In Columbus Ohio today, Franklin County Municipal Court Judge, Michael Brandt, ruled Piper, the Sheltie, is to be returned to Veronica Covatch and Michelle Wilson by today. Her owners, Covatch and Wilson, produced AKC records, Microchip records and a multitude of exhibits that convinced Judge Brandt that they are the true owners of Piper since her birth.

Judges Final Judgement

Judge Brandt dismissed Franklin County (added to the suit in Dec. 2014) from the Replevin Action as the Judge as he ruled that Piper must be returned.

When Judge Brandt stated he had sufficient evidence to determine the owner, Sanderbeck attempted to interrupt, claiming she was the “owner” of the dog. She was abruptly informed by the Clerk of Court she could not speak without being sworn in. The Judge continued stating he had sufficient evidence to show that Covatch and Wilson own Piper.

He further ruled that should COSR/Sanderbeck fail to return Piper today, Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue/Penny Sanderbeck will immediately forfeit the $10,000 Counter Bond paid into the Court during the Replevin Action.

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