While COSR attorney, John Bell refused to offer a statement on August 11, today Bell broke his silence “NBC4 Investigates”, a newscast aired on NBC4i on Aug. 14.

Bell stated:

“It’s a lot of fuss about a stray.”

He continued later in the newscast saying,

“Central ohio sheltie rescue is the owner of the dog now but we would .. that …that question of legal ownership doesn’t mean that the dog would not necessarily go back to someone who had him before
or had her before. Um it … it just … that’s just a legal question that once the dog comes out of the
shelter to the rescue, it’s the rescue’s dog and that’s the end of it.”

Lloyd Cohen, Covatch’s attorney, when asked to respond to the NBC4i newscast, issued the following statement:

“Watching the NBC4i broadcast of Piper’s story at the same time I was moved by Veronica’s hurt – I heard the rescue’s real position as a claim of absolute ownership and I still had to ask myself … why?”

That is the question we are all asking! Why? The second question we are asking is Where is PIPER!

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