griffon Russisch Geist Maserati, owned by Antoni Gomez
3rd: Smooth Coat Chihuahua Diamonchi Mister Knowitall At Trinzy, owned by Louisa Henry

Judge V. Passerino, Italy
1st: Borzoi Russkiy Azart Olimp Imperium Civilitas, owned by Maria Lazareva
2nd: Saluki Azzedinealaia del Borghino, owned by Leonardo Galliano
3rd: Whippet Coco-Chanel von Hochenzoller, owned by Philippe Moka