The Von Doms

I come from a very working class background but both sides of my family always insisted on having pedigree dogs. My father’s side of the family kept Dachshunds; my mother’s side were more eclectic in their tastes keeping among others, Dobermanns, German Shepherds, Samoyeds and Boxers. My mum’s childhood (in the early 1950’s) was spent… read more


Windsor Championship Show 2016: Midnight Express Steams Ahead

In the Best in Show ring on the final night of Windsor championship dog show 2016, Ben Reynolds-Frost had the privelidge of judging the seven finalists and pick his Best in Show winner. From the seven his winner was the Doberamann Ch/Ir Ch Jojavik Midnight Express who was winning his second all-breed Best in Show… read more


As the Wheels Turn – Our Own Worst Enemies

Welcome guest columnist Kelly Schur, Lake Bluff, Ill. I first met Kelly a dozen years ago when we were both showing competitive pug specials. She impressed me then and continues to do so today. Thank you for your thought-provoking ideas Kelly! How often are people in the sports of purebred dogs heard lamenting about declining… read more


New Superbug in Dogs and Cats: mcr-1

A few years ago, the New Delhi metallobetalactamase-1 (NDM-1) antibiotic resistance gene attracted a lot of attention. This resistance gene can be found in (and passed between) a variety of bacteria, and bacteria possessing this gene are resistant to a wide range of drugs. A drug of last resort for those infections is colistin (a… read more


Owner Handlers – Is it so Bad to be a Specialist

True story ‘Your world is very small,’ I was informed by a professional handler last weekend while he held up his hand and pinched his forefinger and thumb together until there was a tiny separation.  ‘It’s made up of just brown dogs.’  Let’s ignore for a few minutes that no one is in the position… read more


When the Patient is Our Own

Veterinary technicians are blessed with pets that, like any other pet owners, may have major medical issues. Not only do we have healthy pets, but also we’re more likely than the general public to take home the three-legged dog the owners no longer wanted, to work with a cat’s diabetes or to, nurse a tiny… read more


Oregon supreme Court Decision Not the Landmark Case Animal Rights Advocates Claim

By Jessica Acito, GR Intern, and Phil M. Guidry, J.D., GR Sr. Policy Analyst Last week the Oregon Supreme Court handed down a decision in Oregon v. Newcomb regarding the relationship between animal cruelty and a dog’s legal status as personal property.  The court allowed a blood sample, taken from a dog seized without its… read more


Agility Grand Champion – Recognizing a Lifetime of Excellence

The American Kennel Club is pleased to announce a title designed to celebrate the lifetime achievement of dogs that excel across all AKC agility classes – the Agility Grand Champion (AGCH). To earn the AGCH title, the following number of qualifying scores must be earned: Master Standard & Master Jumper with Weaves – 100 qualifying… read more


Bill Cunningham’s Photography Captured the Beauty of New York’s Canine Companions

Much ink and tears have been spilled following the death of photographer Bill Cunningham. The longtime New York Times fashion columnist and photo/video essayist has been both hailed as the last of a dying breed, and a truly singular man of warmth, kindness, curiosity, and remarkable vision. He is mourned by the fashion glitterati and… read more


The Kerry Beagle

There was a fascinating piece written by Simon Parsons on the Kerry Beagle (if you missed it, do go and have a read, In the Dog House, May 20) and the awarding of group 2 for Errigal Princess, at Banbridge. As Simon pointed out, we often hear about the plight of our British and Irish… read more

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