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Breaking News         Olympic KC (2)     08/17/2014     Best In Show Judge: Ms. Pluis Davern     Best In Show: GCH Rush Hills DramaGeddon JH     West Oahu KC (2)     08/17/2014     Best In Show Judge: Mrs. Janet Lobb     Best In Show: GCH Xeralanes Music Lover     Reno KC (2)     08/17/2014     Best In Show Judge: Ms. Nikki Riggsbee     Best In Show: GCH Hitimes What The Inferno     Greeley KC (2)     08/17/2014     Best In Show Judge: Mr. Garth Gourlay     Best In Show: GCH Bugaboos Picture Perfect     St. Clairsville Ohio KC     08/17/2014     Best In Show Judge: Mr. Richard Paquette     Best In Show: CH Fyrewyre Fit To Be Tied     Dog Advisory Council To Wind Down The growing problem of canine dementia White Swiss Shepherds 2014 American Kennel Club Breeder of the Year Award Group Honorees Named As the Wheels Turn – Looking Forward


Harrisburg Cluster

Harrisburg Cluster


Canfield Shows



August 17, 2014
Olympic KC (2)

August 17, 2014
West Oahu KC (2)

August 17, 2014
Reno KC (2)

August 17, 2014
Greeley KC (2)

August 17, 2014
St. Clairsville Ohio KC

August 17, 2014
Jesse James KC (2)

August 17, 2014
Carolina KC (2)

August 17, 2014
Tioga County KC (2)

August 17, 2014
Memphis KC (2)

August 17, 2014
Wachusett KC (2)


August 20, 2014
2014 American Kennel Club Breeder of the Year Award Group Honorees Named

August 15, 2014
AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Veterans Competition Judging Panel Released

August 11, 2014
Breaking News! Rescue Posts $10,000 Bond to Keep From Returning Piper

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The Back Story

Most cynophiles outside of India and for that matter, most within India, remain uncertain as to the characteristics that make a Caravan Hound — the defining aspects of function, type, and temperament. To better understand the Caravan Hound, it is imperative to...
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ONE of the things I love about the age of social media is the immediacy you can gauge views and opinions relatively quickly. We’ve had one such example this week all based around a letter we published from Mike Gadsby of the...
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Most evenings as we settle down to read or watch TV, Jim or I give Otis something to chew. She has many favorites from what I call the “carnage aisle” of the pet store, such as beef kneecaps, bully sticks, and marrowbones. But before Otis gets her nightly chew treat, I always have her perform Continue Reading