Twelve specialty clubs held shows at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, N.J., on Saturday, and in spite of dire predictions of blizzard-like conditions the day before, roadways were clear around the venue, with few absentees at the specialty shows.

Although there were few spectators, the Meadowlands Specialty Association presented a rare opportunity to see sizable entries in at least two breeds that seldom have more than a few dogs entered at any given show. “Where else can you see 20 Black Russian Terriers or 21 Irish Red and White Setters, except at the National Specialty?” asked Michael Canalizo, AKC Director of Event Management.

Judge Jamie Hubbard had one of the larger entries at the Meadowlands Specialty Association on Saturday, with 75 Irish Setters. Photo by Kayla Bertagnolli.

Two clubs, the Black Russian Terrier Club of Northern New Jersey and the Delaware Valley Pug Club, both held two specialties on Saturday. The day’s judging also included two specialty shows for PBGVs.

Three specialties – for English and Irish Setters and Dachshunds – took place at the Meadowlands on Friday. Nine breed clubs will hold shows there Sunday, along with the Garden State All Terrier Club. Watch Best In Show Daily for results from those shows.

SPECIALTY WINNERS – Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hudson English Setter Club
Judge Sue Goldberg – Entry 83
BOB: GCh. Esthete Topsails VJK London
By Ch. Artizoe High Caliber out of GCh. Esthete’s Claudette Monet RN JH
Bred by Lanore Matter, Jill Warren and Valerie Nunes-Atkinson
Owned by Jill Warren and Lanore Matter

Irish Setter Club of Long Island
Judge Jamie Hubbard – Entry 75
BOB: GCh. Northwind’s First Reign
By Am. Can. Ch. Qualified Mak’n Business out of Ch. Jewelsets Up Up ‘N Away
Bred by Sharon Reilly, Rebecca and Jeff Arch, and Lisa Sommers
Owned by Rebecca and Jeff Arch, and Don and Nancy Keane

Saturday’s Best of Breed Irish Setter GCh. Northwind’s First Reign with handler Jeff Arch. Photo by Kayla Bertagnolli.

Irish Red and White Setter Association
Judge Carol Brown – Entry 21
BOB: Ch. Nyastar’s Spark To A Flame
By RedSun’s Fire Rising out of GCh. RedBranch Radiant Sunset At NyaStar
Bred by Kellyn Miller, Jill Holt and Shawn Hazen
Owned by Kellyn Miller

Vizsla Club of Long Island
Judge Frank Kane – Entry 58
BOB: GCh. Regal Point Pinnacle Of Kilauea JH
By GCh. Kizmar Fabulous Friday out of Ch. Poquito’s Regalpoint Rubi Tiara RN JH NAJ
Bred by Stephen and Debbie Sullivan, Deborah Duty and Melissa Thomas
Owned by Sandra Middlebrooks, Debbie Verret, Susan Rushing and Debbie Sullivan

A Longhaired Dachshund relaxes during the Dachshund Association of Long Island show at the Meadowlands on Saturday. Photo by Kayla Bertagnolli.

Dachshund Association of Long Island
Judge Edna Cooper – Entry 86: 28 Longhaired, 28 Smooth, 30 Wirehaired
BOB and BOV Longhaired: Speechless The Sky Is The Limit
(No information is currently available for this dog.)
BOV Smooth: GCh. Dynadaux Redneck Fancy Boy MS
By Ch. Dynadaux Honky Tonk Redneck Song out of Ch. Magik Rainbow Harmony
Bred by Cyndy Senff
Owned by Pamela Spencer, Brenda Claxton, Bobby Sandoval, Gloria Sutton, S. Summer and Cyndy Senff
Handled by Tonia Holibaugh
BOV Wirehaired: Ch. Legibach Captain Crunch SW
By Ch. Raydachs Great Balls of Fire out of Ch. Legibach Rain Forest Crunch
Bred by Gina Leone Middings and Pat Leone
Owned by Sally Sweatt, Gina Leone Middings and Pat Leone
Handled by Angela Lloyd

BOB at the PBGV Club of America specialty, GCh. Celestial CJ’s All’s Well That Ends Well was handled by Greg Strong. Photo by Kayla Bertagnolli.

Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen Club of America
Judge Denise Ross – Entry 25
BOB: GCh. Celestial CJ’s All’s Well That Ends Well
By Willowbrae As You Like It out of Ch Celestial CJ’s Jolly Fairchild
Bred by Jeanne and Charles Hurty, and Pam and Joe Helmer
Owned by Jeanne and Charles Hurty, Lynne and Mark Florian, and Pam Helmer
Handled by Greg Strong

Mid New Jersey Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen
Judge Anne O’Reilly – Entry 25
BOB: GCh. Jaren’s Ready Set Don’t Go At R-N-B
By Ch. Chien Blanc I’m a Travelin’ Man out of Ch. Jaren’s Our Girl Friday
Bred by Karen Prott-Clugston
Owned by Rodney Jones, Bryan Helvey and Karen Prott-Clugston

Empire Saluki Club Best of Breed winner GCh. Aurora’s Song and Dance Man with owner-handler Gene Blake. Photo by Kayla Bertagnolli.

Empire Saluki Club
Judge Linda Scanlon – Entry 48
BOB: GCh. Aurora’s Song and Dance Man
By Ch. Aurora’s Walk This Way out of Ch. Wisdom’s Aria
Bred by Jay Stone, Carol Waymire and Barbara Wright
Owned by Julie Mueller and Eugene Blake

Black Russian Terrier Club of Northern New Jersey Early Specialty
Judge Joan Scott – Entry 20
BOB: GCh. Rus Maknalis Shtorm Of Arbat
By Arbat Bahrai out of Businka Iz Ismender
Bred by NHA Makarova
Owned by Maria Mastroianni

Black Russian Terrier Club of Northern New Jersey Late Specialty
Judge Barbara Finch – Entry 19
BOB: Ch. Fun Nord’s Hariton Gavrilovich
By Zlato Bojar Gavrila Ladin Syn out of Fun Nord’s Fleur IV
Bred by M.E. Razumovskaya
Owned by Pamela Gladu and Miriam Hernandez

Delaware Valley Pug Club Morning Specialty
Judge Elaine Lessig – Entry 55
BOB: GCh. Hill Country’s Tag I’m It
By Ch. Dulittle-Rose Locked And Loaded out of Maskarade’s Catch Me If You Can
Bred by Kristy and Kevin Ratliff
Owned by Carolyn Koch
Handled by Barry Clothier

Delaware Valley Pug Club Afternoon Specialty
Judge Tina Web-Heres – Entry 57
BOB: GCh. Hill Country’s Tag I’m It

Bichon Frise Club of Northern New Jersey
Judge Johnny Shoemaker – Entry 35
BOB: GCh. Glenleigh Guns N’ Roses
By Ch. Belle Creek’s Me And My Gang out of Ch. Glenleigh Rose Medallion
Bred by Karen Tormey
Owned by Karen Tormey, Lori Carlton, Larry Letsche, Renee Lauer and S. Bernard

SPECIALTY WINNERS – Friday, February 8, 2013

English Setter Club of New England
Judge Daniel Dowling – Entry 73
BOB: GCh. Stargazr’n Wingfield Wait Wait Don’t Tell
Bred by Patricia Skol, Lois Biedron, Eileen Hackett and Kate Hanlon
Owned by Don and Pat Coller, and Eileen Hackett

Irish Setter Club of Long Island
Judge Sandi McCue – Entry 69
BOB: GCh. Northwind’s First Reign
Dachshund Club of New Jersey
Judge Charlotte Borghardt – Entry 78: 25 Longhaired, 26 Smooth, 27 Wirehaired
BOB and BOV Wirehaired: GCh. Del Prado’s Bar Code W
By Ch. Lockshire Live Wire WS out of Ch. Del Prado’s Little Scarlett
Bred by Michelle Bedowitz
Owned by Ann Bischel and Michelle Bedowitz
Handled by Angela Lloyd
BOV Longhaired: GCh. Hundeleben Queen’s Armada SL
By GCh. Homar’s Solo Aviator SL out of Ch. Solo’s Drag Queen
Bred by Wayne Heikes and Carlos Puig
Owned and handled by Carlos Puig
BOV Smooth: GCh. Grandgables Sumbuddy Walden
By GCh. Grandgables Wee Mr Red Thorn out of Ch. Grandgables Ms Some Bunny Else
Bred by Guy Jeavons and Mark McMillan
Owned by Denise Waldo