Lois Lerner, IRS Employee and HSUS Member

Lois Lerner, IRS Employee and HSUS Member

Generally speaking, I adhere to my Momma’s advice to never discuss my politics or religion, but when they cross paths with my world of dogs, I just can’t resist. No, I am not going to get into that whole “Do dogs go to heaven?” question (answered definitively here), but today’s political headlines have collided with the world I live in.

Lois G. Lerner, the former Director Exempt Organizations in the Tax Exempt and Government Entities (EOTEGE) division, is scheduled to appear before the House of Representatives’ Committee on Oversight and Reform today to answer questions about the targeting of conservative groups who had applied for tax exempt status. While I am frightened and appalled by the idea of the IRS singling out people of a like mind to persecute, I didn’t get really mad until I read the biography of Ms. Lerner. She proudly states in her bio that she is, “an active member of the Humane Society of the United States where her efforts in performing pet rescues necessitated by the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes were widely acknowledged.”

Well, if you are a lover of the purebred dog, you know how the HSUS has undermined our hobby. You also probably know that although the HSUS has assets in excess of $160 million, it spends less than 1 percent of what it takes in on actually helping animals. The other 99 percent goes into pockets of their smarmy executives and lobbyists. Now, one might think that an organization that keeps 99 percent of what it brings in might have a problem keeping its tax exempt status. Indeed, the IRS has an open audit of the HSUS, or at least I think it is still open. The IRS has not taken any action on the investigation during Ms. Lerner’s tenure as director of the EOTEGE. Now, it just may be coincidence that the same HSUS under investigation for racketeering in Florida is caught up in the IRS’ overwhelming backlog. The investigation may be languishing because of the sequester, but then one would have to be pretty gullible to believe that. Did I mention that Ms. Lerner’s attorneys have advised that she will exercise her Fifth Amendment rights today?

So, let me bring this home before I segue into a paranoid death spiral about Big Brother. These appointed government shills do affect your lives. How do you protect yourself? It works this way. Know something about the people who are running for elected office AT ALL LEVELS. Ask everyone on the ballot if they own a purebred dog. Vote for those who do. Ask if they have ever been a member or a contributor to PETA or HSUS, and if they have, don’t vote for them! Let those currently in any elected office that you vote for know that if they appoint any HSUS or PETA member to any job you won’t vote for them again. It’s my “litmus test.” I don’t care how much you will lower my taxes or how clean you will make my air. I won’t vote for you if you appoint PETA sympathizers, HSUS members or child molesters.

Now, I am not a one issue voter, but this is one of the issues that will lose you my vote. What about you? And that’s today’s Back Story.