OK, is it just me or are you as offended by the President of the United States and those around him making jokes about his childhood experience with eating dog? While I am willing to forgive a child who was forced by his insensitive parents to eat something not common among most human diets, I am not sympathetic to adults who find it adventurous to eat animals regarded as human pets for thousands of years, specifically dogs and cats.

At Saturday’s Whitehouse Correspondents’ Dinner POTUS’ writers rewrote Sarah Palin’s memorable joke from the 2008 Republican convention. “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and pit bull?” President Obama reiterated. “A pit bull is delicious.” Now, I know that the President doesn’t routinely include dog meat canapés at state dinners, but I still don’t like the idea that the President of the United States leaves the impression that eating dog meat is a rite of passage or an acceptable diversion for children. The President is revered by millions, even billions of children. I would hate to think that any of them would think that it is anything other than disgusting to eat dog meat.

Now, I am far from a picky eater or culinary xenophobe. I worked for over a decade with refugees and have eaten more authentic ethnic food than the average person. Very few cultures in the world routinely eat dogs or cats. Most cultures look to herbivores for their meat source, though omnivores, especially pork, fish & poultry, are frequently on the menu. However, almost all cultures eschew any other carnivore in their diets. Most oriental cultures, once the major consumers of canine flesh, now have laws against the consumption of dog meat. Today, few cultures still find dog meat acceptable. While there are still some sub-Saharan countries where dog meat is consumed, it is taboo in most western and Muslim countries.

I am rarely accused of being judgmental or intolerant, but on this score, I am not forgiving. No matter how cool you are, it isn’t cool to eat, or condone the eating of, dog meat. And that’s today’s Back Story.