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As the Wheels Turn – Peace, Love and a Favor for a Friend

“When I first started, I was amazed by the ‘trading favors’ system,” said a young handler friend this weekend. Her comment sort of startled me, and got me thinking about this unique and worthy tradition in the sport. “I mean, wait, what? You show my dog and I get paid? What’s that about? What other… read more


Out of the Mouths of Animals…

Dogs and cats are frequently diagnosed with tumors of the oral cavity. This diverse group of cancers includes growths along the gingiva (gum), lips, tongue, tonsils, the bones and cartilage of the upper and lower jaws, and the structural components holding the teeth in place. The most common oral tumors in dogs are melanoma, squamous… read more


Comfort Dogs Raise a Paw to Support Boston Once Again

In 2013, Michelle L’Heureux of Auburn, Maine, was standing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon when one of two homemade bombs exploded next to her. L’Heureux severe injuries to her arm and leg from the attacks, which ultimately killed three individuals and injured hundreds more. When she was finally ready to attempt walking again, two comfort dogs from the… read more


Canadian Kennel Club Congratulates Trudeau Family on First Portuguese Water Dog

The Canadian Kennel Club congratulates Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family on their newest addition to the family, a Portuguese Water Dog named Kenzie. The breed is also a favourite with President Barack Obama, who has owned Portuguese Water Dogs since 2009. “This is the perfect breed for our Prime Minister and his Family,” said… read more


Comfort Dogs Deployed to Orlando to Help Shooting Survivors

Gracie, a five-year-old Golden Retriever and comfort dog, is on her way to Orlando, Florida to help survivors of the shooting that occurred early Sunday morning. Gracie will be traveling from her home in Davenport, Iowa to Orlando to visit hospitals and local churches, offering love and comfort to those affected by this tragedy, News… read more


NY Times: China’s Dog Meat Festival Is Again at Hand, and Opponents Are Lining Up

By NY Times BEIJING — Two weeks before the annual dog meat festival in the southern Chinese city of Yulin, an international coalition of animal welfare advocates is stepping up pressure on the Chinese government to shut it down. A petition with more than 11 million signatures was presented to the Chinese Embassy in London… read more


The Infinite Sadness of HappyTail

The name sounds like it could be a children’s book or the first installment of a Disney franchise – Happytail. Little anthropomorphic creatures cavorting gleefully in some wooded glade somewhere while they sing about the virtues of modesty, proper dental hygiene or hard work. But fairy tale full of wide-eyed childhood wonder it’s not. It’s… read more


Do You and Your Dog Have Similar Personalities?

Research has shown that owners often choose dogs that look similar to them. Data also suggests that the dogs we choose to share our life with tend to have similar personalities. One study asked owners to rank themselves and their dogs in five personality traits – neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness. Owners ranked themselves and… read more


California: Committee to Consider Bill Allowing Strangers to remove Dogs From Vehicles

The California Senate Judiciary Committee will hear Assembly Bill 797which will allow private citizens to remove a companion animal from a vehicle if they believe that the animal is in imminent danger of suffering harm. Dog owners who reside or participate in events in California are encouraged to contact the Judiciary Committee or their Senator… read more


What’s this Got to Do With Pedigree Dogs?

CAN certainly tell that summer has arrived when the county shows begin. I visited the Devon county show the other week and, as usual, it didn’t disappoint. While Marc showed the dogs I wandered around Westpoint and visited the various livestock exhibitions. It’s always incredible to see how such a small island has managed to… read more

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