Confused by Veterinary Oncology Terminology? Let Me Help You Figure it Out!

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are confusing topics. When complicated terminology is combined with the anxiety associated with a diagnosis of cancer, it’s easy to understand how things become blurry.   Further complicating things are those veterinarians who cross specialties. How can an owner keep be expected to keep it all straight? Chemotherapy is defined as the… read more

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Delaware Senate Set to Consider Making Golden Retriever the State Dog

The Delaware House of Representatives has unanimously approved a bill to make the Golden Retriever Delaware’s state dog. Eleven states currently have official state dog breeds, often recognizing those that are indigenous to a state. Pending approval by the Delaware Senate, the Golden Retriever will join the ranks of breeds such as the Alaskan Malamute,… read more



I’ve been trying to write about this for weeks but I have been struggling. The words have come in fits and stops. I find myself sitting down, writing, typing, and then walking away, unable to finish. Before tryouts I started a post about patience– a topic I had been mulling over quite a lot beforehand…. read more


Meet the Dogs Who Travel the World – and Learn the Incredible Reason Why

PART ONE: OSCAR Dogs are not allowed in the Trevi fountain. But Joanne Lefson never much cared for rules. After all, she was in Rome, and why shouldn’t her travel buddy, Oscar, get to sightsee, too? So while sitting among the romancing tourists on the side of the famed Baroque structure, Lefson made a wish,… read more

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Public Education, Support for Breeders is a Better Solution for Puerto Rico Dogs

The images are enough to break anyone’s heart – stray dogs roaming the street without proper food, water and basic needs; shelters overflowing with unwanted animals.  There is no question that something needs to be done.  The dogs – and the people of Puerto Rico – deserve better.But punishing those who responsibly own and breed… read more


Possible Move to Germany for Next Year’s World Show

NEXT year’s World Dog Show will no longer take place in Ecuador. The venue could now be Germany, the country which received the second highest number of votes at the 2013 Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) General Assembly. The kennel club in Ecuador (AERCAN) has told the FCI that it is unable to stage the event… read more


Dutch KC Demands Welfare Action Before China Allowed to Hold World Show

IF DOG welfare in China does not improve it should not be allowed to stage the World Show in 2019, the Dutch kennel club believes. And if the China Kennel Union does not introduce a clear change in dog-friendly policies, a proposal to repeal the allocation of the show should be presented to the FCI’s… read more


Bath Dog Show 2016 – Best in Show

At Bath championship dog show 2016 Steve Hall awarded Best in Show to the Pastoral group winner – Australian Shepherd Austin, Ch Hearthside Man Of Mystery at Dialynne.

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As the Wheels Turn – Peace, Love and a Favor for a Friend

“When I first started, I was amazed by the ‘trading favors’ system,” said a young handler friend this weekend. Her comment sort of startled me, and got me thinking about this unique and worthy tradition in the sport. “I mean, wait, what? You show my dog and I get paid? What’s that about? What other… read more


Out of the Mouths of Animals…

Dogs and cats are frequently diagnosed with tumors of the oral cavity. This diverse group of cancers includes growths along the gingiva (gum), lips, tongue, tonsils, the bones and cartilage of the upper and lower jaws, and the structural components holding the teeth in place. The most common oral tumors in dogs are melanoma, squamous… read more

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