The American Kennel Club Announces the Launch of the AKC Canine College

New York, NY (September 27, 2016) – The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred registry and advocate for all dogs, joins the world of online learning as it announces the launch of its online learning platform, the AKC Canine College. The Canine College is an initiative that will allow the AKC to extend… read more


A Special Report from AKC Chairman Ron Menaker: AKC National Championship Presented by Royal Canin – Bigger and Better Than Ever

As time marches into autumn, the new season signals the thrilling culmination of another wonderful year in the sport of dogs. We mark the occasion with an event like no other: The AKC National Championship. Now in its 16th year, our National Championship show will be held this December 17th and 18th in Orlando, Florida,… read more

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NJ Alert: SB1013 Threatens Accepted Responsible Care Practices for Dog Shows and Traveling

The AKC is concerned with many aspects of the bill, and urges all concerned dog owners in New Jersey, especially purebred dog fanciers and enthusiasts, to request that the members of the committee amend the bill as recommended below to ensure that responsible dog owners and handlers are not unreasonably and unnecessarily impacted. New Jersey… read more


Blinding Disease in Canines and Humans Shares Causative Gene, Pathology

Ciliopathies are diseases that affect the cilia, sensory organelles that most mammalian cells possess and which play a critical role in many biological functions. One such disease is Senior Løken Syndrome, a rare condition that can involve both a severe kidney disease and the blinding disease Leber congenital amaurosis, or LCA. A decade ago, researchers… read more


Competitor Spotlight – Maureen Hughes

If you attend USDAA trials in Arizona, or neighboring states, you probably know Maureen Hughes. She isnt the most loud-spoken competitor at the shows, nor is she the one running half the dogs in a given jump height. She is recognizable as the one dressed in apparel emblazoned with Tigger, as in Winnie the Pooh’s… read more


More Things to Expect at Cynosport this Year

If you’re coming to Cynosport this , here’s some more helpful information to get yourself prepared! RVs RV hook-ups at the facility are by reservation only through WestWorld. Each RV space has water and electricity, but no sewer connection. Information on pumping services will be available for an additional fee and will be provided with… read more


Atlanta Obedience Club Honors AKC Paw of Courage Recipient, K-9 Tryko

The membership of the Atlanta Obedience Club was very honored to present the AKC K-9 Officer Program Certificate to K-9 Officer Tryko of Doraville, Georgia. Tryko was presented the certificate during Atlanta Obedience Club’sResponsible Dog Owners Day event. Atlanta Obedience Club donates to The Pawlice Fund which was set up by a local business, The… read more


The Xoloitzcuintli

From the pages of Best In Show Daily’s September Edition of our Digital Magazine The Xoloitzcuintli is a primitive dog breed, evidence of which has been confirmed from the relics of indigenous peoples of Mexico dating back over 3000 years. It is important to remember where these dogs originated, they were not developed through artificial… read more


Rising Stars of the New Millenium (Part 2)

These young men and women express the insight, the work ethic,the commitment and the passion to lead us forward into what may well become a new “Golden Age” of the sport. I see an awful lot of talent and smarts in this group Shine on Twentysomethings! Click here for Part 1 Julia Johns, 24, breeder/owner/handler,… read more

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Pedigree Paws Unite a Huge Success,Raising More Than £70,000

A TOTAL of 210 of the UK’s 216 breeds took part in Gavin and Sara Robertson’s Pedigree Paws Unite (PPU), the mammoth charity walk across Britain which ended triumphantly at Darlington championship show last week.   The massive fundraising drive has already produced £68,000 from walkers and supporters and another £4,000 is yet to come… read more

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