Theriogenology Service Helps African Boerboel Deliver 19 Puppies

Bailey, a four-year-old African Boerboel, recently delivered what is believed to be the largest litter of puppies – 19 – ever born at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. All but one of the puppies survived the April 28 caesarean delivery by a multidisciplinary team of faculty veterinarians at the Wilford and Kate Bailey… read more


What Makes a Great Competitor?

What makes a competitor great? I’ve been mulling this question over for quite a while. Because I think, at the heart of it, a great competitor is composed of much more than just what can be gleaned from the surface. Is it based solely on results? On how many nationals/ invitationals/ tryouts/ worlds an individual… read more


FDA Approves Entyce, a New Animal Drug for Appetite Stimulation in Dogs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced the approval of Entyce (capromorelin oral solution), a new animal drug indicated for appetite stimulation in dogs. Entyce is a selective ghrelin receptor agonist that binds to receptors that stimulate appetite. A laboratory study conducted with Entyce showed an increased appetite in normal healthy dogs. In a… read more


Do Dental Treats Work?

Dental health and hygiene has been well established as important for the health of our dogs. Dental plaque has been correlated with heart and kidney problems in dogs, as well as being potentially painful and seeding bacterial infections throughout the body. Bad breath can reflect illness and is certainly unpleasant for both dog and owner…. read more


Time to Split Sheltie Breed, Council Says

‘PROMPT and serious’ consideration should be given to splitting the Shetland Sheepdog breed.   The breed council has written to the Kennel Club to that effect, saying it is supporting a recent petition by Scandinavian breeders asking the KC to recognise the ‘American Shetland Sheepdog’ separately.   There has been concern and unrest for some… read more


Mystery as 12 Dogs Die in Hotel Car Park

TWELVE dogs being transported to a show in Italy by a professional handler have died in the vehicle while it was parked outside a hotel. Fabrizio Manni had completed the six-hour drive from his home to Rende, and had checked the dogs twice, exercising them and replenishing their water. He returned three hours later and… read more


Prevention is Smart Breeding- Cystine Bladder Stones in the Newfoundland Dog

From its early history as a North American working dog used to retrieve fishing nets and perform human water rescues, the beautiful and intelligent Newfoundland dog has carved out a well-deserved place in the heart of dog lovers around the world. Their characteristic large size, marked by heavy bones, powerful musculature, webbed feet, and thick… read more


Elementary School Students Raise Money to Get Classmate a Service Dog

Mason Burns, a student at Carson City Lower Elementary in Michigan, is getting a service dog thanks to the support of his teachers and classmates. Mason is nine-years-old and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His condition makes it difficult for him to walk and move around. After realizing that Mason would benefit from having someone with… read more


City of Whittier CA to be Presented AKC Dog Friendly City Award in Ceremony Saturday June 4th

The City of Whittier CA will receive the American Kennel Club’s Dog Friendly City Award in a special presentation to be held at Whittier Dog Park on Saturday, June 4 at 1:00 pm.   Members of the California Federation of Dog Clubs (CFoDC) and AKC Legislative Analyst Sarah Sprouse will present the award to Mayor Joe… read more

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As the Wheels Turn – The New Normal

I once got a C in my French class in high school. My father posted the report card on the wall in the dining room for anyone and everyone to see. The original shaming technique. In our home A’s were expected and B’s brought a lecture about studying harder. C’s were definitely not an option…. read more

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