I guess you could say I’m kind of used to the “all over the place” type of lifestyle, in the sense that I travel a lot.

When I come home, though, it’s always the same. You know the saying, “Home is where the heart is”? It’s more like, “Home is where the normal is,” for me, at least.

My normal homecoming includes more than just family and friends. Probably just like you, it includes my four-legged family too.

Whenever I return home after being away for either my main traveling purpose – dog shows or when I travel for personal reasons, I always come home to the same room, with the same bed and, yes, the same excited dogs.

Last week, when I came home from covering shows in Southern California, not only did I return to find my happy house dogs, but I also came home to – if you’ve been keeping track here on DFR – my not-so-itty-bitty puppies. I was shocked at how much they grew in the short amount of time I was away.

Unlike my “normal” dogs, these puppies didn’t really “know” me, per se. But being puppies, of course, they were as excited to see me as they would be to see anyone!

Growing puppies just call for a photo shoot, so that is exactly what my mom and I did when we got home. We spent a few hours evaluating the litter and taking photos of all of the little cuties.

Oh, and don’t forget playtime, which included many, many overdue puppy kisses! Here is a face to die for…

With puppies waiting at home, it tends to make homecoming more exciting and worthwhile. Even if I just had a great trip full of adventures, coming home to my doggies is something I always look forward to.

All they want to do is hang out with me, and how great a homecoming is that?

It’s proven to be true once more…Dogs Freakin’ Rule!