What an incredible year it’s been. When we launched Best In Show Daily one year ago, our goal was to bring you the best editorial in the dog fancy, with comprehensive show coverage and rapid results from around the country. We strived to use the latest in social media technology to help build an interactive community within the dog fancy. Because of your great response, we’ve been able to achieve all of this and more in our first year.

Photos by Kayla Bertagnolli.

Our first show coverage of 2012 was brought to you from Palm Springs, Calif. Veteran dog writers Christi McDonald, Susan Chaney and Dan Sayers provided editorial coverage, and Kayla Bertagnolli created a photo album to commemorate the occasion. Billy Wheeler joined us as Blogger-in-Chief, and his widely read Dog Show Poop introduced many readers to our community. We endeavored to publish original content everyday, although this was something that had never been attempted before in the dog world. In our first month, we successfully delivered our fledgling publication to a few hundred readers.

By Westminster, we were starting to roll. We made a big push with our Facebook page, hoping to drive up our total number of “likes” to 600. We succeeded. The Garden was an exciting, exhilarating and exhausting experience for us, and we were able to bring you daily, comprehensive coverage with instant photo galleries. Since then, we’ve compiled a diverse collection of same-day galleries and results from shows around the country.

In March, we extended our coverage to Britain, covering Crufts Dog Show. Subsequently, our European correspondent, Karl Donvil, has kept you up-to-date with commentary and photos from the major FCI events, including the World Dog Show and the European Winner Show.

Our show coverage expanded throughout the U.S. as well, with photo galleries and results brought to you from nearly 40 events, including Louisville, the Tarheel and Mission Circuits, Waukesha, Oklahoma City, Santa Barbara. Montgomery County, the National Dog Show and AKC/Eukanuba.

Throughout the year, we continued to bring you daily coverage and editorial with expanded social media innovations. Our partnership with Dog Show Results put us at the forefront of reporting timely show results, and we gave you access to Twitter and Facebook so that you too can report results. This year we’re taking things one step further by delivering our mobile app, DSR Mobile Reporter, to easily view and report results from wherever you are. With DSR, we’re offering rewards to our show reporters.

Advertisers have found Best In Show Daily to be the perfect vehicle for launching a dog’s career and for getting their dogs noticed. More than 9,000 of the fancy’s most knowledgeable judges, handlers, breeders and exhibitors receive our newsletter daily, and our website welcomes in excess of 300,000 page views every month.

The Best In Show Daily community continues to grow, and we are now the largest, fastest and most interactive online community in the fancy. Over 22,000 dog lovers have joined our Facebook page, with about 100 new friends welcomed each day. The 12 million fans of our friends truly extend our reach.

Our community is incredibly engaged with us. During AKC/Eukanuba week, more than 14,000 people were active on our page, and the engagement index peaked at over 70 percent, while other sites managed only a more typical 10 to 20 percent. We’ve published more than 1,200 articles for you so far. That’s more than all the other dog fancy publications combined. We’re grateful that you have chosen Best In Show Daily as THE place for news and information.

As we look back at 2012, we’re amazed at how far we’ve come from such humble beginnings. Then we were driving hard for a total community of 600 readers. Today, that many dog lovers join us every week. We are amazed at the community you’ve helped to build. In 2013, we’re looking forward to bringing you more compelling editorial, expanded dog show coverage, new partnerships and social media innovations. We are already busy developing quite a few improvements we think you’ll like, and we’re always happy to hear what you’d like to see from us next.

On this, the start of our second year together, all of us at Best In Show Daily wish you and your dogs success in and out of the ring. Happy New Year!