As Deadly Flooding Continues in Houston and the Surrounding Areas, Two- and Four-Legged Rescuers From Across the Country Answer the Call for Help.

With flood waters continuing to rise, millions of people along a 367 mile stretch of coast along the Gulf of Mexico are now affected by Tropical Storm Harvey. Downgraded from a Category 4 hurricane this morning, the deadly weather event struck with devastating force over the weekend, hovering over Eastern Texas and causing severe structural damage and flooding in the area. While precautions were taken to evacuate areas in its path and it has since been downgraded to a Tropical Storm, Harvey remains the strongest and most destructive storm to hit the region since 2005.

That year was a catastrophic hurricane season for the southeast and 27 SDF teams responded to 4 major hurricanes between August and October 2005. Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 29th, marks the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall in New Orleans, creating a path of devastation that the region is still recovering from, over a decade later.

With the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina and others, SDF is confident in the Canine Disaster Search Teams deployed for Tropical Storm Harvey and knows that they have the training, skills, and knowledge to help those in need. While it is difficult to get updates from the field during a deployment like this, we will continue to update our Deployment Report page throughout this incident to bring you the latest news.

14 of your SDF-trained Canine Disaster Search Teams are now deployed, along with their Task Force teammates, to help in the aftermath of Harvey:
California Task Force 1 (Los Angeles Fire)
  • Eric Ingstad & Java
California Task Force 4 (Oakland)
  • Mike Stornetta & Rocket
California Task Force 5 (Orange County)
  • Davis Doty & Jester
  • Doug Van Iwaarden & Sadie

California Task Force 8 (San Diego)

  • Brent Brainard & Decker
  • Linda D’Orsi & Haley
Nebraska Task Force 1 (Lincoln)
  • Steve MacDonald & Lilly
  • Andrew Pitcher & Chief
  • Damon Wirth & George
Texas Task Force 2 (Dallas)
  • Keri Grant & Tucker
  • Robert Grant & Rocky
  • Patti Krafft & Billy
  • Andi Sutcliffe & Skye
Utah Task Force 1 (Salt Lake City)
  • Roxanne Bauman & Cole
*Please note: Additional Search Dog teams are deployed with their Task Forces but SDF is not permitted to share their rosters without explicit permission from those Task Forces. We wish all members of the FEMA and State Task Forces deployed the best of luck – stay safe out there!

Thank you for keeping those affected by this storm in your thoughts, and for all of your support to ensure that when disaster strikes, our nation’s Search Teams are ready to respond.

Click here to see the full Deployment Report and meet the Search Dogs currently deployed!