There was a slight drop down of the total number of entries, but only slightly from 5487 last year to 5330 this edition. But still this is a fantastic number for a country so small as Luxemburg. It is relatively easy to become Champion of Luxemburg, but is that really so? For certain less popular breeds maybe where only a handful of dogs are entered. But winning in a breed like Chihuahua, Golden Retriever, Rhodesian Ridgeback or Cavalier King Charles is not that easy as in those breeds competition is strong. And that has not only to do with the number of entries in the breed but also because in Luxemburg they know how to assemble an exquisite selection of judges. And this attracts the best dogs from the neighboring countries and far beyond, thus making the competition harder to win the Championship title. People come from no less than 28 different countries to show 261 breeds. The Russians took the 5th place when it comes to numbers with 149 dogs. But there are more remote countries present like the United Kingdom with 81 dogs, Hungary with 29 dogs, Portugal with 30 dogs, all pretty far away countries. Same for Sweden with 27 dogs, Norway with 14 dogs, Finland with 2 and there was one from Ukraine and one from the Philippines, but those are in general dogs that have been brought by a handler.

BIS 88th International Dog Show in Luxembourg Please Visit our Gallery of Photos from this Beautiful Show Here

A show of this size creates opportunities to see some rare breeds like the recently recognized Romanian Tjornak, the Koban Köpegi, the Cao de Fila de Sao Miguel, the Braque Français Pyrenées Petit and the Epagneul Bleu de Picardie et Epagneul de Pont-Audemar, the Pudelpointer, the Romanian Mountain dog of Mioritza and the Romanian Mountain dog of the Carpates. Group V had a Kishu, 3 Korean Jindo Dogs and a Thai Bangkaew Dog while Group VI had a Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund, a Brandlbracke, a Gonczy Polski, a Hamiltonstövare and a Luzerner Laufhund.

44 Judges were invited flying or driving in from 17 different countries, to enjoy all those beautiful dogs and to experience the legendary hospitality of the Luxemburg Kennel Club. Most judges were there to judge on both days and had almost all largely over 100 dogs. Mr. Joel Vanlerberghe was surprised by the high quality of the Dobermanns. In Belgium, where cropped ears and tails are not allowed, he misses the quality the is need there to broaden the gene-pool. He had 82 and was judging on Saturday only.


Mr.Vilmos Kardos from Hungary had 104 dogs, including 82 Miniature Schnauzers, on Saturday and 51 on Sunday. Mr.Jeff Luscott from the UK had 166 dogs in total over the weekend, but the 75 boxers he had on Saturday was remarkable. Top judge of the weekend was Mr.Frank Christiansen from Norway. On Saturday his 88 dogs included 70 Cane Corsos and on Sunday he had no less than 117 French Bulldogs, bringing is score to 205 dogs. Mr.Rolf Blessing from Germany had 85 Bulldogs. Mr.Francis Grenville came from Ireland to judge Newfoundlanders on Saturday and 47 Shelties plus 61 Border Collies on Sunday. His total score was 167 over the weekend.

Mr.Jochen Eberhardt had 164 entries. 61 Flat Coated Retrievers were waiting for him on Sunday. Mr. Roland Spörr from Austria could attract 175 entreis thanks to the 60 Bernese Mountain Dogs on Saturday and the 84 Rhodesian Ridgebacks who were on term on Sunday. Golden and Labrador Retrievers are in general very numerous on shows and the was no difference this weekend. 103 Goldens helped Mr.Liam Moran from Ireland to finish the weekend with 169 dogs while Mrs. Margret Möller-Sieber from Germany did the 85 Labradors. Mr.Bill Blacker and Mrs Joanne Blacker from the UK judged on Saturday only but with smashing numbers.

Saltisgardens Hongkong Blues N° catalogue : 1306 Massimiliano Galasso Italy

Bill had 88 Bull Terriers while Joanne was very busy with her 137 Staffordshire Bull Terriers. She had the best Single day score. The American Staffordshires were reserved for Mrs. Melchior from Luxemburg. Her weekend score was 167. Mr.Jussi Liimatainen from Finland had 142 dogs in total but he could attract an amazing number of 89 Chinese Cresteds. Mr.Claudio DeGiuliani had a busy Saturday with 115 entreis.

On Sunday he only had the Beagles, but 53 is pretty good. Another popular breed are the Australian Shepherds who were for Mrs.Regina Blessing from Germany, 80 altogether. Mr.Guy Kips from Luxemburg judged 71 English Cockers on Sunday, his only day of judging alike Mrs. Monika Petermayer from Austria who came to see how the quality of the 96 Chihuahuas was. And finally the Poodles were divided between Mr.Freddy Declercq and Mrs.Carmen Fisher. Mentioning all the judges in detail would bring us too far.

Cabaka’s Bobbie of Storm Cat Barbara Moreschi Italy

Mr.Luis Pinto Teixeira from Portugal had a total of 164 dogs, nicely devided over the two days. On Saturday he had 83, 45 Bullmastiffs included and Sunday all the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were reserved for him, 81 altogether. But he was also assigned to judge Best In Show. His 3rd place went to the Clumber Spaniel “Wymeswold Tiramisu” coming from Italy to compete with 4 others. This boy is little over 2 years now, bred by Sandra Bakker and now owned by Lorella Vismara. Mr.Giovanni Battista Tabo judged him earlier that day and Mr.Jochen Eberhardt awarded him the Group title. Runner up for Best In Show was the Samoyed “Cabaka’s Bobbie of Storm Cat”. Mr Laurent Heinesche from Luxemburg picked him out of 24 while Mr.Geir Nordahl Petersen from Holland gave him the ticket for the finals.

Wymeswold Tiramisu Lorella Vismara Italy

Cabaka’s is also bred in Italy by Morell Gitte. He was born in 2009 and is owned by Mrs.Barbara Moreshi. The dog was entered in Champion Class.
Winning dog was the Small Basset Griffon Vendéen “Caramel Apple van Tum-Tum’s Vriendjes” , another winning dog from Mrs.Gwen Huikeshoven from Holland. There were only 4 of them and 3 from the Large variety. Caramel 2 years and bred and owned by Mrs.Huikeshoven. He was judged by Mr. Vilmos Kardos from Hungary who judged the breed and later on the group in the main ring. Coincidence was that all 3 winning dogs were judged on Sunday, bad luck for those who won their group on Saturday and had to come back to try their chances for BIS on Sunday.

Caramel Apple van Tum-Tum’s Vriendjes Gwen Huikeshoven Netherlands

You are invited again on 30 and 31 of August when the Autumn edition takes place. The next spring edition is for 28 and 29 of March next year, but that is easy as it always happens the weekend the hour changes for the summer schedule.

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL
Results: FCL