OOFOS Womans sport in Graphite/black

Floating on air! That’s the only way to describe the OOFOS sandal.

After double knee replacements, I am always trying to find comfortable supportive shoes for shock absorption. While searching online recently, I came across the OOFOS Recovery Footware website. Ordering the OOriginal-Sport Sandal in Graphite/Black was simple. Shipping was quick and my package arrived within 2 days of ordering them.  Right out of the box they were light, and looked great.

As a 30 year veteran of dog shows my feet are often killing me! Anytime you spend 2-4 days and 8 plus hours a day standing on your feet, you’re going to feel it.   We all know that if your feet hurt you really don’t want to do anything, but get off those tired tootsies!

We take a lot of steps everyday and we can’t just put our feet up when the show is over. We have dogs to walk, grooming and exercising to do. So many shows now have us standing on concrete for days.  It’s just not good for our feet, backs or posture. Finding just the right shoe is important!

I have literally worn these nonstop since their arrival, other than to sleep. Not only are they super comfortable and cushioning, they offer great arch support and are easily washable after working in the kennel. Made of foam combined with a biomechanically engineered footbed which makes them extremely light, and durable. Rinse them off, put them in the sun and voila! they are ready to go again in 10 minutes.  No squishing around in wet shoes,  OOFOS are waterproof and dry quickly. On a very happy note:  they didn’t turn the bottom of my feet black like some black sandals will do. The sizing was right on.

Great for after show work, grooming, bathing dogs, and just wearing everywhere! I couldn’t be happier and more comfortable and will definitely order a few more pairs!

I highly recommend them to all the overworked, tired dog show feet that need a break after a long day! Go get a pair ASAP!

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