Today’s newsletter marks the beginning of Best In Show Daily’s second year of home delivery of the latest news and information from around the dog world. I say “home delivery,” but as the fancy’s first truly interactive website, our editors, bloggers and photographers have provided a daily dose of dog-oriented features over the past 12 months in a social medium that’s easily accessible from any smart phone, as well as from the home office.

One year ago, the revolutionary concept of delivering “world-class content in a real multimedia format” was introduced to online readers. Our idea was to simplify access to show information and original articles by utilizing the digital media available to everyone. Through our website, Facebook page, Twitter feeds, custom apps and daily newsletter, we’ve been able to bring together a community of dog fanciers from around the world that is serious about the role dogs play in our lives.

Billy Wheeler sits ringside with a Bedlington friend at one of the many show clusters he’s covered for Best In Show Daily and Dog Show Poop. Photos by Dan Sayers.

From the start, our goal has been to bring readers the best editorial available anywhere and at any time, with comprehensive show coverage and rapid results from around the country. During a typical week, on Monday, Billy Wheeler provides his Monday Morning Mop-Up and the first of his Back Story ruminations, and Christi McDonald delves deeply into the histories of some of the weekend’s biggest winners through Fancy That. Tuesday brings Susan Chaney’s health feature with interviews with leading veterinary researchers, along with the first DFR blog of the week, with photos by Kayla Bertagnolli. On Wednesday, Christi delivers her report on the offerings at Shows Closing the following week, and we publish a feature article by one of our editors or a contributing writer. Thursday brings another DFR blog from Kayla and introduces Billy’s midweek Back Story, and on Friday the weekend begins with a pair of articles highlighting the foreign show scene and perhaps a Who’s Who or Say Hello interview with a noted breeder or handler. Saturday introduces a performance event authored by Susan, and the third of Billy’s weekly Back Stories, while Sunday is reserved for Christi’s Legislative Update or an editor’s Favorite Things, together with my Breeder Buzzwords highlighting the unique language of a single breed’s AKC standard.

We endeavor to use the latest in social media technology to help strengthen the international community of dog people. Karl Donvil joined BISD last year, bringing show reports from Europe through Eurodognews, and we plan to include more reports this year from Britain, Scandinavia, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. We are delighted to receive news and information from our readers around the world, and we’re always happy to publish reports.

Kayla Bertagnolli, right, enjoys a relaxed moment with friends at one of the marquee shows where she’s captured her signature images of America’s show dogs.

Dog shows, of course, are our primary focus, and we’ve reported from ringside at events such as Palm Springs, Portland, Ocala, Westminster, Crufts, Bucks and Trenton, the World Show, Kalamazoo, Waukesha, Greeley, Santa Barbara, Westchester, Del Valle, Philadelphia and AKC/Eukanuba. We’ve also covered the specialties, including the Golden Retriever National and the Poodle Club of America, and we plan to attend even more all-breed, limited-breed and specialty shows in 2013. Heidi Gervais, Adrienne Owen, Karen Dewey and Megan Cloudman have joined the BISD team, and they can be found at shows in the Pacific Northwest, New England and the Southeast, as well as any number of events in Canada.

Dog Show Results has allowed BISD readers to quickly and easily access each day’s Group and Best in Show winners, with even faster viewing and reporting coming with our new DSR Mobile Reporter.

More than 300,000 monthly page views have caught the attention of savvy advertisers who are quick to take advantage of our photo and video showcases. Several of 2012’s top dogs are featured on our site, seen by the nearly 10,000 judges, handlers, breeders and exhibitors who receive our newsletter daily.

Our burgeoning audience includes 22,000 Facebook friends who’ve “liked” us more than 23,000 times. Nearly 7,500 fans are active on our wall each week and, according to Facebook, our total weekly reach exceeds half a million. When friends of fans are counted, the total is approximately 12 million. We’re very grateful for the reception we’ve received from viewers during our first year.

As we continue to grow, we pledge to deliver the finest editorial accompanied by the latest show results and photo galleries, together with the digital showcases that feature the world’s most competitive show dogs. Best In Show Daily is pleased to represent the community of dog fanciers, so be sure to stay in touch and tell us about how your dogs are doing in the ring. We’re looking forward to spending our second year with you.