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Club Celebrates Breed Name Change for Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

BREED enthusiasts are celebrating after hearing that the Kennel Club is to change the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog’s name.   From January 1 it will become the Great Swiss Mountain Dog, something breeders, owners, exhibitors and clubs have wanted for some time.   The breed was first recognised by the KC in 2008 and called… read more


As the Wheels Turn – Why I Came Back…

The question was put to my social media connections, resulting in a small and self-limiting sampling to be sure, but I received more than 70 individual stories about exhibitors’ first dog show experiences and why they came back. Interestingly enough, it was about the people. Some respondents liked the winning, the competition, the excitement and… read more

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Can’t You Just Give Me the “Chemo Pill”

I’ve been a major slacker lately when it comes to writing articles. I blame the fact that a few months back, the staff at PetMD cut back on asking me for contributions, therefore reducing my incentive (read: deadlines) for completing my tasks. My absence doesn’t stem from a lack of thought. I still possess a… read more

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AKC Announces 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Finalists

New York, NY – The American Kennel Club® (AKC®) is pleased to announce the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award finalists in the categories of Conformation, Companion Events and Performance Events. The Awards, created and first awarded in 1999, are presented in recognition of exceptional participation and achievement within the dog fancy. The finalists chosen, based on… read more



I expected to be upset after Worlds—a lot, actually. Over the end of something great, an adventure I’ve been pining over for most of my life. I haven’t cried over it, surprisingly enough, though I’ve come close. Likely that’s because life elbowed in as soon as we landed, in the form of a chair sliding on a kitchen floor. … read more


Hospice for Pets – Is it Right for You?

It was another hot summer afternoon, and I found myself with my friend and her family in their back yard preparing to euthanize Daizy, their middle-aged, oversized Beagle. The family was assembled around Daizy, who had finally reached the end after a two-week battle with her kidneys that were no longer doing the job they… read more


JUNIOR HANDLERS: The future of Our Sport, is it at Risk?

As I watched world class Olympians achieve their goals and world class athletes become world class Olympians, and watched their passions and struggles open up before me in the poignant biographies, it struck me that all athletes share that same passion and competitive drive to succeed.  I was also pleased to learn that many of our… read more


Thousands of Owners Forget to Update Microchip Details When They Move

Thousands of owners forget to update microchip details when they move, survey reveals ONE in eight stray dogs unclaimed in local authority kennels facing destruction have microchips bearing incorrect details.   New research has shown that after moving house owners give priority to sorting out their digital TV before they consider updating their dog’s chip… read more


Three FCI Judges Suspended

THREE international judges are to be suspended temporarily by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). They are Igor Vyguzov, Yolanda Nagler and Franki Leung.   Based on a request from the Russian Kynological Federation (RKF) Mr Vyguzov will no longer be on the Montenegro Kennel Club’s judges list, and invitations to judge at FCI events must… read more

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As the Wheels Turn – The Gate Keepers — Ring Stewards 101

Ring stewards are critical to the smooth functioning of any AKC dog show. Most are volunteers. None are well paid. The job includes everything from keeping the judge on time to keeping the exhibitors in line. It is the type of largely unnoticed effort that, when done well, is invisible. But, when done poorly, inevitably… read more

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