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Dr. Arnold Goldman and Connecticut Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners Win 2015 Bebout Legislative Leadership Award

New York, NY – In a ceremony held at their New York headquarters, the American Kennel Club presented Dr. Arnold L. Goldman, DVM, MPH and the Connecticut Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners with the 2015 Bebout Memorial Award for Leadership in Canine Legislation. Named for Walter Bebout, the late Director of the… read more

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As the Wheels Turn – Win Photo Advice From the Pros

We’ve ALL been there. The huge win. The perfect moment memorialized forever. You count the days until the photo mailer arrives (or you find the image online). You open it in anticipation and, “OMG! I look like Jabba the Hut”!!! The good Lord knows, my pile of photos that will never see the light of… read more


When the Remedy is the Poison

There’s a specific routine we follow for each pet arriving for a chemotherapy appointment. Owners arrive and are greeted by a technician, who will ask several questions about how their pet is doing and if any complications from a previous treatment arose. If all is “status quo,” the patient will be taken to our treatment… read more


Thrill of the Hunt Test: Reflections From the Cocker Spaniel Club of Georgia’s Event

A Cocker Spaniel Club of Georgia member shares his experience in taking part in the club’s hunt test in December.  The air is crisp and the sky is a rich blue with stars on one horizon and the sun trying to rise on the other. Trees and hedgerows line fields that are thick with tan… read more

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The Most Dangerous Poison: The Unknown

We all learn in different ways, and veterinarians are no different. We learn by example, by experience, and by trial-and-error (sometimes several different ways at once). In veterinary school, most learning follows the classic didactic method of “Here’s this disease, here’s how you diagnose it, here’s how you fix it,” at least in thelast two… read more


Westminster Week Around The City Event Calendar

There are a variety of events surrounding Westminster Week. Below is a listing including dogs shows, dog art events, seminars, meetings, parties and more! Dog Shows in Tri-State Area (for more information go to www.infodog.com or www.raudogshows.com or www.akc.org)  Thursday, February 11, 2016 Long Island Golden Retriever Club – Bay Shore, NY Friday, February 12,… read more


Manchester Championship Dog Show 2016 – Best in Show

Carla Molinari from Portugal was the judge of the final seven dogs at Manchester dog show 2016, some of last years big winners and some new group winners made for an exciting finale. Her Best in Show winner was last year’s Dog World/Arden Grange Top Utility and fifith Top Dog all breeds Tyler the Bulldog… read more


Show Regulations Amended to Prevent Tail and Lead Lifts

HANDLERS who use the tail and lead to lift their bests of breed or group winners at Crufts will not be allowed to take part in the group or best in show and will have to be replaced. Judges and stewards have been asked to monitor lifting methods and if necessary report people to group… read more

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As The Wheels Turn – Kids and Dogs

Kids and dogs make the world go ‘round. The cuteness factor is undeniable. In fact, basic Advertising 101 includes an entire chapter on incorporating kids and animals for maximum impact in a product launch. At AKC dog shows, the generational aspect of dog people having children, raising them at the shows and watching them continue… read more

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AKC’s Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Klein on Canine Flu

On my Facebook page in early March 2015, I warned to Chicago that “something is going on” with the dog situation: our hospital, a 24-hour emergency and critical care facility, is used to seeing a high volume of cases of sick and injured dogs and cats. But what we were seeing was different.  A sudden… read more

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